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What should I do? Fears possibly manifesting?

So I've been friends with an ex for a while. I feel like we grew a bit closer. Not to a point where we are best friends and where we can completey confide in each other but our friendship is better than before post breakup.
Anyways during our 2-3 years of friendship after breakup, he got into a new relationship but was dumped after 2-4 months.

Recently for maybe about a month now, he is now liking a new girl. I overheard he's not looking for a relationship and is just going with the flow.
I was scared she might like him back. So i asked my friend who is friends with the girl some stuff like how she feels about him. A couple times she said she doesnt know what to feel and wants to get to know my ex better. But then later on i heard she only likes him as a friend. And now just earlier, my friend told me the girl said she might like my ex. My fear might be manifesting.

If you looked at my past posts, you can tell im on a journey on getting back with my ex. Idk but i feel like rushing to get to him first before anything happens between them. But ik i shouldnt feel like that and accept that he likes someone right now. The only thing that makes me feel better is that this wont last long, and she MIGHT like him and she isnt sure about things. So i still have some hope.

I need advice. How do I accept this current sitatuon I am in, and manifest a better friendship and a new relationship with my ex? I want to connect with him emotionally and deeply but I am too focused on how I should do it, and what to do in general.

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Comment by M Kathleen on November 12, 2016 at 1:15pm

I don't know how this fits in with your situation, but I do have some hindsight on my own situation (no pun intended).

I had someone that I broke up with and I actually started seeing them again four years later~ I was the one doing the distancing. The second time around I saw him several times, but then after that, I kept making excuses not to see him when he called.The last time he called and told me he wanted to see me, I stopped it. We argued. I told him I wanted more. He told me that he wanted more, but how could he when I kept pushing him away. I told him it would never work between us. I came up with the excuse of being long distance and that we had to end it. (In the back of my mind, I saw someone else I wanted to get to know and didn't want any background "noise").

Well, I am with the other person for a number of years and the ex has passed away. It has really left me with a lot of regrets and is downright haunting to say the least. I have been going through my own judgement day.

The only thing I could have said to myself in hindsight was to be open to anything and to let the Universe take the reins. I think I would have been surprised where I landed and I can only imagine if I would have been more open to my ex, because in the end I found out just how much he really loved me.

I can't suggest to you what to do, but the common themes I saw for myself was fear and shutting down and ending up choosing someone where I constantly have to push the envelope to get what I want and need.   

Love yourself first and ask the universe to bring you the best because you deserve it and then let go. You will either end up with the ex or someone as good if not better~ don't let fear get in the way and risk is just a part of life

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