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Normally, I'm really good about feeling, well, good.

But the ex who I love, texted me and asked which Lunch I went to on campus, and said he'd be there seeing people and was just wondering.

I asked if he was there seeing a girl, and he said one of the people was a girl, yes.
And that he just wanted to see me and ask how I was doing, and that he doesn't know if he feels for her or not and that she's "just a girl."

I feel like I'm dying inside.
I'm so scared to lose him.
And I'm trying so hard to be positive and strong and overcome that fear
so as not to manifest more bad events
but I'm having so much trouble.
My pain is just blocking me from feeling good.

Any ideas on how I can overcome this?

Please, and Thank You, your help is greatly appreciated.

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I wish I knew, I am having a bad day also, I dreamt mt ex and I were intimate and I carn't stop thinking about him, its all negative stuff, I am looking forward to a new life without him, I really didn't want the dream, I'm sorry I carn't give you any advice, I just wanted to tell you that i am having a bad day also, but for different reason's.yourscared to loose him, im scared he is coming back!
This was posted earlier and I find it very helpful, hope it helps you...

Permalink Reply by Debbie Greene 1 day ago
Here is what Abraham says..................

The greatest gift - the ultimate relationship

Do you know the relationship that you are all looking for? Do you know what it really is?

You want the relationship between you and you. And when you meet a person who looks fondly at you, or who is appreciative of you, or someone you look fondly upon, or someone you appreciate, it just hooks you up to your Inner Being, which is what you want all along.

So the relationship you are all looking for is the relationship between you and you. And everything else is just helpful in that, really.

Don’t you find that interesting? That what you really want is a reason to vibrationally connect with who you really are.

And so, you ask so much of people because you say to them, “You need to be the one who causes me to feel good.” And what we want to say to all of you is:

If any of you are without the relationship of your dreams right now, that’s a wonderful thing. Because now you have an opportunity to work on the relationship that really matters first and foremost. And then, in that connection, the relationship of your dreams will come.

But you are going to discover the relationship of your dreams is really your own Inner Being. It’s that infusion of clarity and confidence and wellness, that’s what you are reaching for.

And it is nice to have a human friend who holds you as their object of attention and adores you right into your connection. But we want you experience greater independence than that. We want you to say to you lovers, “I love you, but I don’t live for you. Because Source Energy flows through me. You are a catalyst to my wellbeing, but you are not essential to my wellbeing. Because I’ve got that figured out on my own. I have reached for thoughts that give me relief. And I have relieved myself all the way into my full connection of who I really am. And now we can just dance and play together.”

Can you feel how you take them off the hook? In other words, do you know how many men would flock to you…? (ALL OF THEM!) …if they knew that you would allow them to be as they are and you would not hold them responsible for your happiness.

That’s what everyone wants. How much bondage is there in believing that your happiness depends on me, so I’ve got to figure out what you want, and stand on my head in all those different ways, and it’s not even possible!

The greatest gift you can give anyone is to be happy. And we will take that further. The greatest gift you can give to any partner, past, present or future is to be so connected with who you truly are that they are irrelevant to your connection. And when they are irrelevant to your connection, then you are going to have a really good time together.

San Diego 2/7/04B
WoW! that's deep. 8-)
I know how you are feeling been there and done it. you need to keep your mind with school or work. when you least think about he will come to you.
Hi-- I just came across a book that I think might help. It's called the five languages of love. You can find it at any book store.. It's amazing. I agree with the post about knowing yourself first. I learned my lesson.
Well that 6 billion people in earth right now, if worst case scenario you do lose him, what about the rest?
Dont you think the 5,999,999,999,999 that you could maybe find another person speacial?

Just some food for thought. I guess the sweetest fruit is the one is so near yet so far.
A lot of people (myself included at first) learn about LoA and become terrified of their negative thoughts and emotions. They think that if they allow them to be present at all, then they are attracting negativity. It's been a little over a year since I "discovered" The Secret and began my LoA education, and what I have realized is this:
Our emotions (good and bad) are a gift and a tool that helps us to pay attention to our thoughts. By paying attention to our thoughts, we are better able to notice the negative beliefs or patterns of thinking that can ultimately create negativity in our lives.
It is natural for us to experience negative feelings when we are experiencing something unpleasant. Allowing those feelings to be there for the moment rather than trying to fight them off takes away their power and allows them to pass as quickly as they naturally will.
The goal seems like it's supposed to be to immediately rip negative thoughts and feelings from ourselves, but the goal really is to learn how to allow them to gradually decrease on their own.

That said, you seem to be puting a lot of energy into desperately wanting him. That desperate wanting is what you're attracting more of. Also, this thing where you continue to keep track of who's going to be where is just feeding your desperation and keeping you stuck in a holding pattern of misery, not helping.

Here's the hard part: Let him go. While it is entirely possible that one day you and he could find each other again and have a wonderful fulfilling relationship, that is not what's happening now and the now is where you create your future. As long as you continue to hold yourself prisoner in this unhealthy scenario, you will continue to attract more misery. The other thing to consider (although I'm sure you don't want to hear it) is that there could be some other guy out there who is even more amazing for you than this one.

Do something for yourself that has nothing to do with him. Call your friends and have a girls night. Take stock of the things in your life that are good (like the fact that you are lucky enough to be attending school, that you have a roof over your head, or even something simple like the fact that someone invented chocolate ice cream:o). Look at what's good, and when you have to deal with the bad stuff, just remember that this too shall pass.

Good Luck,
Hi, You are somewhere the majority of us have been before. The honest truth is when you break up with someone you love there is a period of incredulity when you are not quite sure where to go. Is it over? Is it not?
The healthiest thing to do when a relationship is over is to accept it and move on. Life is too short!! By all means have a chat with him to be clear that ex means ex and then grieve for a while and move on. It is not fair on you if you have broken up that he is calling you and asking where you will be so he can see how you are.

This type of stringing along only makes it harder for both parties
Thank you everyone, so so much!

I will keep all of your words in mind today <3

Lots of love to all of you, as you have blessed me with it.....


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