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Before we get started, let's clarify what we should NOT have for Easter dinner: AbraHAM.

OK, you can stop groaning any minute now.

Let's get down to brass tacks. (Ouch, sounds painful.) Many of us have a love/hate relationship with food, and that causes us trouble.

Many of us LOVE to eat -- we love the taste of food, the variety of foods that are available, and the sense of having a full tummy after eating. However, the HATE part comes in because we hate what food supposedly does to us. It causes us to gain weight, we think, and that's something we want to avoid.

So...every time we eat, we may have something of a tug-of-war going on between our desire to enjoy food -- and maybe lots of it -- and our desire to be slim, trim, and healthy. Many people in our culture have this approach/avoidance conflict going on with regard to their vittles.

This sometimes leads to being "virtuous" and disciplined and feeling somewhat deprived, followed by over-eating and maybe even binge eating, followed by re-instating a virtuous discipline and deprivation, followed by over-eating.... Well, it's no secret why they call it yo-yo dieting.

The solution probably doesn't lie in at long last discovering a master diet plan. If that were the case, surely that plan would have been discovered by now and presented in one of the oodles (rhymes with noodles) of diet books that grace the shelves of bookshops everywhere.

Thanks to Abraham, we know that everything is about our vibration. That is, everything is about our habits of thought (which comprise our vibration). Every waking moment, we are attracting our reality to us through our mental focus. So, if we have happy thoughts about food (yum!) and unhappy thoughts about food (I must avoid the lasagna, dang it!), we are not able to achieve the results from food that it would otherwise give us.

So, let's sum up here, quickly and simply: It is NOT about food; it is about THOUGHTS.

This was exemplified beautifully on one of the Abraham CDs. Abraham said that Esther and Jerry Hicks had dinner with a couple of friends, and the slim, slender woman ate much food with great gusto. Esther watched with some disbelief, even envy, and then the woman clarified, "My food and I are friends."

As I eat these days, I say to myself, "I love my food, AND MY FOOD LOVES ME." My food, no matter how calorie-dense, is NOT conspiring to make me overweight. It is my friend. It loves me. I enjoy it. It enjoys nourishing me. And it becomes my ally, not my enemy, assisting me with my desire to maintain a weight that is just right for me.

As we relinquish our distrust and fear of food, we'll begin to notice that we can enjoy what we eat without over-thinking it. We'll feel guided to the foods our body needs at various times.

As we let go of guilt and worry and simply appreciate food, we will begin to allow our bodies to conform to the way we desire them to be. It was never the food that was keeping us from that desire; it was our negative thoughts about food (and a few other things). As we scale back on our negative, resistant thinking, the bathroom scales will happily reflect our efforts.

It's all about thoughts. It's all about mental focus. It's all about that.

My granddaughter, Akiko, 9, at the Orlando Science Center this week. She adores macaroni and cheese, and it adores her.

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