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The Spiritual EGO

Life is not a puzzle to be solved but a game that wants to be played.
This is an invitation to stop what ever search you are on because deep down at the fundamental core it’s a search for happiness. Wholeness

Isn’t it time for you to stop the chase and take a look around, we all carry this wound of separation from the whole. We try everything to fill it up and become whole again only to feel stuck or lost. Give in to yourself, rest with your being and be satisfied with what is here.

Let go of the ultimate prize of spiritual enlightenment because I have a secret you are already that.
So take a deep breath and exhale. Fall deeply in love with what you have and who you are. In this state of gratitude you are free to flow with life.

If you are still reading this you have exhausted the seeker in you. You are ready to meet the true you. You are ready to let go of your story. I cannot give you a technique on how to do this just point you to it. I cannot tell you the truth of who you are because your mind with grasp for it or push it away.

Your EGO is a closed loop.
Its job is to keep you entertained.

To really understand what I am speaking about is something you cannot grasp with your mind but only with your being. That little spark in you that never ages and never dies.

We are all on a path, a road, a quest and that road leads us and pulls us. It’s an energetic pull of our own energy back to the source of all to remember who we are.

You are timeless awareness travelling thru the world of the mind to be a person in time.
You are here to have an experience You have arrived!!
You are GOD, get used to it!!

You are the creation of yourself. You create everything you want, need or desire. You are the choice of life. The only obstacles you face to what you can be are your self-beliefs about what you think you can or cannot do. To be born into this life is to enter a beautiful, shared illusion that gives you complete ownership of what you can create for your own personal reality; this is how powerful you are. Within the illusion we believe that we are looking at a separate person, in an objective world where we experience our self in another; beneath this apparent separation we are unified; we are ONE. You are Pure Source Energy experiencing itself in a playground of experiences.

Reality is a mirror of you teaching you to not take yourself so seriously. You are source energy exploring itself in a space-time mirror. So what you choose to believe is what you create to be your reality. You change your reality by changing your beliefs about it and yourself. The eyes with which you look actually shape what you see. Perception is an act of creation. You choose what you want to see or experience for yourself with your entire reality. You draw everything to you like a magnet, good or bad.

To awakening to your own power leads your experience of reality to become more fluid and direct. This is to enter lucid living with source energy where what you desire is quickly manifest. The key to lucid living is the allowance of change; the manifesting of the unknown into the known. Allowance is acceptance. To change your reality you have to first accept it. As long as you reject what you do not like about your reality you are in denial of your personal power, leaving you feeling stuck.

To understand and accept that you are creating your reality, release attachment to any thought of how your life should be and instead love what is. Accept and be in the NOW. You need to take complete responsibility for every element of your reality. This is to love your choice. It is to love yourself. You are the creation of yourself. Release your fear. Stand in your fear because your power stops where your fear begins.

Fear is fear of the unknown, fear of your unlimited power. Fear creates limitation. There is a natural, beautiful flow to life that can only arise when you let go of the control that arises through fear. Let go and let your spirit come thru. You are remembering who you are and forgetting the story of who you think you are. To face your fear is to allow yourself to be defeated and vulnerable. Put down the guards you have used to protect yourself. All shields are a representation of a belief in danger. This will lead you to the very danger you want them to protect you from. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. What you think about you bring about.

Stop judging and controlling your life, it’s a game. The game is to have fun and find JOY in everything you do. When you do this you release struggle and enter effortless creation. Nothing should be hard, spirit moves with ease. Everything is simple and perfect, so love what is not what you think it should be. You are awakening to your personal power and the nature of the illusion. This is a natural process and requires no effort. This means opening and following your heart. To look outside of your self is to have a dream, but when you look inside is to awaken to your true purpose. This is your freedom: believe whatever your heart feels to believe. This is to live in the Now.

Awaken to the awesome power of all your spirit and release judgment of both yourself and the world. You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. You just need to remember who you truly are. AMAZING.

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