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"Wax On...Wax Off" and Mixed Metaphors

Okay, if you saw the film, there's no need to explain that I'm not talking about hair removal. Even if you never saw the film, someone in your life probably explained this bite from "Karate Kid" to you by now. So, because I'm beginning this blog on the assumption that the reader knows what I'm referring to, I'll hold off on the redundancy...This blog isn't about the film, anyway...It's about trials and tribulations...

Whoops! Did I say the wrong thing in such a positive, feel-good community such as this? Am I going to attract more of what I don't want into my life, just because I'm writing about it? God, I hope not! Ironic as it seems, after reading the books, watching the movies and understanding more about how the Law of Attraction works, there are still people who will misapply its principles and actually start becoming afraid of their own thoughts... OR like the Lion in the "Wizard of Oz" start superstitiously chanting, "I do believe...I do believe...I do believe..."

Frankly, I've already spotted some of those Lion-types...they walk among us... especially in one of the groups where we post our wishes. Hey, but that's not a put-down at all... I went there for the exact same reason everyone else did...! Got to make sure I cover all of my bases, you know:)

My point is -- and I do have one -- that in order to apply any principle consciously and effectively, you have to know why and how it works. I've been a member of this community for a little over a month now. I've known about LOA for several years -- possible centuries, for that matter -- and I, like everyone else here, am attracted to any teaching that offers some sort of logical explanation to some of the universal mysteries of life. Some of us came here because we needed and wanted to unravel riddles. Some of us lone riders joined because we sensed a need to be around people "just like us." Some of us felt we've been missing something -- not quite sure what, but we knew we would know it when we saw it -- and were drawn here haphazzardly -- I take that back... there's absolutely nothing hap or hazzard about it -- but we were drawn to this happy, safe place by unseen forces around us.

However we got here, we each have our personal reasons for staying... in the same way we came to the planet... each with our own reason(s) -- same as a trip to Disneyland. Not everyone at the Happiest Place on Earth visits just to ride "It's a Small World" and those who would assume that I go to Disneyland just for that ride (alone), would be making a huge mistake. Different strokes for different folks. Why everyone who knows me knows that I would be starting out in the same boat with Lionel -- at "Pirates of the Carribean," of course! But even Lionel and I would get tired of riding that one after a couple of excursions, because our ADHD factor would be kicking us right over to "It's a Small World" for a calming return trip to innocence.

That's how I see life now, though I didn't always see it that way before. It's true, I may have allowed others I came in with to this Disneyland of Life to choose some of the rides for me to share and experience with them. After a while, though, I got tired of riding the same rides they never seem to tire of. All the same, I realize now that I have (had) choices in this Park all along. If the others want to keep riding the same head-banging, stomach-churning emotional roller coasters, because their heads and stomachs can handle it, then I let them go back in line alone to wait for three gruelling hours just to get another five-minute fix of adrenaline, while I make my way over to something a little more elevating... like the lifts that take you up to get a view of the whole Park at once.

That's exactly where I am now, at 51-years-young (in 21st Century human years, that is) I am ready to see the bigger picture. I want the bird's eye view of this huge Park. I have been back to this planet enough times to experience life, love, drama, emotional pain, martyrdom, crusades, revolutions, wars and corruption-- yaddah, yaddah, yaddah -- and now I'm ready to review my life (lives) while still in my body -- I've already had my hundred-and-one ways to die and near-death experiences, thank you. Now, I want to remember all of the reasons why I came here in the first place. AND if it's time to adjust those reasons so that I can experience life from another angle, I'm ready for it. As the camera pans across my field of vision, I'm finally getting an arial shot of the bigger picture, and it goes something like this...

Before I inserted myself into this gigantic Universal Film Production -- and by the way, we are all experiencing the futuristic upgrades of Hollywood's Movie Magic, as sure as I am writing this now, knowing that you will be reading this later -- right now, for you... before I volunteered to insert myself into this larger-than-life Virtual Reality Game Show/Movie Production-in-one, I had to have a reason to want this experience -- taking a break from an advanced future civilization for this "past incarnation" experience from a "present" point of view.

Maybe I believed that there were souls I loved stuck in this game and that the only way I could reach them to "save" them was by inserting myself into it, at the cost of my own amnesia -- here she comes, Storm the X-(Wo)man to the rescue! OR maybe I wanted to gain a sense of appreciation for the trials and tribulations that created our future reality, by jogging my spiritual memory back to a time when I was still struggling with the lessons of "Wax On...Wax Off"... OR maybe I'm just here to have fun with the whole concept of time -- Past, Present, Future -- knowing that this drama will unfold according to how the players ad lib. Some of the players may be a little more experienced at playing this game and may have chosen to play the part of the aggressors or "bad guys" during this round in order to give the other players a sense of righteousness.

It truly is all relative...in which case, even Hitler, known as the epitomy of Evil in this century, could possibly have been one of these players who literally degraded himself in order to give billions of other evolving souls a chance to experience human life from a whole new perspective... I wonder where he might be in this game right now...Hmmm...

But like all worthwhile games must come to an end, so that every player could say they put their all into it...or regretfully, not, the time has come to remove ourselves from the game and heal from the injuries of a game some of us took too seriously. Perhaps we, like the adolescent immortal beings and gods we truly are, played a little rough and hurt each other in the game. Allowing our anger to get the best of us, we lost our objective of making it to the finish line safely without causing injury to others, and we got lost in the game -- of course, each with our own individual reasons.

There are so many "what-if's" and "maybe's" and "perhaps-es" that we can get lost even in this reflection... which is why I've decided to practice the "Power of Now" and enjoy responding to every circumstance in my life that will lift me a little higher in perspective. I'm on a slow-rising lift that allows me to take my time to look around and enjoy what I see and hear: roller coaster rides with mile-long lines and two-hour waits; voices screaming and laughing all at the same time; hands holding bigger hands tightly; families and friends pulling each other in the direction of their favorite rides...each one making an attempt to control others in their circle -- either by aggression, assertion, persuasion or avoidance tactics... It's all about gaining control of something that feels larger than us.

Right from where I am on this lift, I see my former self(ves) performing countless rituals and routines from when I was still in survival mode, while still going through the motions of the Wax On...Wax Off Syndrome, I wasn't aware of the fact that I was learning something deeper, all along conditioning myself to perform movements that would ultimately serve a higher purpose in this life. Now, however, I'm experientially aware of the fact that nothing I've done has been without rhyme or reason. My 20/20 hindsight/arial view tells me to take what I know and apply it now with foresight to make it to the finish line.

Now, as I'm acutely aware of the fact that I may be entering the last quarter of this game OR drawing the curtain on the last act of this Uni-verse (drama or play) OR setting up the props for the final footage in this Universal Production about to unveil the secrets of its "magic" illusions, I am ready to be in the NOW and participate ad-lib and counsciously in liberating others to awaken the actor/player they really are and prepare for the curtain call -- when at last, the Cast of Characters will finally be revealed...

Starting with the man behind the curtain who described himself as "a very good man...just a very bad wizard..." Might he, she or they be the collective mind(s) who have been directing this Uni-Verse all along? That being a possibility, they might have vied for the control panel of this time machine that allowed them to actually play "God" on this planet... "In the beginning, God -- Elohim (in the plural form) -- created the heavens and the earth..." Just a thought, Dorothy...We're not in Kansas any more. OZ is in ZION and ZION is IN OZ.

This blog has been progressively inspired by Cinematography, including, but not limited to the following motion pictures: The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix, The Game, Existenz, Jumanji, Defending Your Life, Somewhere in Time, Deja Vu, and many, many more -- Disney Channel, animated cartoons... It's all around us and right in front of us -- clues embedded in our world of entertainment. Just open your eyes, your ears, your minds and your imaginations -- the Universe is dropping us hints and clues everywhere. Writers everywhere are channeling universal truths in the most unconventional and subtle ways. Sit back and enjoy the show and then -- places, everyone! -- get in and play the role that was created for you only -- YOU -- starring as the I AM in your own feature film. Roll 'em!

Oh! And break a leg!
Joanne of Frank:)

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Comment by Seen Justice on September 12, 2008 at 1:32pm
I swear Joanne: YOU are the ONLY ONE capable of making me read a brick of text like that......

And i enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BIT too!

You really are the kind of candy that we can't stop licking once we put or tongue on it. This is beyond what i can express in english. Suffice to say you would make a WONDERFUL story teller in the gaming industry. The stuff you write there is top notch, premium quality that i would put in my own games any day of the week.

Each words resonates with the universe. It's easy to see (for those who can see) that none of them we're written for no reasons. They "all" bear the weight of their meaning and much more. The vibes behind it is delightful.

Please, keep writting those pearls as long as you stay here on this planet. You have the key to elevate everybody who reads them to see from "your" perspective. And the view is equivalent to watching the whole universe from your rocking chair.


Comment by kevin on September 9, 2008 at 12:21pm

hello. that blog....twas like staring out at a massive field of wildflowers....color stretching on for miles in all directions......wow says i, look at all this, i took a breath and looked down. a tiny yellow dandelion at my feet waving at me is what i see. at last i've found what i came for.
Comment by Joe Hurley on August 28, 2008 at 3:30pm
Hi Joanne,
Wow. You can write multidimensional! Deep, yes; and also wise, personal, humorous, and insightful. Through your writing, I felt inspired, supported, connected, and sometimes even overwhelmed. I cheered; I got lost; I found myself; I gained awareness; what an amazing journey. You have a lot to say, you have a beautiful and creative way of expressing. Keep it up!
P.S. Do you also write poetry? I would love to see your poems here too!
take care,
Comment by Free on July 8, 2008 at 7:23pm
Oddly enough I saw 'kung fu panda' tonight at the cinema. The Disney Pixar movies are a prime example of what you say with reference to subliminal messages being transmitted through the writers to the big screen. How clever the ancients are. In 'Kung fu panda we see not only an entertaining movie for 'the kids' but..such profound comments quite clearly aimed at the so called 'grown ups'. A trait of all the Pixar's I've seen. Reference was given to past, present and future in KFP whereby the 'present' is said to be the real 'gift' of life...'this is why it is called the 'present'...'. How clever!

Last night....at long last...I watched 'What dreams may come' starring Robin williams. A tale of the afterlife which portrays to us the creation of our own perfect heaven. One line that immediately brought things into perspective for me was shortly after the death of Robin's character and his subsiquent awakening in the spirit realm. He's a little dazed and confused as he wakes. Two souls are watching him...one turns to the other and says...'its ok he only died he'll be alright in a minute'... And that line to me brought everything into perspective.

I can see how you have evolved. You may well have said it 'then'..but I am reading it 'now'. I shall have to come back to read the updates. What we think 'then' may not be what we think 'now'. I love your picture of looking down upon the whole theme park. It's another way of seeing your creations from the viewpoint of the pinnacle of the pyramid rather than the base looking up to where you 'want' to be. Mind you there is a cheat mode there whereby you can have the rides AND the views but it involves a wheelchair..hehe. If you visit the theme park in a borrowed wheelchair nobody actually asks if you really need it. You get straight to the front with no waiting and you also get repeat rides without having to get off and back on again. ( Of course I only heard that from a friend and will deny ever saying that but...)))!

It's been a pleasure to listen to you speak.
Comment by Jan aka HAYA... on June 28, 2008 at 5:22am
absolutely agree 100%... fantastic!!!
Comment by Milo Mc Cray on June 13, 2008 at 9:08am
Comment by Kate on June 10, 2008 at 1:43am
Clearly you are a much older soul than I - I must say, I often still wait five hours for that 5 minute adrenaline rush. But I hope to one day be as wise as you, and be able to reflect on the lifetimes I do not yet remember. I took a lot from this post; thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Comment by Joanne of Frank on June 9, 2008 at 11:58pm
Ah, you are right up my alley, CAT -- wait till you see what CAT stands for -- I'll tell you later...
Comment by stradasphere on June 9, 2008 at 6:33pm
I'm awake, I'm awake!! Sorry I was dreaming...or was I...or am I???
P.S. Did I ever tell you we have two cats named Trinity and Neo?? Pretty cool huh?
Comment by Nicole (Montreal) on June 5, 2008 at 1:46pm
Hey my earth angel sibblings.....

here is what I think of people who choose to ignore that we are in this realm and that RIGHT NOW negative things need to be handled and just simply not allow the bad stuff from happening by not listening to TV or the news so that we can pretend that everything is rosy

You know, those who are ignorant to reality will find themselves at this point if they keep blinders on...when it happens... What will they do then??

I too choose the NOW as well!...if the photo at the top is too harsh...I can remove it...BUT it's NOT my style, I like to tell it as I see it!

Love ya both!!


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