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Why Red Roses Are a Good Fit for Mother's Day & the Kentucky Derby


Well, my Flower Moon celebration didn’t quite materialize as I had hoped. It got quite cold and windy that night then rained the next; so, hopefully, we’ll get out on the water at the next full moon (which will be “Moon When Leaves Are Green” according to Sioux tradition). It was fun hearing back from many of you about your celebrations of the blossoming of spring.

My week was full of other celebrations, including the “Run for the Roses” better known as the Kentucky Derby. Here I am posing at the end of the evening with a mint julep and a big bouquet of lilacs that just opened that day in my garden (more to celebrate). And, of course, I’m wearing a hat with flowers – a grand Derby tradition. I had a few friends over for juleps, Derby pie and a friendly wager on the race. Very fun!

Flowers are integral to many celebrations – even in the celebration’s name (or nickname as is the case for the Kentucky Derby). Two celebrations just one week apart both feature Red Roses in their traditions – more below.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there – yet more to celebrate!! ♥ I’m extra-lucky this year because my sister will be with me Mother’s Day morning – a real treat! ♥

Red Roses

Red Roses

If one flower were to symbolize LOVE to most people, it would be the Red Rose – especially romantic love.

Energetically ALL Roses express unconditional love, and each color rose has a slightly different angle on it.

Red Rose energy is all about unconditional love of a pure, motherly nature. They share a message of a secure love, a strong foundation of love, like the bedrock upon which a house is built -- like idealized motherly love.

It is the kind of base-line “I love you no matter what” type of love. “You can be secure in my love” love. “I love you because I am lucky enough to be blessed to have you in my life” love.

The Red Rose is the official flower of the Kentucky Derby – you can see them all over the place at the Derby. And, the winner is presented with the “Garland of Roses” which is pictured above on SuperSaver who won this year.

According to the official website of the Kentucky Derby, “more than 400 red roses are sewn into a green satin backing ... Each garland is also adorned with a "crown" of roses, green fern and ribbon. The ‘crown,’ a single rose pointing upward in the center of the garland, symbolizes the struggle and heart necessary to reach the Derby Winner’s Circle.”

Each year the winning jockey is presented with a bouquet of 60 Red Roses, too. This year Calvin Borel took the honors for the 3rd time in 4 years! I just love his exuberance – which is why I have two pictures of him in this newsletter. His joy makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too.

The other Red Rose tradition happening this week is Mother’s Day. In some communities, it is traditional to wear a Red Rose on Mother’s Day if your mother is living and a White Rose if she has passed on.

This tradition is so perfect for the Rose energy since the Red Rose has such a pure motherly love, and the White Rose (which helps us to feel that our love connections are never broken) helps to ease the pain of grief.


Red Roses Affirmation:

I feel secure in my love. I am loved. I am lovable.

In Joy and With Love,Calvin Borel

Katherine C. H. E.
Cultivator of Joy

This Week's Testimonial:

”I have used Katherine’s Flower Energy techniques. They are so powerful. It is such beautiful, meaningful, and important work. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels there is still room for improvement in their lives. Katherine and her flowers can help you! (And as a bonus: you'll never look at flowers the same way again. You love them now; you'll LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them after you discover what they can do for you.)"

-- Susan McArdle, Director, Joshua’s Place, Southampton, New York

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