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Today's question from a reader concerns work:

"Why did I pick a job in which I am a cog in the wheel? (The obvious answer is the economy, but there were other jobs out there). I am having 12 hour days with driving and I can barely get up in the morning. The main supervisor is disliked by all in the office and only cares about numbers and maintaining the bureaucracy, even though this is supposedly a people-helping business.

"I needed the health Insurance, but what is the value if I am working so much my health goes down? Everyone works past 40 hours without pay. This doesn't leave me with true free time to work toward other goals. I have no answer for why I am here other than the obvious: I need the income and insurance. But my soul and spirit are outside the door every day, waiting for me to leave the office, because there is no creative or beneficial parts to the employment. Any thoughts please?"

She included in her e-mail question this relevant quote from Abraham-Hicks:

"How do you feel about those things that you are giving most of your attention to? If there is something in your life that gives you negative emotion almost every time you think about it, we would do anything that we could do to get that negative thing out of our awareness."

Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, April 5th, 1998

* * * * * *

Please notice that Abraham is saying to get that negative thing out of one's awareness. They did not say to get it out of one's life. First things first. When one removes the negative awareness, the negative situation will transform. It must transform, for that is universal law.

Of course, the seemingly logical response to this unpleasant scenario would be to leave. Find something else to do. Find something that is pleasing, enjoyable, and feeds your spirit, even if the pay and benefits are less. It's just not worth it to spend one more day in a situation that has become so unpleasant. Right?


I believe Abraham would recommend cleaning up your vibration about the work situation first and not taking action from a place of unhappiness. Some relief would be gained from exiting this workplace, but until you clean up your vibrational set-point, you will not be in a position to attract what you want in another setting. That's why people often repeat the same scenarios in new contexts: different places, different faces, same old problems.

So the real work to be done here is to soften the dislike by finding better-feeling thoughts about this setting. That will be challenging, it seems, but that process will either significantly improve the scenario or usher in new and better opportunities elsewhere.

Let's go to town on finding some thoughts that will feel better and will open your valves to more of what you want. Let's try these on for size:

"When I picked this job, it seemed like the logical choice. Although sometimes I feel like a cog in a wheel here, I've probably actually done some things that were helpful and beneficial. I have 12 hour days with driving and I can barely get up in the morning, but I've certainly gained clarity on what to look for in my next job with regards to hours and commuting. The supervisor is disliked and is simply into maintaining the bureaucracy, but I can possibly find ways around that person. Many work places have less-than-optimum supervisors, and people find subtle and creative ways to circumvent them.

"Needing the health insurance contributed to my taking this job, but I could re-evaluate that. Jerry and Esther Hicks say that they've had no health insurance for twenty years. Some people don't rely on insurance. Some people actually rely on a happy vibration to keep them well. They don't rely on circumstances to always be optimal, but they do rely on themselves to choose an optimal attitude and thus keep their well-being flowing freely. Maybe I don't need to let health insurance be such a big factor in the future.

"Everyone works past 40 hours without pay, but I don't need to do that. I could take everyone else out of the equation and do what seems logical to me -- knock off when it's quitting time unless there's an agreement that I will be significantly rewarded for overtime.

"I have no answer for why I'm here other than the obvious: I was feeling in a state of need and lack with regard to health insurance and money, and I took action from that place. I've learned through this experience to take action from a place of joyful wanting rather from a place of trying to fend off economic problems.

"It seems that there are no beneficial or creative parts to this employment, but I'm going to try to find some, even if I have to don a Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe. As I start looking for something -- anything -- to appreciate, I believe I'll start to find some. In the meantime, I'm going to deliberately, systematically envision my perfect job: What would it look like? What would I be doing? How would I feel throughout the day? I'm going to think about my ideal situation until I am actually in the feeling place of enjoying it. I'm going to make life fun again by the wonderful, meaningful fantasies I have about my ideal, fulfilling work. And those fantasies will help usher in new and pleasing real-life situations.

"I'm going to practice removing my attention from what I don't like and don't want, and I'm going to practice putting my attention on what I do like and do want. I always have the ability to change my circumstances because I always have the ability to change my thoughts about my circumstances. Thus I am never bound by any situation; I am always free to create something better.

"So what if I've gone about it the hard way in the past? This is a new day, and I have a new plan. I'm eager to put it into practice and watch for results."

Some of these new thoughts may feel far-fetched and uncomfortable. They're just offered as a sample. It's important that you find thoughts that feel right to you. Sometimes you have to "feel around" to see what you can truly get yourself to "buy." You'll know you're making progress when your thoughts give you a sense of relief from the discomfort you've been experiencing.

This is the process with regard to any problem: find happier ways to view it and watch it transform.

Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary -- sort of, anyway

"Bloody heck, Watson! Find something to appreciate or I'm going to sic the Hounds of the Baskervilles on you straightaway!"

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