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Ok, I was drawn to a book on amazon the other day, by my guide. SO I decided to buy it.
Here is the link

Ok so what does it say??
This man Marsaru Emoto is a Japanese Scientist. He studies water, so what you may think!!
Well he freezes water from anywhere and every where and takes pictures of any crystals that may form.
In some palces like Tokyo the crystals did not really form.
In bottles water better crystals formed than that from tap water.
When the water was exposed to classical music wonderful crystals formed, but to heavy metal music they were fragmented.
Also they used words, like Love and gratitude and found the most wonderful crystals had formed. But when exposed to negative words the crystals did not form.
This book is amazing and everyone who has doubt about the universe, our role on it or the LOA could do with reading his stuff.

You can read about him here...

I just had to share, this is amazing stuff.

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Try it with your cut flowers!! They live for a long time.
i'm sceptical and interested.
I was very sceptical too, which is why I brought the book. His research is amazing. He also goes around schools and places for people to try it for themselves. He did other experiments also about rice and plants. Try getting 3 plants. All babies and say nice things too one, negative another and NOTHING to the other.
The one that gets no attention will die quicker than the one who gets negative attention.
The book is amazing and proves the LOA works!!
Good Luck xx
the thing is, his theories are not proven. he claims them and they might work and they might be right. however i think it is wise not to take other peoples truths and theories and say they prove our own or anything else for that matter.

it's interesting, however you're taking his word for it.
because he didn't freeze it properly. to me this just isn't a proper study and i would love if someone made a proper study of this and got it peer reviewed by a renowned journal.


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