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Thanks to Pink Pyjamas for this good question:

What do you do when what you ask for doesn't seem to come? What if, when in the "vortex" you feel the greatness: asking, thanking, appreciating...but then 2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year and you're still in the same place. Why is this? Am I using the law incorrectly? Any answers here would be very much appreciated.

Abraham says that if we're not manifesting what we want, there can be only one reason: we're not yet lined up with it. It's not that the Universe is sluggish, or we're in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that we asked from the wrong motivation or with bad grammar.

A desire is a desire and always automatically elicits its object by a deftly multi-tasking and non-judgmental Universe.

So, step one is the "asking," which we can't help but do. Step two is the Universe's immediate response, placing the object of our desire in our "vibrational escrow," and step three (where things can possibly go awry) is our lining up with that desire so that it can pop into physical manifestation.

So we need concern ourselves only with that delightful (slight hint of sarcasm) step three.

From Abraham we learn that a common cause for people not rendezvousing with their desires is their habit to pay attention to what-is. "I really want a partner but I can't seem to find a decent person to date," or "I really want a good job but all my previous jobs have been nightmares," or "I want to be healthy, but let me tell you about all my gall-danged ailments."

Most people give equal attention, at best, to what they want and the lack of it, and under those conditions, what they want can't come to them. Their vibration is too much of a mixed bag. They can't reach what they desire from a place of regularly noticing that it's not yet here.

Abraham has called their teachings the "Science of Deliberate Creation," and that means choosing deliberate thoughts about what we want and what we like. I enjoy using my handy-dandy clicker-counter purposely throughout the day to interject thoughts of my goals and desires into my cranium (and vibration). Each time I deliberately think a thought about what I want -- or ANY good-feeling thought for that matter --I add weight to the side of an imaginary scales that, when adequately heavy, will significantly outweigh the other side (of lack) and tip in my favor. Then my desire comes to fruition.

You would not be able to use the Law of Attraction incorrectly any more than you could use the Law of Gravity incorrectly. Those laws are ever at work, doing whatever it is that laws are meant to do and acting upon us in ways that we may like or we may not like. (Gravity is appreciated, for instance, in keeping us from floating off into outer space, but it's no friend of someone who climbs a tree and then tumbles out of it.)

The Law of Attraction is, during our every waking moment, responding to our vibration, which is composed of the accumulation of our thoughts. Law of Attraction is appreciated when it responds to our positive thoughts and brings us our desires; it is less appreciated when it responds to our negative thoughts and brings us, well, life's potholes and pimples.

It's all up to us. Each good-feeling thought moves us one step towards our desires. Each bad-feeling thought (resentment, anger, frustration, envy, fear, you-name-it) takes up in the direction we would prefer not to go.

Now we know the formula. Now we can practice. Now we can thrive.

My rather low-tech clicker counter

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Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on March 13, 2009 at 4:00pm
Thanks, Pink, for your good wishes and for being open to our comments. :)
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on March 12, 2009 at 3:19pm
Those are such good insights from Lauri. Yes, hope you'll try it and report back, Pink.
Comment by Lauri on March 12, 2009 at 1:33pm
You might also add this... every time you hear him cough - have that be a trigger for you to recall one of his wonderful aspects. He really sounds like a lovely man!
Comment by Lauri on March 12, 2009 at 1:32pm
I agree. If you just dropped a brick on your big toe and it's throbbing - it's hard to put your attention elsewhere. But if you KNEW that doing so would alleviate the pain, wouldn't you try and then keep trying?

Happy Thought Thinker mentioned making a list of positive aspects. This sounds so simplistic, doesn't it? How could it possibly affect anything? But it's the most amazingly, powerful process you have ever seen! By doing this, not only do you raise your own vibration by focusing on lovely wonderful aspects, but you CREATE your future by the Universe giving to you more of exactly what you are focusing on!

Abe says, if your partner has ten aspects and of those ten, nine aspects are horrible, but one aspect is quite nice. If you focus on the one nice aspect, you've got a lovely future in front of you. Conversely, if your partner has NINE WONDERFUL aspects and ONE HORRIBLE aspect and you focus on the one horrible aspect . . . it's not going to work. It's all about where YOUR focus is.

Why not try it for one week and report back? You WILL be amazed.
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on March 12, 2009 at 10:31am
Thanks for another good question, Pink.

Abraham recommends saying to yourself, "I'm going to look for what I want to see." So, you could look for signs that the cough is getting better or that he's finding more effective ways of dealing with it, for instance.

Abraham also recommends making lists of positive aspects, so you could do that with regard to all the traits your fellow has that you like.

As you soften resistance to the cough -- that is, reduce your dislike of it -- it must improve. That aggravating cough cannot continue as-is if you reduce your feelings of aggravation. Abe says it's universal law.

I would not take any action out of negative emotion, wanting to get away from this irritation. If you do end up leaving, you would want to soften the resistance first. As you soften resistance -- moving your attention away from what you don't like and don't want -- you'll be in the vibrational place of taking "inspired action" with regard to the relationship, and things will work out much better than if you act from a place of upset.
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on March 9, 2009 at 7:24pm
Thanks so much, Pink, Lauri, and Athena, for your comments.

I love your description of the vortex, Lauri! Yes!

I'm so happy that you're receiving some light and clarity, Athena, and I wish you the very best with your practice.

Pink, I use the clicker to interject random happy thoughts into my day -- especially when it's easy, such as when I'm taking care of mundane chores around the house or driving. (I'm hoping to find a new form of clicker for this -- perhaps the kind that golfers use to keep track of their strokes.)

Abraham has said that one way to move beyond negative thoughts is to simply "drown them out" by giving increased attention to the positive. I like to use the clicker for that. Another way to deal with negative thoughts is to simply "soften" them -- turning them into a thought that doesn't feel quite as bad. (For example, turning "Oh no, it's raining today" to "At least the plants and yards are getting the water they need.") Another way to process negative thoughts is to "pivot" -- simply turn your attention to another subject that feels better.

And all this is effective no matter what the nature of the desire -- whether it concerns people, finances, job, health, you-name-it.
Comment by Athena Starlight on March 9, 2009 at 9:25am
Thank you I really needed to read this today ... I am a psychic reader and Very Powerful hands on healer and distant healer and I have started a website to receive clients ... and it is slow ... In fact no clients.

I have hope everyday to receive clients as I know I can help without question.

Your post has given me light.

Thank you Xxx
Comment by Lauri on March 9, 2009 at 3:57am
The latest level of understanding for me has come in the complete and utter enjoyment of Step Three - to the point that I honestly don't care if the physical manifestations happen or not! When you become so practiced at, for instance, the virtual reality of your desire - it's really as though you have the thing! I mean, I can tell you where the silverware drawer is in the kitchen of my dream home! This is what Abraham is referring to when they say you gotta get in the vortex - you gotta get in the feeling place of your desires. What this does is take the ache out of the longing - because, when you're really spot-on in your virtual reality, you close the gap on the feeling. You no longer feel as though you DON'T have it - because it feels like you already DO have it! You can go there any time and play there. I think that's what Abraham refers to as the next logical step - and that step not being as big of a "I HAVE IT!" as we might have thought at the beginning of the desire.

Ya just gotta get in the vortex. You gotta spend more time thinking about what you want and less time on what you don't want.

And when I don't feel up to launching a full-scale virtual reality, I just repeat the mantra, "Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better!" and that always causes a nice shift - a nice sensation of "leaning in the direction" of my desires.

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