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Weight Loss - Becoming Thin and The Law of Attraction

Hello Divine Ones! I am Sierra and I was one of the millions of people who has always struggled with my weight. I cannot remember a time in my life that I was completely happy and satisfied with my weight, that is until I finally applied the Law of Attraction to my body. I was always looking for the magic pill, the miracle diet, the one “outside” thing that would let the thin me, the REAL ME, come out! I was always looking for an answer outside of myself. Now I know that the answer was always there, inside of myself.

I had manifested the life of my dreams by applying the Law of Attraction with deliberate thoughts and allowing. But I could not seem to apply my deliberate creation skills to my body!!! Isn’t that ironic? Everyone has their strengths; some are good at making money, some are good at being thin, some have great relationships, some find the perfect job… wouldn’t it be nice to have all that? Well, we can! I lost 170 pounds applying the Law of Attraction to my body and have kept it off for three years!

It is your Divine Right to have all that you desire, including your desired body, and I want to show you how. If I can do it at age 42, so can you!


I have created a new e-Book to teach others how I applied the Law of Attraction for Becoming Thin and Creating the Life You Desire. My e-Book will help you get clear on what you desire and start changing your thoughts and emotions to think and be thin NOW! Lots of great tips and tricks for using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create your life!

Here is what people are saying about Sierra's New
Becoming Thin & The Law of Attraction e-Book:

I love the workbook it is very uplifting and those "ahhhh" moments have been many. Thank you so much for the treasure you have shared with us all! Tina


I have been reading and learning about this concept since reading about you in Woman's World -- I've bought several other books as well as your workbook and am so inspired and renewed! It's totally changing my life -- inside and out -- and it started with you in that magazine...Thank you for kick-starting the new me...it's phenomenal -- and I'm just starting! LeAnne


Wow is all I have to say, I loved it all. I took my time reading it and re-reading parts of it. By the time I was part of the way into it, I felt like my girlfriend was talking to me. I am not kidding, while reading this there was such a connection with you. Gloria


I can't believe it! I am already down 5 pounds! Jean


I found your website when I drawn to buy Woman's World magazine at the grocery store over the weekend. Once I followed the link to your website... I was ENLIGHTENED! I swear what you wrote resonated with me and a light went off in my head, no... it was more like fireworks going off in my brain! Thank you for sharing your life story with all... I've already lost 4 lbs since Saturday just by finding happiness is setting new positive goals for myself and by using I AM statements. My paradigm has shifted! I'm no longer focusing on trying to lose weight, and I'm not using food as a way to self-medicate. I'm now journaling like crazy... and miraculously... the weight is just dropping off... I've always thought I thought I was worthy... but I guess I never really believed it... until now. Kate

Thank you for reminding me who I really AM. Trisha


I received your E-Book and it is WONDERFUL. You are a true blessing. Tammy


Like you, Sierra, I have used the Law of Attraction to create many things, but until I found you and read your e-book, I never thought to use it on my own body. I am well on my way now to becoming the thin person that I AM. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Starlight


I've spent many years (I'm 49) doing negative self-talk in my head. I was never really aware of how much I do that until now. I am so glad to have found your site and I really appreciate all you're doing to help others. Marianne


The Becoming Thin & The Law of Attraction e-Book is $10. You will immediately be taken to the download page upon purchasing.

Get started creating your new life and body now!


Visit my website at http://www.iam-iam-iam.com

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