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There’s NO Spoon – Walking the Talk

Sometimes we have to be put on the spot, right in the eye of the hurricane, in the middle of total chaos. That can be an amazing and enlightening experience IF we are prepared to walk our talk, if we are TRULY aligned and congruent with what we propose to believe.

It can also be a traumatic and life shattering experience if we aren’t ready. This is the time when we will discover if we are just parrots repeating nice words from “new age” and pseudo-metaphysical books or if we are THE ONE, the person who truly walks the path of transcendence and is aligned with The Force.

Around two months ago my wife started feeling nauseated, vomiting even the water that she drank, and feeling very sharp pains in her lower abdomen. In the first few days she thought it was some kind of food poisoning and tried over the counter medications. But things got worse, much worse. That’s when we decided to go to a hospital.

After a few hours and several exams, a doctor approached us and said that my wife would have to be hospitalized that same day; she could not even get home to pick some clothing. When we asked why, he said that her liver enzymes were way too high, I mean, dangerously and life-threatening high.

My wife asked if she could go home and come back the next day to proceed with examinations because she did not feel like sleeping on a hospital bed. The Doctor just looked at her and said: “Do you have any idea about the gravity of this? You can lose your liver, get into a transplant line. You apparently have a very serious case of hepatitis and your liver is melting.”

At that moment we looked at each other and I could see her innocent eyes asking for help, and for the first time in my life I felt what it is like to be trapped in the “human paradigm”.  My wife was very brave and immediately turned to her higher self (she pretty much knows all that I do and can get away with many things).

Her first intuition came like a voice saying: Get the hell outta here!!! And that we did. The Doctor looked at us as if asking: “Are you crazy?” A nurse asked him: “did you tell her about her enzyme levels?” They both looked very gloomy, and his last attempt was to say to my wife: “You know, you could get into a comatose state anytime at your home, and if you don’t have the medical support you can get here you will DIE of liver failure!”

When you are faced with a situation like this; on one side your high school sweetheart and partner of over 28 years being diagnosed with a death sentence, and on the other side having to put a lifetime of metaphysical training in practice, you feel like you’re in a parallel reality, right inside the Twilight Zone.

But I chose to face it, to challenge the illusion! Pretty much like Neo, in the Matrix, when he came up from “death” and as the bullets are approaching him he says NO! I said that, in my mind I said “NO! FUCK you ALL! That’s not the reality I want to experience, I create MY own reality”…and I also said: “There’s no spoon.”

We then went home…that walk of about a quarter mile from the hospital to our building was probably the most surreal I ever had. But at that moment I was NOT afraid anymore. I knew, I was totally sure that we would get over this. I did not “believe”, I did not have “faith”. I just KNEW IT.

Fast forward…

Today is July 13th, two months after my wife’s gloomy death sentence diagnostic. We have just returned from a doctor’s office, a very good MD who was referred to us. About a week ago my wife went there to do another blood test, a full-scale test that measures ALL your levels. She also did another ultra-sonogram to check if her liver was still “melting”.

The Doctor looked calmly at her and said: “There’s nothing wrong with your liver, all your enzymes are normal, all your blood levels are perfect. You are totally healthy!” The Doc was also kind of amazed because she knew about the original diagnostic.

I wasn’t amazed tough. These last two months have been a time of quantum leaps in our own evolution towards being free from the Matrix and experiencing the power of our Universal Force, and before leaving home today I knew we would come back with great news and that I would be writing this for you.

My wonderful wife is as healthy as a 20 years old girl. We are celebrating the amazing power of living in a world in which EVERYTHING is possible for those who know the truth. We needed this 3D experience to let go of the last fragments of the collective hypnosis that keeps most people under bondage.

We are free…what comes next? We don’t know, but we DO know that it will be the very best we can get away with! I know that I will keep on teaching this amazing secret science to those who have the eyes to see and are prepared for a breakthrough.

Unfortunately many millions of people in America and all over the world will keep on dying prematurely and experiencing financial and relationship troubles because they don’t know this amazing science of life. I just wished they opened their eyes.

P.S. What did we do during these last 2 months to jump into a parallel reality in which my wife has never been sick? Quite a few things; I went back to my Oracle who gave me good advice, a good friend of ours suggested some alternative herbal treatments and cleansings, and I did a lot of correction in my wife’s’ energy field, the same I do with my students. But the bottom line, regardless of what we did, is: We used the power of consciousness to realize the truth: “there’s no spoon (or no liver)” and BREAK THROUGH The Matrix. It is all an illusion…welcome to the “reality” that never was…I hope you join us one day.

A million blessings from Zion,

R.J. Wellington


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