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When we have a firm positive mental attitude it doesn't matter what challenges life throws at us, we are ready for it, and can be happy no matter what.

When our minds are trained to think in more positive ways, more positive situations come our way, and the cycle just keeps on going. Like attracts like, if we are thinking good, good will come.

We need to be patient with ourselves and remember we can't undo our thoughts of yesterday overnight, keep that positive outlook with positive action and it will happen.

We need to mind our thoughts,and mind them carefully, for our thoughts of yesterday is our reality of today.

When we have negative things that come to mind, tell ourselves to "cancel" that thought and turn your mind to a positive thought. This may seem very difficult at first but when we practice it, over and over, it get easier. When something negative pops in my mind I like to say, "cancel that, I am wonderful" or "cancel that he/she or this situation is wonderful". It takes more time for some than others but it works, with patience with ourselves and persistence.

Then we can be armored with enough faith and positive thoughts that when the negative comes our way it just bounces off and we can find the positive in it.

Our minds are like computers, from the time we could comprehend we are being programmed from our parents, our friends, our teachers, the TV, the news and so many other sources. At times we need to "delete" certain files that no longer server our higher good.

Use the meditation in the morning and evening's to help clear the negative and delete the files no longer needed in our minds. Be patient with yourself, small steps lead to giant leaps.

We need to reprogram our minds to know that we are just where we are meant to be and we are perfect just the way we are. Warts and all, we are perfect, now and forever.

Another tool for positive thinking is self talk, we may not believe it at first, and some will have that little voice in the back of their mind saying, oh bull...I am not good, I can't do this, it won't work for me. That is fine, just do it please and you will see amazing results.

When you wake in the morning talk to yourself, and repeat over and over "I am filled with positive energy", do this for five minutes at least three times a day, now here is the key...do it for 21 days straight. It takes our subconscious 21 days, three weeks of repetition to believe what we are telling it. Most will notice a small change in the first few days, but other of my clients have taken a little longer, persist...and you will see amazing results.

One of my boys was having a difficult morning, I reminded him to say “I am filled with positive energy”, he did over and over, at first the words sounded very angry, by the time he walked out the door I could hear him breath deep and calmly say yes I am filled with positive energy. He said the rest of his day went very well.

If you have a problem doing this, I will have it on a wpa wave file on my website, do this for yourself, do it for a positive and happy life.

When we have the self confidence, knowing we are wonderful, we can have a more positive and happier outlook on life, isn't that what we all want. To be loved, and to be happy....that all comes from being positive with all the challenges and glory life has to offer.

Self confidence will be a whole other story, oh how great life is when we know we can do anything.

Contact me if you need help, happiness is our choice, lets be happy.

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Comment by Tim Hoff on May 15, 2017 at 11:27pm

This post is very good. There is motivation for others.Your positive thoughts gave me positive energy.

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