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Use the Law of Attraction to Stop Begging

Do you recall that initial spark of hope you felt after you saw The Secret? I clearly can recall the motivation that filled me, realizing that - Yes, I am able to make my dreams become a reality - FINALLY!

But a lot of you quickly saw that hope diminish into frustration? How the majority of you (and be truthful now) began mumbling things such as:

- “It seems to get results for other folks, however I just can’t set things right.”

- “I’m discouraged that at times I am able to make it work, but often I can’t. What’s the secret?

- “Why am I having a whole lot of difficulties?”

- “I believe that the law of attraction secret is against me.”

- “I’m trying very, VERY really hard yet still there is nothing happening!”

Take it easy, you are not alone

About 97% of individuals also were not able to make the Law of Attraction help them at the first try. Think it over, much like everything else, you will need to practice many times before you see good results. A baby does not find out to walk without falling over a few times, right?  Discover 11 Other Laws Not Revealed in ‘the Secret’

However in practice, things are easier said than done. If you are discouraged, it’s difficult to stay positive. And it’s more challenging to see the secret law of attraction as positive if the evidence everywhere screams negativity such as the shaky financial system or senseless acts of violence like those recently seen on the news channels.

And guess what develops when you are not able to stay positive? That’s correct - you begin attracting negative elements in to your daily life.

So how do you make the Law of Attraction meet your needs - without getting discouraged? How can people that successfully put into action the Law of Attraction practice it with such confidence and finesse?

Well, here’s three easy tips so you may never feel discouraged or fed up with begging from the universe, because you know the way to start manifesting just like a pro.Get 2 e-books no cost! 

1. Allow Yourself To Receive and Law of Attraction Will Fill Needs

Like a lost youngster who approaches an officer and asks, “Excuse me Sir, can you explain to me how to go to the postal service? Could you? Are you able to? Can you? Can you? Can you?” Well, if the child continues requesting, the police official will not be able to give an answer, right?

Well, it’s a similar thing with your mind. If the sole thing your mind does is transmit, transmit, transmit, the universe - that is attempting to answer - can’t provide you with a single thing since you aren't enabling yourself to receive! The law of attraction gives you the knowledge to break the cycle.

So, develop self confidence and quit exhausting yourself by going around one person to another begging for riches, and then questioning why no one is dropping anything in your cup (Tip: It’s mainly because you are always running away too quickly before they're able to reach for their wallets).

Think about your needs and then leave it out there, go aside, and have faith that your cup will be full of gold coins (or anything you called for) when the time is in line.

2. Be Patient With Yourself - The Law of Attraction Bible

Receiving needs time to work.

Sad to say, a lot of people quit just a few actions before the finish line simply because they have determined that if it isn't working at this point, it’s not going to work at all. Even worse are people who add in more and more energy as they believe that with more resources, the outcomes should come quicker.

This really is like wanting 9 women to get pregnant and deliver the babies in 30 days. Additionally, you can’t bake cupcakes in half the time by doubling the baking temperature range. And in no time you will certainly incinerate those cupcakes to ashes! That is not the way the law of attraction works.

Essentially: Every little factor on the earth includes a natural development time, and this reality is not going to change regardless of what means you throw at it.

So take it easy and remain patient. Keep in mind that you as well, as part of the universe, will also be influenced by the laws of the universe, therefore you are unable to alter the natural development time.

For those who keep this in mind, you will not likely work yourself up into stress, or even worse, drive yourself right into a downward spiral of negativity.

3. Support and Educate Yourself With Law of Attraction Book

Just like a baby that is learning how to walk, you too will need support. You will require guidance on the way to practice the law of attraction, as well as the heroines to look up to.

Most people quit simply because they think that “The Secret” would be the “be all and end all” answer. Well, it’s NOT. “The Secret” is only a segment. It was in no way intended, and has never ever been, the full solution.

Coming to the final outcome that the Law of Attraction does not get the job done when all that you ever did to teach yourself was view “The Secret” 19 times (without considering changing the practices of other parts of your lifestyle) is much like coming to the conclusion that working out is not a successful technique for losing weight since all that you do is stuffing yourself with greasy food.

So search for and grow hungry for new information. Also, try to be among individuals or communities where you are able to support one another, learn from each other as well as reveal new knowledge that you have discovered.

Even though the Law of Attraction will not be an immediate supply service, it will indeed provide your wishes, if you do your part too!

Check out the site here - go to http://www.the11forgottenlaws.com/?p=6782

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