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Why positive thinking is not working for you

I feel like people who practice LOA generally get caught up in trying to deliberately create/manifest by focusing on positive thinking, visualization, meditating etc. - and that's great - if you like that sort of thing. But its unnecessary and often leaves people off with unsatisfactory results.

You don't need to be "positive" in order to manifest/create. That is a myth and misconception. Power lies in BOTH sides of the spectrum, there is power in the positive side AND the negative side. It should be evident, since its so common in the LOA community, for one to ask "why it seems so easy to manifest "negative" outcomes and so difficult to manifest positive ones."

Negative manifests just as well as Positive! They are EQUAL but opposite.

Its not necessary to be pure/positive in order to create or manifest. We know that EVERYTHING is of our own creation. We are manifesting/attracting all the time! Everything we experience -we attract, we manifest, we create - the good and the bad.

But it seems to me that most people think that in order to create/manifest DELIBERATELY, one must think only positive thoughts, be filled with love and become as pure as possible. This is false!

The only positive thoughts one must have in order to create/ manifest deliberately, is positive thoughts about ones SELF! The only love that matters in order to create/manifest deliberately is love for ones SELF. High self esteem/true confidence (Self Belief) and Self Love is where your power to DELIBERATELY Create/Manifest comes from.

You can think positively, meditate, visualize and repeat positive affirmations etc.etc. etc. all you like - but without THE SELF LOVE and SELF BELIEF required to deliberately create your desired reality - you will continue to manifest at an unsatisfactory level.

This is the reason WHY so many fail to manifest their desired outcomes no matter how much they focus, visualize, think positively - they receive little to no results.

You may have positive thoughts/feelings about your DESIRE, but how do you think/feel about YOURSELF??? What are your DOMINATE thoughts/feelings about YOURSELF??? How do you TREAT YOURSELF?? This is the only thing that truly matters.

Even "evil" people with "negative" intentions, have the power to create successfully, so long as they have high amounts of SELF BELIEF and SELF LOVE. (Hitler for example.)

So you see, its not about having positive thoughts/feelings about OTHER THINGS/OTHER PEOPLE or about LOVING everyone and everything - you can think and feel WHATEVER YOU WANT to think or feel about anything or anyone - you can chose to love or to NOT love or even HATE anything and anyone you want while still having great ability to deliberately create your desired outcomes, your desired reality, AS LONG AS you have positive thoughts/feelings about yourself! Self love and self belief!

So often you hear about people claiming that they treat everyone around them with kindness, love, understanding and appreciation - ONLY to receive negative treatment in return. And they ask, Why is this so? What am I doing wrong?....

Then they begin to focus on those people and try to think even MORE positive thoughts. They begin visualizing having positive interactions/experiences with them and they try treating those people with even MORE love and kindness - and it either DOES NOT WORK at all OR they DO manifest positive outcomes - but their positive results end up being very SHORT LIVED.

Then they might decide to walk away and cut those unappreciative, "negative" people, out of their lives - ONLY to find themselves creating similar experiences with new people.

The problem is NOT that you aren't thinking positively enough about OTHER PEOPLE. Its NOT about you not visualizing hard enough. Its NOT that you are not sending out enough LOVE and POSITIVE vibrations out into the world or to those around you. NO!

It's about the lack of love, positive thoughts and positive feelings for ONESELF! This is the problem.

BELIEVE in yourself and Love yourself FIRST, that will give you the power needed to manifest your desired outcomes, to create your desired reality deliberately. At that point you are only limited by your own personal limiting beliefs.

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Comment by Tim Hoff on May 10, 2017 at 5:04am

This is amazing and really inspiring!! Positive Affirmations

Comment by that girl on July 22, 2016 at 3:24am

Thank you for this, you've just inspired me to go on a self love quest. 

Comment by Punter on October 9, 2014 at 11:36am

thanks . great post :)

Comment by blackberry on September 8, 2014 at 5:07pm



I write in capitals because what you have written has blown me away like you punched me in the stomach.  I have never ever had self-love in my life, but I have always been kind and loving to everyone else I meet, and I NEVER KNEW why life was so bloody painful!

Okay.  Okay okay. You have all convinced me, if I didn't know it before I know it now, love for yourself is the way to all life.  But how.  I read everything I can and the advice is self-love self-value self-worth.  But I have none.  How can I do this?  What do you say.  You sound like someone (and I read your post on your hair manifesting - love that post, I have it saved to my tabs) who has self-love.  But I never have had any. So when I look in the mirror and say things to my eyes, I don't believe it.  It means nothing.  All I feel is pain in my heart. So I am told it's repetition repetition repetition, and your mind will eventually accept it.  But I don't believe it.  Bcoz people who have no self-worth, like me, do not do things for their own good.  I would love to hear your wisdom on this, if at all you would.

Best wishes,


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