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Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 3, 2018 at 10:17am

I want my life back and I want it NOW!!!! I deserve to go back in time because none of what happened to me is my fault and none of what happened to my Mom is her fault. Everyone else was a damn idiot who came into our lives - whether a doctor or a friend - they all used us and abused us. I want my life back just the way it was. 

Comment by Elerkezett Ido on January 3, 2018 at 12:10am
  • psychiatrists destroyed my life.

  • the medication induces paranoia while I take it and while I don't take it - I lost everything in my life that I worked so hard for. All because of idiots - it started when I was born. I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck three times. The first MD broke the amniotic sac - the fluid was green. He ordered an immediate c section. The second MD overrode that decision and gave oxytocin to my Mom. She did not dilate so they gave more. The only reason we survived is because the first MD checked in and started yelling. I was already lifeless, my Mom lost blood, supposedly to the extent that they gave her a blood transfusion. They infected her with Hep C and also E.coli as they checked her without gloves sometimes anally, sometimes vaginally. She developed a fever - they gave her antibiotics for a month. They separated me from her, gave me penicillin and formula. The penicillin made my gut permeable, the formula gave me multiple food intolerances as the immune system met up with the unknown substances. I had such bloating for years that I ripped the inguinal connective tissue. My Mom could not conceive due to the infections for many years. Due to the constant immune reaction, I developed gastritis.

  • I went to 16 gastroenterologists with the severe bloating: they said that I was bloated because I had weak stomach muscles. I was yellow because I drank too much orange juice. When they did a gastroscopy, they found the villous atrophy but they did not tell me that I had celiacs disease. I read a paleo book in 2009 that mentioned enterolab - the only lab that tests for antibodies in the feces - the logical place for antibodies as the immune reaction takes place in the gut I started the gluten free diet - but by then I was very tired all the time, could not sleep, depressed and had major mood swings.

  • One idiot tested me for histamin - 500 dollars later she told me that I had histamine intolerance causing the bloating - she put me on a histamine free diet: no eggs and no meat. I started to have major episodes of diarrhea with vomiting, fainting at work, severe insomnia on this diet AND I was very very depressed By 2014 I could not work, could not sleep, could not do anything from the fatigue and the depression.

  • I went to Hungary and my Mom found a lump in her breast. I got so anxious - I took a Xanax. That turned my brain into a big fog. I started to have convulsions, lost power in my muscles, lost my balance and did not sleep at all.

  • My neighbor was an MD in Hungary - my Mom asked him to give me a B12 shot as her employer got B12 shots when he lost his balance. The asshole gave me a measly 300 mcg B12 shot. I was speaking illogically at that time thinking that I was dying - which I was - and the people who got me the xanax and sleeping pills would get into trouble.

  • based on this, my ex took me to psychiatry hospital - 4 hours after I got the B12 injection. There my mind cleared as the B12 reached my brain. And I found myself looked up in psychiatry: 4 MD's attacked me and put me to the ground because I kept on saying that I was fine - the B12 resolved my convulsions, the muscle weakness. they tied me to a bed, forced Risperdal into me - I had no choice of taking it or not. I got knocked out - they refused to acknowledge that I was B12 deficient. My poor Mom had to sneak the B12 shots into the bathroom to give it to me while I was locked up.

  • Since that fatal day of Sept 30th, 2014 - I have been in and out of paranoia due to not being able to stop the anti-psychotic - the withdrawal is horrendous. I lost all my friends, my family, my job (I graduated from Rutgers with a 4.0 GPA majoring in Biology - I could not go to medical school because I did not have the greencard. I went to PT school in Miami. I graduated with a 3.971 GPA. I got the greencard thru my first employer. I had to fight for everything in my life. And now I am classified as a schizophrenic due to the side effect and withdrawal symptoms of the medication that they forced upon me in psychiatry.) Half an hour - that is all that I would have needed - my brain got the B12 half an hour too late if one MD diagnosed my B12 deficiency when my depression started in 2001 - none of this would have happened B12 deficiency causes all psychiatric symptoms - the hard core schizophrenia is caused by anti-psychiatic medications.

  • Oncologist are no different from psychiatrists - they are both worse than Nazis. Nazis killed because they were ordered. MD's kill with prestige and they get paid for it My Mom saved my life in the last second with the correct diagnosis of B12 deficiency. Only to have it ruined forever with the fucking meds

  • I cannot have children for obvious reasons

  • I lost everyone and everything because of psychiatry.

  • my grandfather was also killed by psychiatrists - literally. He was simmering onions and fell asleep. There was a lot of smoke. His sister called the ambulance. they decided that his O2 saturation was too low so he has to go to the hospital - he resisted so they took him to psychiatry. They tied him down, medicated him. He got a stroke and died of pneumonia a week later.

  • how do you go from mild CO poisoning (if there was any at all) to getting a stroke due to being tied to the bed and dying of pneumonia in the name of medicine?

  • my father is an alcoholic - he went on a binge drinking weekend then stopped cold turkey. He got heart palpitations. He got checked into the ER where they determined that his symptoms are from alcohol withdrawal. They took him to psychitary and put him on 5 medications. He kept on falling, his hands were trembeling. I am sure he had B12 deficiency too, as B12 is low in alcoholics. He was locked up for 3 weeks while I was trying to get him out.

  • my Mom's sister had a small lump in each of her breasts after Chernobyl. She made the mistake of going to a doctor. She had a radical mastectomy with removal of the lymph nodes, developed major elephantiasis in the arms. They gave her massive chemo. She developed lung cancer 4 months later. They took half of her lungs out. She was spitting out the rest. She then developed bone cancer and dies weighing 40 kilograms a year after her diagnosis. She was 30 years old. If she never sees an MD - she would have lived probably another 10 years at least. Chemo and radiation are carcinogenic. How can they get away with poisoning and burning people to death????

  • My Mom had treatment for the Hep C infection - which has been proven to be carcinogenic. The study is out, but they are still prescribing it to people. She developed triple negative adenocarcinoma in her axilla. She was told by the lovely oncologist that both of her breasts will be cut off if she tests positive for the BRCA1 and 2 genes. She was also told that she has 6-12 months to live if she does not accept the chemo. She refused. That was in 2014. She since healed herself with alternative therapies. Had she accepted the chemo, she sure would have been dead in 6-12 months as her sister. Oncologists have a wonderful skill of predicting how many months it takes to kill you with chemo.

  • I want to go back in time so I can go to medical school, get a license and heal people with diet, supplementation, IV vitamin C and B12 injections. No meds. God created the human body to heal itself if you give it what it needs: ie proper food, clean water and lots of vitamins and minerals - those are the building blocks of our body. Medications only mess things up irreversibly.

  • humanity is on the verge of an abyss: you have the combo of stress, polluted water, bad food recommendation (low fat diet high in inflammatory carbs of poor nutritional value), unnecessary immunization, harmful chemicals in the form of medicine and a sedentary lifestyle - perfect combo for BIG PHARMA to capitalize on treating the symptoms of the resulting malfunctions

  • just let's take the cholesterol myth as an example. Statins have been on the market for over 40 years. Cardiovascular diseases are still number one killers - how can we claim that lowering cholesterol is justified when people still die of heart disease while taking it.... One with some logic can come to the conclusion that statins are obviously not addressing the root cause of the problem here

  • or let's look at diabetes: people are told to eat some carbs, measuring blood sugar and taking Metformin is the solution for diabetes - wonderful. It is the best way to keep people diabetic for life while big pharma can capitalize on the diabetes drug sales. The cause of DM skyrocketing in the past 3-4 decades is directly correlated to the introduction of lowfat, high carb diet. The idiotic doctors should tell their patients to eat low carb, high fat diets - and that might just cure their insulin resistance since the diet is the root cause of the disease

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