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Aging Well
"The Vital Aging - The age of revolution"

An essential book, written by Maurice Tubiana, which gives a light from within, in the heart of a burning when you wonder "What to do with this unexpected gift of 35 additional years that gives us the modern world? "
Testify to the grand age: necessity

"You have to be old to understand that the demands of the elderly, this is neither pity nor commiseration, but simply an effort to understand our muscles tired [...]. It must be old to know that a smile can brighten a day and instead a look that refuses to see you, as if we had become transparent, we more than ice floes of the two poles. It is true that we are not beautiful to contemplate, we are for those that we see the specter of worrying what they will become but we should tell them they should not be afraid that behind our wrinkles, we have our joys and sorrows, our joys and our games, we're still human beings whose psychological balance (and thus their will when our age) depends on their behavior [...] We must relearn to live together. [...] Furthermore, if we can not prevent the effects of age, they can be slow. The human condition has changed significantly [...]. We must take advantage of these recent findings, therefore, explain and convince. You are a doctor. You are credible. Talk to older people, teach them a new way of aging that takes into account medical advances, but also express their anguish, be their spokesman. [...]. These are the remarks, made by one of his friends, who convinced Professor Maurice Tubiana, to write this book.
Light on the advancing age in healthy physical, mental and social

Maurice Tubiana, an oncologist, has led the Institute Gustave Roussy in Villejuif for 15 years. Member of the Academy of Sciences and former Chairman of the National Academy of Medicine, he has contributed to the report on "the scientific, medical and social aspects of aging and longevity," published jointly by the two institutions.The is Professor Tubiana now aged 83 years.The interest makes this book so well in both competence and highly recognized in the age of its author. "The Vital Aging - The revolutions of the age" is to First historical perspective essential data in terms of biology, evolution, genetics, life expectancy and demographics. Throughout the chapters, Maurice Tubiana consider:
# The impact of aging on the sense organs and the musculoskeletal system;
# The very definition of aging and the possibility of slowing;
# Pathologies associated with advancing age, due to the weakening of the body in order to detect and avoid them if possible;
# Three aspects of health - physical, mental and social - (by WHO definition) and therefore the ratios of the elderly man with society and thus the urgency to improve coexistence between the elderly and the rest of society;
# Risks of isolation, exclusion, dependency is increasing due to the occurrence of disabilities in order to reduce and delay them. This will both increase the quality of life of older people than to control the load that may result to the company;
# Anxiety associated with advancing age in one hand and rejection of old age and death in our society that one side leads to apathy and resignation and the need to act to another, for a better understanding of what causes these behaviors, to help everyone find the balance.

Successful Aging: a benefit for himself at first but also to the community

The book concludes with a series of tips Maurice Tubiana an elderly person, a kind of summary: dignity, self-esteem; action, maintenance of social life, the fight against anxiety; enjoy the pleasures of life; make good use habits and follow some rules, retain his optimism, continue to have confidence in life, share its experience and thus go against the gloomy athmospère which delight our contemporaries, organize its daily life to feel useful, to give pleasure to help others according to their desires and abilities, monitor its health and prevent disease as much as possible, ie to learn to grow old ... being able to enjoy life . At the same time it shows that taking into account its own aging, is to support oneself, as and when they grow older, it is beyond the profit for itself, support for the community, relief costs resulting from the lengthening of life, the author does not hesitate, however, to say: "It is high time to explain to governments, and more generally to the French, that deserve some respects the old and need, not reject them in ghettos, but their lives easier, would not that selfish because everyone becomes old and the elderly when they are integrated into society can make an immense service. [...] We must act in depth, to change the mood and show that life does not stop when you have wrinkles or decreased libido.

# The Vital Aging: the revolution âgeMaurice Tubiana - 333 pages - May 2003Editions of Fallois

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