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So many of us are here, to learn something to get something. To change our lives in a way that is fulfilling, meaningful, easier, stress free, and comfortable. Happy. With less worries, more time, and more more more.
In the years I've been learning and practicing LOA, some weird things I've found. It really is as easy as they teach it is. What I've found is, letting go makes "things" happen. So many times I've struggled trying to "make it work" and nothing was happening.

I gave up. I couldn't take the stress of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. It seemed like the effort was a waste of time, and more aggravating than "freeing" or sense of knowing. It just wasn't happening.

Then, I just forgot about it. Consciously. But in the "back of my mind" I wondered, without judgement, without attachment, without emotion. I just wondered, like a dream, what if?

And then, it happened. Things I've "wondered" or somehow conceived in my mind, started happening. Parking spaces, visualizing events, lottery numbers, love and what he looked like, many things just started happening. Abracadabra! Just like that!

The Quantum Energy of things, can be drawn to you, like magic. You are the magician, the thing you desire, your wish, your will, is at YOUR command. But you must understand "how to command" without attachment of any kind, and reserve that attachment for after manifestation. Your elation for later will help build your "knowing" and enable you to "see" what you already know to be true, very clearly.

Staying in the now, in the moment, helps redirect and harness your intention. It keeps you grounded without over reacting, becoming too emotionally attached in one direction or the other. In that over reacting place, I think, quantum energy gets confused, misdirected, not sure where to go, so it gravitates towards the strongest signal reverberating, when we are misaligned within our subconscious belief system.

I like to go into a waking dream state to manifest. It feels like a parallel universe to me and easier to visualize what I want, and helps remove me from attachment and towards outcome. Like walking through dimensions and seeing it change to what I want through each level. It happens.

So in sum and substance I guess what I'm trying to say, like abracadabra, as above so below, thoughts become things, your subconscious mind creates what it believes. So allow the inner most dialogue to yourself change, that inner voice that interrupts when you're conscious mind is having a thoughtful discussion at the forefront of your mind, its the subconscious that creates and manifest from the field.

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Comment by Sir Neil on December 2, 2016 at 3:13pm
Attachment is rooted in fear: the fear that you won't get what you desire. Letting go doesn't mean letting go of the desire, because that is very hard to do. Imagine if you had cancer and your desire was to be healthy again. You couldn't 'just let go' of that too easily I wouldn't think. Letting go, means letting go of the fear surrounding your desire. You can do that first of all by letting go of fearful thoughts, and employing some different ones. Or in a more general sense, you can work on the generalised practice of releasing fear, so there isn't the groundswell of negative energies and beliefs within you and your vibration, sabotaging your desires.

Affirm many times a day: I RELEASE ALL FEAR, AND ALLOW MY GOOD.
Comment by Lucas on November 25, 2016 at 7:21am

Thanks for this Inga :) What you say about letting go to let things happen really make sense to me :)

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