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At 11:54am on June 29, 2013, morgan said…

Hi Melissa:

Is been a while since I join PI. Sorry is taking this long to be more active with the community ...but ....life happens and sometimes ...it does take you to unknown places.

Thanks for your kind note.


At 4:37am on June 26, 2013, Acu Vic said…

Teal does a wonderful talk on manifesting wealth:

How to manifest money

At 12:34am on April 10, 2013, Marion Collins Williams said…

I am very sorry it has taken me this long to respond, everything is going to my AOL address and I seldom check it, tonight...was different :)  Thanks so much for writing me a note!!!

At 6:02am on September 15, 2012, Maria said…

Melissa - I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Yes, I would love to add you as a friend. I am now checking my messages more frequently than before. I intend on becoming active in this community. I have not been so in the past. Stay well!


At 7:42pm on September 12, 2012, Helen Hutton said…

Dear Melissa

Thank you for your warm welcome ,looking forward to chatting

hugs Helen

At 8:10pm on July 14, 2012, Mars said…

Hi Melissa! You left a comment a long time ago in my page, but I've not been very active in the community until now, sorry for the delay of my response! Thank you for your welcoming message and I'll add you as a friend!
Blessings :)

At 10:29am on June 28, 2012, PetRa said…

Thank you for your welcoming message.Its nice to know people from around the world who are successful in what they do. Im just starting. Hope to learn a lot. Greetings from Croatia, Europe. Bless you


At 7:35am on June 27, 2012, DeeLight<3 said…

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the welcome message, apologies on a late response but as i mentioned to the others that sent me welcome messages..it's only now that i log onto the site daily and am finding my way around. I have added you as a friend, i look forward to your imparting knowledge unto me.


Happy days..

Dee :)

At 4:09am on May 24, 2012, daniella said…

i recently downloaded deepak chopras subliminal message software onto my laptop.. and i have strong faith that it will work wonders! i think it already has started to! your so lucky to have met him :)

peace and love xoxoxox

At 5:59pm on April 3, 2012, Martin E Kamenar said…

Spread the word as well!

At 5:59pm on April 3, 2012, Martin E Kamenar said…

Click this link:  http://www.ktradionetwork.com/kevins-blog/kevin-is-back-on-the-air-2012-doomsday-teotwawki-and-the-mayan-prophecy-revealed/

Or copy and paste it.  You can use my affiliate code to join!

At 7:44am on April 1, 2012, stephen lennon said…

thank you melissa.i have just finished the book Synchro Destiny by deepak,great book,how would i read your story please?

At 3:35am on March 31, 2012, Robin Ralpapajan Thurman said…

hanks for the invite to befriend you,  I feel honoured by the invite after reading what you have accomplished.  I also sent you a "Friend's Request" on Face book.  My story is below. I hope that PI does what I think it does so that you can read it as one.  If too long or against what you think should be on YOUR PAGE, then let me know and I will delete or you can delete.  TYVM (:-)  Rob

At 3:30am on March 31, 2012, Robin Ralpapajan Thurman said…

Thank you Melissa.

A few detailas about me and who I am and why I am here.
If you Google 'Ralpapajan' you should see all my diverse sites and those that my books appear on.

I am a Rhodesian in exile. I started studying Spiritual matters nearly 50 years ago when I was lucky enough to insure the Evangelical Alliance Mission and they gave me a Strong's Concordance. With the aid if that book I was able to 'translate' many chapters of the King James Bible from the Hebrew to give me alternative meanings. What I found astounded me and I went on to study Politics - the Trident of Power ~ Ecclesiastical, Financial and Military.

I was in the Short Term (Casualty) Insurance field. I also served part-time in the Army, Air Force and Police (the last two at the same time).

After moving to South Africa after my life became untenable in Zimbabwe I started my own successful business and specialised in Engineering Insurance - mainly Construction or Infrastructure Development Insurance. I also started Community Development Programs and Lectures, at University, with my own Company and with the Insurance Institute.

Then the wheels fell off. My wife of 25 years left me as she could no longer tolerate my introspection and the things I was doing. We were both Scout Leaders, I as a Dictrict Commissioner and she as a Pack Scouter and a Training Team member - she taught new Scouters how to be Scouters.

I went from well off to destitute in the blink of an eyelid walking the streets and wondering where my next meal was coming from. One day I lay in a park and decided that 'enough was enough'. I mulled over the ways I could end it all.

Then came a strange occurrence. I had had several experiences over the years. One, for example, was when I went to the top of Majuba Hill, where the Brits fought the Boers at the Battle of Majuba. It was a strange experience. I was transported back in time and actually saw and heard the battle. It shook me, so much so that the four Scouts who were with me, including my son, were worried, for I was white faced and acting weird, even for me. Even though it was foggy and atmospheric none of them felt anything at all.

This experience in the Park was different. No voice, no vision, just a pervading idea that
I couldn't resist. In essence it said "You bloody fool. You have been claiming that you want to help people who are poor. You tell people that they "...should walk in another's shoes." Yet, when I give you the opportunity to do that you don't bother.

I was 'out' for some hours for it was around lunchtime when I lay down on the grass and it was almost dark when I woke up.

That was a turning point. Within the week I was visiting the notorious Squatter Camps South of Durban and the drug infested areas of the South Durban Area. Where the Police dared not go without armoured vehicles I walked freely and was welcomed. Then I noticed another strange (then) thing. I actually became the people I was visiting. If I was in the shacks of prostitutes, normally with their children, I became a prostitute. They told me stories about their life on the streets, the battle with AIDS and the ways of the men they serviced that made my hair stand on end.

The same thing happened with the Maid, Cleaning Ladies, teachers and Nurses. Yes even members of those two professions were too badly paid to be able to afford a home outside the camps. This was after 'independence' by the way.
Continued below:

At 3:29am on March 31, 2012, Robin Ralpapajan Thurman said…

Another strange thing happened. I had noticed that I never met any men. They were apparently always out stealing cars of drinking or drugging apparently. I was sitting in a shack having tea, no power but a kettle on a paraffin (kerosene) stove, when the ladies I was with were bemoaning the fact that they got no help from Government. No schools and no Day Care Centre. I said something, I have no idea what, and it was as though a light came on in the shack. Within the week both had been started by the ladies themselves!

After that it seemed to me that I shed light wherever I went, just by being there. I have absolutely no idea how. but things started happening. I had joined the Sukyo Mahikari Movement in the biggest Indian Area of Surban, Chatsworth. My own white friends had abandoned me. the Indians never did and I often stayed over at the centre with the ladies there feeding me. One night I was walking down the beach in Amanzimtoti south of Durban on the way to see my daughter who was staying with friends down there when two young men came up to me. They were both a little intoxicated.

"Why are you glowing like that?" asked one. "Huh?" I replied. "We could see you coming from way back. You were glowing in the dark!"

This was weird. One of them was a paranoid schizophrenic on medication and the other was born without a face and had many, many operations over the years. Plastic jaw and so on. I gave them Light through my hands and for some weeks they kept in touch. They had a government paid flat and one day they disappeared.

To cut a long story short, I started with Abraham-Hicks and have several of their books. I also studied Burt Goldman and his Quantum Jumping. Then I read about The Ringing Cedars of Russia and have everything they published. Anastasia tied it all together.

I had only one problem - I went 'inside' into the Vortex and aligned with my Source so often that it became such a habit that when I was invited to attend a Rhodesian re-union I felt to scared to be out in the 'real' world. I was also still broke and, it seemed to me, lacked the ability to 'make money'. The day I joined here I had just listened to Mrs Hay's 'You can heal your life,' and had another revelation.

Whilst in Belize a few years ago I had been abducted, drugged and robbed. I was rescued by a Garifuna man who took me to his Obeahman. He changed me spiritually, freed me of the drugs and gave me advice. All in Garifuna, translated by the guide. In essence he said that I had a purpose here on Earth that I was tackling wrongly. He then said that when the time was right the idea would be unstoppable. I had no idea at the time what he meant but thought that my idea of 'Changing the World, one village at a time' was the one. I battled and battled to get my debts - the money I was robbed of came out of credit cards - and to get the projects I had thought of started.

Then came the revelation, "You bloody fool. You are guided by your Source yet you do not listen to it." This is so true. Everything I write is from the Source - why not listen to what it is saying ALL the time?

So I Googled 'Switchwords' and arrived here.

At 7:59am on March 1, 2012, Shakira van Beusekom said…

Thank you for your warm welcome Melissa. I feel humbled and honored that you reached out to me all the way to South Africa. It inspires beautiful feelings of hope and inspiration within me. I know that great things are to come for all of us. 

At 8:48pm on February 28, 2012, Chris T Atkinson said…

hey thanks Melissa fore reaching out..

Blessings Your Way..

Chris T Atkinson

At 1:24pm on February 28, 2012, Bob Finnell said…

Hi Melissa, thank-you so much for your nice welcome.  I love Abraham too!  My Wife and I have a lot of the same interests.  We loved The Secret, and What The Bleep Do We Know. I look forward to getting to know you. And again, thanks for the wonderful welcome!    




At 1:20am on February 28, 2012, daniella said…
thank you so much! I listen to abraham hicks on a daily basis.. im excited 2 raise my vibrational frequency to an even higher level and network with ppl that have this common yearning of knowledge!
At 4:58pm on February 27, 2012, QiQat said…

Thank you for your welcome, Melissa. Looking forward to communicating with you further!


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