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It's amazing--now that I've had about two hours to process all these powerful emotions I'm feeling, I'm seeing where the pitfalls are in the choices we make about what to believe and what not to believe.

I see how I could have and did make the wrong decisions in the past, choosing fear, choosing "naw, something that good could never happen to me" over "the Universe, my Goddess, is infinitely kind and loving and wants me to be happy beyond all measure."

I see how I could stray down the wrong path, asking myself questions about what just happened that could lead me to negative thoughts, and I see the right path, which takes an incredible amount of courage to take but is there nonetheless, beckoning to me.

I see how gradually, I had built up my faith in the Universe, attracting and achieving small things, and how now, I have no choice but to absolutely acknowledge the incredible power the Universe has. I mean, of all things--how could I have been pushed there to go to that place, sit in that very chair, at that very window, right at the correct time to see her walk by? I don't know her schedule--in fact, I've never known her schedule because it's always fluctuating as she schedules her own clients.

And for her to walk right by, when she could have walked four other directions...

The Universe is indeed conspiring on my behalf, and it alternately scares the crap outta me and fills me with joy. This is the Universe asking me to step up to the next level, and this time, I absolutely have to say yes, because I've seen what the alternative is and can't go down that road ever again. This time, courage doesn't matter--it's down to straight common sense. If I want things to change, I've got to do things differently than ever before.

And so I am.

Thanks for being there, listening silently and letting me work out these thoughts and construct new, powerful beliefs. More to come as more comes along...

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Comment by dchang on December 31, 2008 at 9:00pm
Thanks for the support, Daniel--I've been searching high and low for help these past few hours, to help me wrap my head around such a HUGE finding. And the Universe did send help; she steered me away from doubters and had my sister call me out of the blue. And my sister, a devout Christian convert, was very supportive, thankfully.

Still, the concept, the TRUTH of it all (that the Universe is on our side, waiting to answer our most secret desires, if we are but brave enough to ask) was too big for even her, and she could only call it coincidence and admits she can only wrap her head around 90% of the LOA, at most. Outwardly, her love and support were there, but I could tell she didn't quite believe yet.

And this is how I had been--believing, but at a lower level, maybe only 90% of the way. Now, it's 100%, and I'm glad I've got all you guys at PI that understand where I'm coming from.

Thanks, Daniel, and yes, this is going to be the best year ever--for both of us! All I've got to do right now is focus on processing these astounding beliefs and not let them fall back into that "pocket" of disbelief that so easily conceals this Universe's truths from our consciousness. We are meant to look God/dess in the eye, even though her/his full glory is too bright for most of us to handle...

Keep the faith!
Comment by Daniel U. Garcia III on December 31, 2008 at 8:08pm
Hey Dchang,

I've fallen into the same trap many a time. Over the last year, I've been Reading, Practicing, and Believing in the LOA. Amazing things have been happening to me as a result. Today, I found myself drifting back to the old ways of "thinking". Reading your blog nudged me back to the right frequency!! ; ) Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!! 2009 is going to be the BEST ever. Good things are coming your way. Get Ready!!!! ; )

Your Secret Friend Forever,
Daniel ; )

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