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The Law of Attraction Handbook

Chapter 1 – Introduction

The essence of the Law of Attraction is “Like attracts like.” In the context of our lives we are vibrational beings and therefore the energy that we emit through our thoughts and words return to us in like form.
Thus if we emit positive energy what returns in our life is therefore positive.
Conversely if we emit negative energy then what we will receive will be
negative. The Law of Attraction is not discerning. It is not the arbiter of
good and bad. It merely returns like with like.

The Law of Attraction is always in play. It cannot be switched on or off but you can make the decision to deliberately manifest the life you desire rather than allow the Law of Attraction to create your life by

To engage the LOA there are 3 steps:

In the Abraham-Hicks book, “Ask and it is Given”, manifesting desires is given as a 3 Part process.

Step 1 (your work): You ask.

Step2 (not your work): The answer is given.

Step3: (your work) The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in).

So the framework to choosing what will manifest in our life is simple. Decide what we want. Ask for if. Wait for it to arrive and finally receive it. So why do most people struggle with this concept?

The reason that many people struggle with the Law of Attraction (LOA) is that this process is contradictory to how most of us were taught how to live our lives. We are brought up in environment, which is what I
call action based. It is predicated on the idea that man is responsible for all
that comes to him and that what you receive is solely dependent on how hard you
work and therefore man is solely responsible for what he receives in life. The
fallacy of this idea is shown by the fact that many people work hard and seem
to be worthy of the prosperity and yet it consistently alludes them. I think a
lot of us ca relate to this. In contrast there are others who seem to live
charmed existences with prosperity and abundance constantly theirs.

So what could be the factor that differentiated these two groups. The Law of Attraction!

If life has consistently served up struggle and the fight of struggle is constantly in a persons thoughts, then this is what will manifest in their lives. For many of us we expect of the future what we have experienced
in the past. So unless we make a shift in our expectations of the future then
we continue to experience re-runs of the experiences we have had in the past.

Alternatively, if life has been a constant flow of prosperity and we have found that what we desire consistently comes into our lives then it follows that our experiences are going to be prosperous and

This underlines - Like attracts like.

The intent behind this handbook is to provide a process that will allow you to move to the position of creating your future in the fashion you desire rather than continuing to live a re-hash of what you have already

I have found the key to this is the awareness and management of what you are feeling. So this is not a 10 Step Program, which promises success as long as you meticulously follow every step. It is about changing the
process of the way we are living, using our feelings as the compass to provide
direction to the things we desire.

Join me each week and I am sure your life will change to the positive.

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