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Who wants to win the lottery? Who has changed their speech from "if I win the lottery" to "when I win the lottery"? If you're like most LOAers, the first thing you probably did when you learned that you can create your own reality, is run out and buy some lottery tickets. Many of you buy them consistently. That's great, but there are some missing elements to the plan.

First of all, I'm no expert. I haven't hit the big jackpot. I have won small prizes such as $58.00 and I once won $350.00, but having played for years and buying into every lottery gimmick there is, I do feel qualified to share. If you're going to play the lottery consistently, you might want to check out some of these tips.

1. Play consistently. Yes, without consistent play, you greatly decrease your chances of hitting a jackpot. The lottery is based on odds, so if you don't play every week, or you only bet on a game here and there, you lessen your odds of winning.

2. Pick a set of numbers and stick with them. Again, you increase your odds by picking a set of numbers and sticking with them. The best formula I've come up with involves picking two or three numbers that show up often - one of the numbers being the "Power Ball" or whatever the "bonus" number is. It is very rare that all six numbers will be numbers that are selected often. I picked two numbers that are often selected - The second, third and fourth most popular numbers and one unpopular number (there always seems to be at least one in every set of winning numbers). Also if you are seeing a lot of numbers in pairs (such as 2 and 6), you might want to play those.

You may have heard of people winning with a "quick pick" where the machine picks the numbers for you. This may happen, but you will greatly increase your odds by playing a consistent set of numbers.

3. Don't fall for gimmicks. There is a lot of software out there that "helps" you pick out your numbers. Don't fall for those. I did and I'm no better off than I was before (a little poorer, because I wasted the money). Don't believe the hype about avoiding consecutive numbers or picking an even amount of odd and even numbers. That is pure rubbish. I've seen winning numbers that were 33 39 40 41 54 27 and 2 4 6 8 12 with the mega ball being 1. In all likelihood, the chances are slim, but if anyone played those numbers, they went home a lucky winner.

4. Only bet what you can afford to lose. If your bet is taking money away from a bill, even a small one, you are sending out a vibe to the universe that you're nervous about the outcome. If you are anxious about the outcome, you will be sending mixed messages and I can guarantee, you won't be winning that week.

5. Have a plan. Have you made a plan for the big day and the days to follow? Have you written your plan down or typed it into your computer? I have my plan mapped out. This is sending a message to the universe that a win is part of your life plan. When you make your lottery plan, you will need to be detailed. This includes, when you'll come forward to claim your prize, how you will back up your documents, who will you tell. You will want to decide if you'll take a cash prize or an annuity. Where you'll bank your money - in the U.S., only $250,000 is F.D.I.C insured per account. You will want to plan when you'll give notice at your job. When and if you'll want to move, what charities you'll donate to, what investments you'll make. You need to have a plan as if the money is here now.

6. "See" yourself with this money everyday. Imagine how you'll behave, who you'll hang around with, what kind of clothes will you wear? Will there be any lifestyle changes - such as move out of the city and buy a house on the beach? Imagine you and your loved ones benefiting and enjoying this money. Imagine your child going to the college of his choice - loan free. Imagine ballet lessons for your daughter. A family vacation in Disney. A swimming pool in the back yard. In my case, I'll finally be able to buy a pet, because I won't have to board him due to travel for work.

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