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In january of this year 2008 i began reading the secret, while reading the secret i began to feel a weight being lifted off of me, the book really enlightened me with alot of knowlegde that i always knew was true but it was a total reaffirmation of what was really the truth because my mind was being fogged with so much negative, like traditional thinking, culture codes of how things should be, i felt held back, the people around me had false thinking.

I didnt know that i could be happy and enjoy life every single day, well it was in the back of my mind but like i said my traditional thinking and upbringing led me to think that it is impossible to feel joy everyday and when your around constant negative people it will drain everything out of you.

it was all about taking responsiblility for my own joy and life, regardless of what anyone thought. Have you ever been bound or controlled by someone that thought you should live your life how they wanted you to live it? we can be so easily bound by religion,traditions,cultural codes til we cant even see the real truth.

After reading the secret my life changed, i felt free from everything that had me bound, i wrote a powerful song, i was able to see things clearly and help people live and enjoy ther lives each and everyday,thru using my gifts of singing and writing and sharing the good news, but we do have challenges that we face on some days but we dont have to let it consume us, we can use our secret shifters to put us in a better mood.

I can truly say that this year has been a much better year for me, it was a bit rocky this pass summer when i lost my grandmother and alot other things was going on, i felt myself spiraling down into a depression, so i picked myself back up,brushed my shoulders off, i was in pain but i quickly had to let the pain pass and receive joy back into my life.

Life is truly a beautiful thing!

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Comment by jdeon on April 26, 2009 at 3:20pm
thank you sueb! i am just now reading your comments, im glad you got sumthin out of it! keep sharing your experiences
Comment by sueb on March 13, 2009 at 11:01am
p.s. i forgot to mention....since i started writing down the things that made me realize i was being controlled for literally the last 34 years....i have had more clarity than i ever have about everything, and everything i encounter is so much easier now to understand, whether it be financial stuff i could never figure out, or just the understanding that fear and guilt hold people back from everything. since that first letter that was started addressed to my husband, and actually ended up being a letter to my self and my soul, i have written material for chapters of a book i now have in mind, ideas about a newspaper i'd like to start and circulate internationally, and a message to the world that i feel the need to deliver. it has been an incredibly wonderful feeling of living and mattering. thank you again for your time and i hope you will share more time and knowledge and epowerment not only to me but to the world.
sincerely, sueb.
Comment by sueb on March 13, 2009 at 10:52am
You sound like you are telling my story exactly. i had made decisions all my life based on the opinions of others for example religious beliefs of christianity- meaning all the fear and guilt that the religion impresses on us. the first book i read which began the awakening in me was, "the power of the subconcious mind". i got one very inportant piece of knowledge from that book, and it was, "that it doesn't matter who you think you are praying to, but that you believe you will get what you are praying for. then i read the secret in early spring of 2008 and it empowered me toward realizations i had always known and kept in my back pocket. then i read happy for no reason. now i carry those realizations on my sleeve and my life has changed drastically. i have separated from my husband and lost my job all in the last two weeks, and for some strange reason i feel this electrifying excitement in me that i can only explain as an awakening and my path is the right one now. i just know it!! thank you for caring enough about me....a stranger to you....to send me the GDI video. i will certainly be in touch with you friend.
again....thank you.
I AM an aries woman, and I AM here now!
Comment by jdeon on November 19, 2008 at 5:10pm
thanks for the comments
Comment by David on November 19, 2008 at 3:44pm
Great post Thank you for sharing. Life is indeed beautiful!!!
Comment by Daniel Keys on November 19, 2008 at 2:11pm
Yes, life is beautiful. Your story sounds much like mine. I am free now! It feels good. Much success and happiness will come your way, you are so blessed to have found this wisdom at such a young age....now share it with the world through a form you are passionate about.

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