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Hello friends I am Shaman Sandy Bear Davis- A Cherokee Medicine Woman recently moved from Asheville NC via DC for a few years.

I was called to move here by Spirit-to the ridgeline above the Allegheny River in Penn Hills where the healing vortexes long sealed are reopening.I lived here many lifetimes ago as Medicine Woman She Bear Sees.

Let me explain my journey in this lifetime abit.

At age 16 I dies- for an hour and had the opportunity to walk into the Light or to come back and help mankind during the Great earth Shift-I choose to come back to Earth..then instantly was transported to the Akashic Records library and spent many years there( though just 1 hour in this dimension) reading each Souls Book-or rather the energy of the book as when opened the words turn to fire and the stream of flame enters the 3rd eye.

As soon as I closed the very last of the billions of Books/Akashic Records I was instantly transported back into my body.

From my near death expereince I brought back 3 main gifts of Spirit.

1) Akashic Records access-in trance state I am able to read the words of fire-these are recorded as I have no memory after the dictation.

2) Healing ability-My Mission from heaven is to heal millions of people with hands and voice and crystal. I do large group healing on the order and with the power of John of God in Brazil- but different as well.I heal with a more Native American/ Shamanic approach using touch healing, drums,rattles,sage-work in Sacred Space and the vast majority of healing is done by the Spirits of the 7 Sacred Directions.I channel Spirit songs of the Divine Mother to bring a healing to the Heart/Mind connection.

3) The ability to Spin energy into Gold through Prosperity Manifestation Ceremony-Spiritual Alchemy.



The Oneness Healing Center-Spirit asks me to open it in a down trodden area of the city-in Larimer.To renovate a beautiful old church which is on a ley line( a scientist came and did the reading-the altar is on a perfect cross of Earth Energy.)

To heal millions with hands and voice and crystal. To channel the words of the Divine Mother to heal. You may listen to my voice as I channel the Divine Mother and Dove Goddesses at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Madonna-of-the-Doves

In the main chapel area Called the "Temple of the Doves" I will be healing in large groups... Many times all the touch healing ones need is a hug from the heart- a drop of anointed oil on the forehead and a loving look in the eye- ones will be in the healing energy as the Angels,Ascended Masters,Dove Goddesses willl be doing the primary healing- all on love offering basis-no set fee. Allowing ones to gift from their hearts (I do this now in my home healing space in Penn Hills during the Medicine Circles on Sats 4 pm and ones can drop by Mon to Fri 1 to 8 -no appt needed-1845 Lincoln Rd Pittsburgh PA 15235 -call 571-269-4642 for more information)

In the church basement -the church rec area we will have a Oneness Cafe/Coffee shop/bakery with organic and local produce ,Wi Fi cafe, with full stage for music,platform readings,classes-along with 2 or 3 smaller classrooms ,crystal shoppe,metaphysical bookstore,organic produce and more-it's quite large.

The Rectory will be Oneness Healing Center- with a MD who works with traditional and holistic medicine, Chinese and Ayurvedic Doctors,Naturopath,Massage Therapist, Colonics, Holistic Dietician and more..it has 24 rooms.On the roof top we will be adding a large green house and Dead Sea Salt soak hot tub -

In the basement there is room for crafters such as potters,printers,etc to have an inexpensive work space.

Spirt has called us to raise the vibration of the area surrouding the Sacred Ley Line in Larimer. As we renovate the space our intention is to work with local people giving them job training in carpentry,stained glass, making hand crafted doors, working in the restaurant, gardening and more.Our intention is to attract low income Montesorri schools- to have food and clothing banks - with labor exchange.

In this space all are welcome- WE ARE ONE IN ENERGY- we have no call to bring in a new faith or convert to a new idea of how to worship-we honor each persons faith -that is a personal thing.. but we coexist in LOVE,LIGHT,PEACE and KINDNESS- are we perfect-NO-far from it... but we work together to forge a New Earth- to be One People- every color of skin-every faith-every socio economic background.. A return to oneness- as we are all a spark of the Divine!!

How are we going to do such a major project? I do not know-I only know this-If CREATOR WANTS IT DONE IT WILL BE DONE... all the right synchronicities, all the right events and people will show up..

A part of the project is fund raising which we are doing through the Oneness Spirit Fairs- the majority of funds raised is going towards the purchase and renovation of the Church in Larimer-then we are working on grants- we need benefactors..

Such a project takes people who are called to partake in it.. no one can do such a thing alone.. and so I write to you today- only asking- spread the word please.Come by for a healing soon -so you know.This is real. This project will do no harm- we are here to serve.. and to be a blessing to Pittsburgh.

Just cross the bridge -that's what Lightworkers do- we cross bridges and we build bonds- and we co create something really great-TOGETHER...


Shaman Sandy Bear Davis

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Comment by Elizabeth Powers on June 26, 2010 at 10:45pm
Thank you Sandy for what you are creating.

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