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Why Would We Create Pain and Problems for Ourselves?

"My wife just recently lost her eyesight — completely blind at age 65. Why would anyone want to CREATE THAT handicap? We are dealing with it best we can. Any suggestions are appreciated."

I'm eager to reply to this question received from a friend, for I think many people hold the idea that we somehow deliberately create problems and trouble for ourselves at times. Why on earth would we do that?

Well, the answer is that we do not do that — we do not deliberately hurt or sabotage ourselves. Rather, we draw unwanted experiences and conditions to us simply because we're not aware of how things work. We don't understand how we get what we get.

Mark and I were recently discussing someone who ever seems to have a string of bad luck. "How can anyone have THAT much go wrong?" Mark marveled. I replied that I think it's owing to the preponderance of well-being on the planet that more people don't have far more things going wrong, for most people are playing the game of life without the rule book. And the rule book states: "Whatever you consistently focus upon will show up in your experience — that or something equally wanted or unwanted — courtesy of Law of Attraction."

One of the most fitting all-time analogies from Abraham-Hicks is the buffet. Life is like an exotic buffet table with all sorts of scrumptious delicacies as well as some fried worms, sautéed toad skins, and pickled tarantulas. The logical thing to do is to move around the table, placing on our plate the pleasing delicacies while ignoring the food we find, uh, disgusting. This type of approach — selecting the pleasing while ignoring the displeasing — is a ticket to thriving.

But we've probably spent a few years or decades approaching things differently. We stand at the buffet table, horrified by some of the unwanted things there. We call others over to point out how weird and gross these items are. We talk about how we'd never want to eat such things in a million years. We summon the management to berate them for placing such icky items on the buffet table in the first place. We spend so much time looking at the fried worms that we lose our appetite and turn away from the fresh salads, creamy mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake that awaited us.

And then it happens. Just as we go outside to await a taxi to whisk us away from the atrocious place that calls itself a restaurant, we notice that some juice from some of the icky foods has gotten on our clothes. We smell bad! And what's this in our pocket? Omigosh, a tarantula that is merely drunk, not pickled! Ewwwwwwww!

We all do it at times — we give our attention to things that are unwanted and feel upset, irritated, vulnerable, grossed-out, or a range of other negative emotions. The negative emotions tell us that we're directing our thoughts in ways that will not serve us well. Our negative emotions tell us to look over at the fresh fruit platter and start to feel better. But we're perhaps locked into the habit of thinking we should be vigilant and aware of the sautéed toad skins, lest they jump on to our plate. And, voilà, through the Law of Attraction, those skins somehow find a way of doing just that.

As I mentioned recently on my Facebook page, every serious illness gives much warning before it manifests. The warning is in the form of negative emotion, which is generated by thoughts that focus on what is not wanted and not liked. After a while, the negative emotion can take the form of an illness, impairment, or some other equally unwanted experience.

So, the bad news is that we (almost totally unwittingly) draw unwanted conditions to us by our habits of thought. But that's also the good news, for by reversing our habits of thought, any unwanted condition can also be reversed. Abraham is ever ready to point out that no matter where we are, we can ALWAYS get to where we want to go. Always. No exceptions — no time, never!

To return to our reader's question, his wife's blindness can be reversed. As she deliberately, decisively directs her attention AWAY from the problem(s) and on to things that feel good when she thinks about them, her natural well-being will gradually return.

In this case, the buffet table probably holds plenty of things to ignore: analysis and re-analysis of the eye trouble, frustration with doctors and other practitioners, berating oneself for not anticipating this situation, questioning "Why me?" That same buffet table offers much to select and savor: all the good vision of the past 60+ years, a solicitous mate, all that's available for vision-impaired people these days, and an appreciation that this can be changed via exploring and applying Law of Attraction.

It's all about mental focus. By gently, consistently re-directing her mental focus, our friend's wife can gently, consistently manifest literal visual focus far more to her liking.

And I'm sure I join with others in wishing her the very best.

" Well-being is always flowing toward us. Our part is to take our attention off what is wrong and thus allow our well-being to reach us.

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Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on June 16, 2009 at 1:24pm
Thanks, Jodi! Wishing the same to you, too! :)
Comment by Jodi on June 16, 2009 at 12:34pm
Excellent article - thank you for reforcing what I believe!!! Abundance day of happiness to all!
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on June 16, 2009 at 12:04pm
Thank you SO much, Susan. That is such a wonderful compliment, as that is exactly what I love to do -- interpret/explore the teachings of Abraham. It is one of my greatest pleasures, and I so appreciate your encouragement.

All is well! :)
Comment by Susan on June 16, 2009 at 8:08am
This is another excellent post! I gain much by reading your blog articles-- you have a great way of interpreting the teachings of Abraham and putting a very simple 'face' on the message.

Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

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