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I've read numerous posts here and most people are trying to use the Law of Attraction to make their lives happier.

That is a good thing.

The problem is that the things you are attracting are not things that will make you happy.

Let’s say you attract a million dollars. Do you honestly think that it will make you happy? I have "The Secret" to tell you. It won't. You already own everything internally.

Whenever you look for happiness in the external world you will always be disappointed. If you just realized that everything that can make you happy is already within then what would you want? You would want nothing, or in other words, you would not desire anything.

Since you already have everything, what more do you need to attract. By believing that you need to attract something to make you happy you are selling your soul.

So take a couple of deep breaths, relax your body and mind, and throw away all of your earthly desires. Once you have cleansed yourself of these poisons you will be free and will see the world correctly.

So what is the most powerful intention? Intend to be without desire.

I love you all infinitely, but I do not wish you the best for you already own it.

My door is always open to your communication.

-Brother Jim

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the intention of joy works for me. In just opening into happy i forget to desire or not.
Thank you all for your feedback.

I'm glad we are all able to have this communication about something so significant in each of our lives.

I love you all my brothers,

-Brother Jim
Someone just posted this in the LOA forum and I thought it perfect for this thread!'


Abraham on "Dollars aren't the root of happiness..."

Dollars aren't the root of happiness but they are not the root of evil either.

They are the result of how somebody lines up Energy.

If you don't want dollars, don't attract dollars.

But we say to you, your criticism of others who have dollars, holds you in a place where things you do want, like wellness and clarity and Well-being, can't come to you either.

Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Sunday, January 10th, 1999


Make peace with outrageous abundance. You are more likely to have a pure vibration and attract more abundance if you leave money out of the equation. But it isn't because money is the "root of all evil." It's because it messes up your vibration, usually.

Excerpted from a workshop in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, February 27th, 2005
I read somewhere recently that most people do not really want the things they say they do .but what they are really after is the feeling they will get by owning,experiencing what ever they desire.. So if they can experience that certain good feeling some other way they may not want what they say they do.And also how do we know that what we say we desire as far as material things are/is not just from the media/cultures subconsciousciously programming into our minds that if we don't have/own certain things we are in some way inferior/not with it/out of touch/behind the times/less than others, that do have what we do not.etc

As far as money,I wouldn't mind winning the lottery as well as many others.I believe that money is a good thing it can be used for many useful purposes.I know many people that could use some monetary help.In our country/culture we live in, money is a quite necessary thing to have.In many cultures many people are just desiring their next meal or a blanket....makes for more conversation here....Anyway Love to all...:))
That is exactly the point!

The only reason anyone ever wants anything is because when they get it they believe it will make them feel better.
So everything is about feeling better now, or feeling and experiencing everything you have right now, internally and or externally.

That is also the interesting part of manifestation, when you feel like you already have it, but don't NEED it, it is manifested , almost like a side-effect.

Desire is natural, that's how everything expands, but many people confuse desire with longing or need, which is a different feeling and vibration.
Exactly! Our dominant intent should be to experience JOY!

Nice! I like this post. Oh, they all are great -- this one has some thoughts I resonate with. Or is it vibrate with? Ha!

Mary Jo
Affluenza , that is cute, I like it!
Greedy vs. Needy?

...if you have the ability to define it as a desire, this time/space
reality, in which you are focused, has the ability to yield it to you…
Greedy vs. Needy?

Guest: I’m trying to understand greed. There are all kinds of statistics
that are batted around about 5% of the population of the world use 98%
of the world’s resources…

Abraham: Here’s the thing. We would quarrel with it a little bit, but
let’s accept that it’s an accurate statistic. You’re really going to
like this: If 6% of the population were wanting to receive like 5% does,
then the resources would expand to accommodate 6%. If 10% of them wanted
to receive like the 5% does, the resources would expand to accommodate
10%. If 100% of the population of your planet wanted to live like the 5%
have already decided that they do—the resources of your planet would
expand to accommodate 100%.

So it isn’t that the 5% are squandering the resources. It’s that they
are asking for what they want—and are getting it. And the other 95% are
belly aching about it, and holding themselves not in the receiving mode,
and, therefore—not creating it. There are enough resources for everyone
to have everything that they want.

Guest: So, there is really no such thing as greed?

Abraham: Most people would define greed as taking more than I need, or
getting more than my fair share. And we would say to you, this is a
Universe that has infinite resources. (People quarrel with that, but it
is our promise to you that if you have the ability to define it as a
desire, this time/space reality, in which you are focused, has the
ability to yield it to you, no exceptions.)

Now, whether you’re talking about money or something else, here’s what’s
at the basis of the shortage thinking: Most people have this distorted
view that there’s just one pile that’s being divvied out. And if I, this
rich old bugger, go with my big dump trucks and I carry away a great big
piece of the pile, then others who show up with their wheelbarrows or
tea cups will be deprived of what they would have gotten, because the
pile would, after all, be drastically diminished by the hoarding that I
have done from my greedy perspective.

And the reason that we wanted to put it in that dramatic way is because
all of that is such hogwash. When you ask it is always given! But, as
you do not allow yourself to receive, nobody else gets it.

When you think about physical Well-being, do you ever say “I’ve been
healthy for so long, I think I’ll be sick for a few years to let other
people be well?” You understand the resources that you would call
clarity are yours, or not, but you don’t say, “Oh, I’ve been so confused
today, there must be a really smart person running around here somewhere.”

The only thing that ever holds anyone apart from something that they
want, is that they are choosing to focus upon the lack of what they
want, and therefore they are a vibrational match to the lack of what
they want—and therefore that is their reality, or that is their creation.

Here you are, on the same planet that you’ve been on for more years than
you have the ability to count. And just in the last 400 years, look at
the difference in your economy. And it’s the same exact planet. Nobody
has been trucking in or piping in any resources. There are not more
resources present today. You are just vibrationally lining up with the
utilization of them.

And, oh, this planet’s ability to yield to you: you have not even
scratched the surface of it. It is a continually replenishing
environment. And you would never be able to get your planet imbalanced
by utilizing more of its resources than it could produce. It just cannot

So we would go back to your earlier question and say to you, greed is a
non-issue because it is an impossibility. It is not possible for someone
to get more than their fair share.

From the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 2002 (pdf)
Thankyou Marcy for that post. I love the way Abraham put that.

Life is meant to be abundant in all areas, I guess we all just approach that a little differently. Some want to manifest material things first then move on to the spiritual, while others do it the other way around.

There is no right or wrong. To me, the point of using LOA to manifest the life that we want, is to do exactly that - manifest the life that we each as individuals want. It is not for any of us to judge, even if some do not agree with what another is wanting to manifest.

Money is neither good nor bad, nor is the wanting or manifesting of money either good or bad. It is how it will be used. Money can bring a comfortable living experience, a roof over someones' head, an education, medicine and healthcare, clothes and transport, jobs etc etc.

I guess when we are at a place where we can appreciate the good that we can do with money, then more will flow to each of us.

Just as a side note, has anyone visited Todd Silvas' site 'GiveAwayADollarADay.com'? (Sorry don't know how to create a link, but the site is well worth a look).

Might make you feel a bit better about money.

Love, Joy and Peace to you all,
Charlie :D
I so agree!

This is why we can never judge anyone else because we never stand in their shoes or feel their guidance system!

But what I can do as I observe the world is just choose what I prefer by using my OWN guidance system!
I want the feelings of joy and peace and contentment. Once I feel I know the other THINGS will come. But my feelings jump all over the place and just when I think I am going to focus on JOY then resentment, jelousy pops in..... I don't want thoses emotions, but is my not wanting them focusing on them...


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