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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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We give Thanks. The Rampage of Appreciation.
National Appreciation day May 16.
Thoughts and feelings of gratitude and appreciation is our HIGHEST calling. It is the place of most allowing. It is a place of alignment with Well – Being. It is healing and brings US peace, joy and self love. Thanksgiving always works, every time, no exceptions. It is the best possible use of our time, effective and efficient.
Appreciation brings feelings of safety, freedom and empowerment. It heals the mind, body and emotions. It improves all relationships and brings us abundance in all areas. It also brings us clarity, empowerment and inspiration.
Appreciation brings great purpose into our lives as the call of Source! Appreciation is seeing through the Eyes of Source. And the one we must appreciate and savor the most is ourselves. Because we take ourselves everywhere we go while others come and go we love them also.
Appreciation increases faith, and creates positive expectations. Appreciation heals the body with the feeling of relief being the cure of all things.
Self appreciation, self praise and self love is our highest calling. It is the ultimate empowerment and the ultimate inspiration. We also appreciate others and as we do so we get the benefit of that joy as well.So we bless others abundance , their happy relationships and the fun things they do .And this benefits us! Be HAPPY FOR OTHERS SUCCESS! All is one so if we praise ourselves or another we all win.
A chronic state of alignment comes form practicing the art of allowing or the art of letting it in. This is going with the flow of life. This allowing is the release of resistant thoughts of say worry, doubt or fear. Anything that feels good is good for us. And anything that does not feel good is not good for us.
If the news feels bad turn it off. “Don't go there”. Surf the web for happy sites you will know right away if the makes you feel good or not. We then get good at “selectively sifting “ the wanted from the unwanted only the wanted shows up.
Appreciation takes practice and repetition by focusing on the wanted, and finding positive aspects in all manner of things! To be able to take every topic and move down stream with it eventually creates a positive mode of attraction on all subjects. And with a sensitive emotional guidance system we are able to tell in the earlier stages if our vibrational offering serves us or not.
If a thought, memory or image feels bad then we can pivot back to a happy thoughts again. This gets easier and easier with practice . Though it is worth it because once in the vortex long term it is sublime and you'll never want to go back to the old ways again in fact you cant if you want to feel good.
What does the vortex feel like?
Food is so absolutely tasty and good and enjoyed in ecstasy in the vortex. It often brings tears of relief. To bless the food is to appreciate the food in life savoring joy and enjoyment. Tasty foods raise set points.
Smells are enriching in the vortex. All the senses become more enriched and sensitive and “tactile” eventually culminating in Psychic Awareness as Clairvoyance Clairaudience and Clairsentience. Yes appreciation does even that!
To become aware of the process of creation is to see that thoughts create a feeling then they produce an outcome. To become more and more alert to this creative process builds higher and higher faith and bridges belief. As we notice one manifestation comes and then another and another we begin to feel gloriously invincible.
As we get good as finding relief as the habit of moving down stream we stay longer and longer on the high flying disk. Life becomes an unending adventure of ever emerging bliss and enjoyment.
It matters not what we use as an excuse to feel good whether it is some beautiful memory and success or imagining a future outcome that makes us happy . It matters not what we look at and bless or what we hear and bless. Though I can tell you music in the vortex is quite stunning to say the least and brings inner joy and deep soothing peace.
As we practice telling better and better feeling stories about our lives we begin to speak only of the wanted because by that time it no longer feels good to speak of anything but the wanted. So we speak words of joy and peace.
We do not have to do anything unless it feels good. In fact if we do things not aligned it never really seems to turn out that good. And if not aligned we are better off aligning first and using our imagination to see the outcome we want then we simply jump into inspired action in joy.
When we practice appreciation we eventually have a chronic state of alignment . This is to see all things through the loving Eyes of Source and the bliss of our inner being. Then only the good can come to us.
The more we look for things going well and the more positive aspects we find the more show up which again brings unending joy into our lives. We no sooner speak of the wanted and it shows up again and again .Life becomes a never ending adventure. We realize what we are is joy and love itself expressed in a body.
To have thoughts of joy all day brings us great healing and mental, emotional and physical health . To be in a sate of joy we cannot get sick. Also we are only subject to what we hold in mind and what we believe. Therefore if we do not believe that there are side effects of a medication we will not experience them. If we believe that all food is healthy and enjoy it we will not gain weight and we will stay healthy. Also when we have self love and appreciation we never get in accident because we are not vibrational match. And if we feel good WE ARE NOT SUBJECT TO GETTING A VIRUS! ;-) We are safe!

Saturday 16th May

Intriguing dream about a current workmate
YouTube song from Feeder (00’s Britpop)
Cycling to Borehamwood to get fitness up
The hills of Park Street weren’t too tiring
Nice cup of tea from Borehamwood Cafe
Petro station sign was a message from Univ
(The words £9.99p and MOMENTUM)
Things are starting to stir into action I feel
There were a number of lovely ladies about
Several shocks of colour and foreign cuisine
Coming home the scenic route (Hartspring)
Reading my book of the 1989 revolutions
Phone call from Andy stretched my intellect
Wander round the country park in evening
Seeing a car with LOA in the number plate
(Came as I was thinking about angel help)
More planning for Secret Diary Of Craig
Planning a long waking day for Monday
I am already looking forward to this a lot
Enjoyable night walk around local area

Sunday 17th May

Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept well
YouTube song from Kylie Minogue
Wikipedia biographies of politicians
Devising a mental movie for a holiday
Finding possible coffee outlets for tomorrow
Consulting my deck of angel power cards
Getting some beer from the corner shop
Finishing the book about 1989 revolutions
Nice rest on the settee after lunch
Evening walk to the ‘hidden fields’
Chance meeting with Tara in the chippy
Clumsy Craig is now back at work
Bibliomancy session when I got back
(CV-19 2nd wave is not to worry about)
(I shall be back to work very soon)
(I AM getting a foreign holiday this year)
Devising a walking day for tomorrow
Beginning plan on a new football novel
Feeling easygoing and carefree later on
I have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow

Skittles, diet drink flavor mixes, mucinex, orange juice, the, game of thrones, mouth wash. Consistant Income, mobile homes, warm and dry climates

Monday 18th May

An enjoyable day exploring London suburbia
Being able to properly get out and about
My first proper walking day in over 2 months
YouTube song from Fazerdaze (NZ dream pop)
The journey into north London was pretty easy
Message on a truck was message from Angels
Probably a reference to practicing forgiveness
Nice cup of tea from the Ace Cafe in Kingsbury
The smell of fruit and ice cream recalled holidays
Colourful Romanian shops around the High St
There has been a plethora of angel numbers
Certain branches of Subway Salads are reopening
ANGEL CLOUDS in the skies above Kenton
Identifying some of the features of Metroland
The small Irish bars which dot the NW suburbs
The busked girl playing harp in St. Ann’s Road
This to me was another sign of angel presence
I got into Marks & Spencer without queuing
Buying lunch items and using staff discount
Positive newspaper headlines about virus vaccines
As many as 30 million could be available by autumn
Chubby-cute girl who looked like Hannah CSAT
Eating lunch in Harrow Park and feeling serene
Exploring around villagey Harrow on the Hill
I always appreciate the panoramic views there
South Harrow’s colourful, vibrant High Street
The chubby-cute girl outside a Polish shop
Eventually finding a place selling takeaway coffee
Large latte from Wild Bean Cafe at BP garage
Drinking this in Alexandra Park and relaxing
Architecture of parades of shops in Rayners Lane
Colourful orange roses in garden at Yeading Brook
The car with my grandmother’s name in number
Came as I thought about an autumn holiday
I took this as another sign of spirit guide help
The journey back home was pleasant enough
Convenient bus home arrived as I got to stop
Flicking through book about angel signs at home
Old episodes of Monday Night Football on Sky
Continuing with plan for new football story
Night walk around my area affirming forgiveness
I have rather enjoyed exploring in London again
I have another such day planned for Wednesday
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Tuesday 19th May

Not the best day ever, but still some positives
YouTube song from Elvis Costello
Amusing clips of Taxi films on YouTube
My fairly calm reaction to some rubbish news
Consultation of Tranquil Waters guidance cards
Angels are moving me forwards in life
Stroll round the country park before lunch
Chat with pharmacist about an eye infection
She gave me some new eye drops to try
Reading ‘Trust Your Vibes’ by Sonia Choquette
Examples of people causatively asking for help
In the examples, they got the help they desired
Reading this made me feel a bit better
The weather has been fine and sunny again
Long walk around Studioland and village
Documentary about Gazetta Futbol Italia
Watching this was very nostalgic for me
Writing a letter to the angels asking for help
Asking them to solve things and get me working
Burning said letter on my night walk
I have fun stuff planned for tomorrow

I got plenty of time alone today. I felt better and changed an over the counter medication. I got bedding clean. I am setting up free entertainment for myself for later. I got a free pizza.

Wednesday 20th May

A glorious day, spent exploring lovely places
Youtube song from Shifty (fun, catchy rap song)
Interesting vid about the Glasgow Subway System
Hot sunshine and clear blue skies all day long
My journey to Hatch End was absolutely fine
Chat with Half-Dead Don about people we know
Message outside the Pentecostal Church for me
Message about trusting God to work things out
Do this, and current stuff works out beautifully
Books in Hatch End: FOCUS. BOY MEETS GIRL
Commencing my long walk down to Ruislip Lido
A lovely walk of garden suburbs, urban villages
Hatch End Playing Fields and the River Pinn
I loved Hatch End and it felt good being there
Nice take away cup of tea from Cafe Pasucci
Hatch End’s stylish suburban broadway shops
The occasional Art Deco architecture here
I like the way that older buildings are preserved
The peace and tranquility of Waxwell Lane
Pretty houses and styles in the garden suburb
The ‘little piece of Scandinavia’ round there
The very pretty rose garden along Avenue Rd
In fact, I have seen lovely roses all day long
Cafe Nero has now reopened for take aways
Once again, this is a step in right direction
This feeds a narrative of a return to normal
Lunch items which I bought from Sainsbury’s
As per Monday, I got in without queuing
Pinner’s stylish and old world High Street
Historical buildings have been preserved here
The distinctive architecture of chimney stacks
Eating my ‘lunch’ in the Memorial Park
Lovely ladies were dotted around at this time
The lovely pond and palm trees at the top
The remnants of old villages left behind
Eastcote is particularly rich in these things
Farms, East Anglian weather boarding etc
Finding the handy BP garage near the Lido
Splendid large latte bought from Wild Bean
Relaxing wander around the Lido and beach
The beach was buzzing with sun worshipers
I managed to maintain social distancing tho
Numerous lovely ladies of note at this time
Exotic aromas of thermality and other smells
Feeling confident of God solving things for me
The walk back to Hatch End didn’t take long
Second cup of tea from Cafe Pasucci later on
Train back home: I had a carriage to myself
Getting home despite traffic jam at MacD’s
This to be honest though, is a positive sign
A local pub is also open again for take away
England v Holland shown on Euro 96 Relived
ITV are rerunning this great tournament
This was one of England’s best performances
I appreciate how cohesive we were that night
It was great to watch tournament football
Jotting down some ideas for football story
Fitbit facts: 34977 steps and 17.28 miles
I also burnt off a substantial 4136 calories
I’m certainly feeling better than yesterday

I love the bright clear sunlight today

I love the warm yet comfortable weather

I love the beautiful greenery around

I love how issues get resolved on their own when I am feeling good

I love getting clarity about life.

I love feeling peace in my heart

I enjoy learning new skills

Oh and I love Ed Sheeran ! Hahaha

Thursday 21st May

All in all, a pretty good day in the sun again
I have stayed quite calm and serene all day
Splendid sunshine and blue skies once again
Interesting Wikipedia articles about ‘Felicity’
Listing things for the Universe to take care of
Enjoyable stroll around the country park
Lots of lovely ladies were out and about
A Sainsbury’s delivery has been and I’m stocked
My Mum is absolutely fine as she usually is
Reading Down and Out in Paris and London
One of my favourite novels: a real page-turner
I appreciate that I live in provision not poverty
I appreciate the lovely home I have to live in
I appreciate the job and the work that I have
I appreciate that I am healthy and very well
I appreciate that I am in funds and solvent
Enjoyable evening walk around the village
This was a message from the Universe for me
The ‘machines’ of angel help and moving now
Just to confirm, I then saw 446 in a phone no.
Doing some more planning for a story later
What’s App message convo with Daft Debbie
I feel that I managed to cheer her up doing this

Friday 22nd May

Interesting Wikipedia articles about Australian politics
Working out how to load ITV Hub app to my iPad
Finding interesting things to reply to on Yahoo Answers
Finding things to appreciate about my current life
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Reading Down and Out in Paris and London again
Longer walk around the village during the evening
The discarded booklet I found abandoned in the park
It was all about GOD’S LOVE FOR US: a handy reminder
Possibly an increment of something manifesting in life
Czech Republic v Russia (Euro 96) shown on ITV Hub
This game was a right old ding dong with excitement
A heavy shower passed over later in the evening
This gave gardens a drink and did them some good
Continuing with calendrical plan for football story
Night walk around local area sensing the petrichor

Cheap mint chewy candy, getting energy drinks for 25 cents,  dry weather, consistent decent income, greyhound running, generic diet Mt. Dew, watching popular movies from the last 4 years, time alone, loritadine, muscle relaxor


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