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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Monday 16th September

Not an overly good day, so I will focus on positives
Gloomy low cloud, so I may as well work all day
Kindly chats with Ranjit and Karen about my work
Excursions to 3rd floor to get shot of hosiery totes
Tidied the whole bedding wall and made it better
I (kind of) placated a grumpy and irate woman
The chirpy lady who bought several artificial plants
Mid-day rain eased off, keeping my dry for home time
My Mum had made some chicken stew for me to eat
My Aunty has got me some Brexit 'supplies' from Costco
Supportive comments relating to my gloomy FB status
Aston Villa v West Ham televised game on Sky Sports
Writing up the rejigged part of my poem-story later on
Finding further beautiful pictures for my Barcelona album
Meme which possibly explains the power of gratitude

Tuesday 17th September

All things considered, a much better day
Cheeky Chelsea's invitation to her house
Splendid sunshine and blue skies all day
Awake at 9: I slept pretty well during the night
Good visualisation session mid-morning
I got a couple of early autumn-colour shots
A much better shift at work as well
Feeling much more upbeat and normal
My mindscape was also much more positive
I was left to my own devices for the shift
I was able to get a lot of delivery done
It helped that it was brought up early
Internet order for flat sheet and pillow cases
Feeling a degree of job satisfaction
I seemed to have plenty of time to do stuff
Chat with Old Man Dan about Rugby World Cup
Brief chat with Amy about her progression
The glorious orange, red and purple sunset
Got some splendid pictures around Studioland
There is an autumnal nip in the air now
This will help to bring the colours out
One or two minor shocks in Champions league
Selected highlights of the film Margin Call
I am intending a really good day tomorrow

The weather has stayed dry lately.

I'm meeting men whom have graduate degrees both online and in person.

I have had a lot of time online lately.

I may get a bus pass for the rest of the month starting tomorrow?

Wednesday 18th September

The (slight) renaissance continues in some way
More splendid autumnal sunshine and blue skies
Youtube song from The Crash Test Dummies
Working a nice, short morning shift at work
Anupa seemed to be in a happier mood today
Working on foods for a change of scenery
I appreciate the stimulation which this gave me
The chatty people who came to my till
When it went on longer, Urusla 'rescued' me
Successful click and collect for some bedding
I appreciate Claudia's quirky sense of humour
Finishing at 1pm and going for coffee time
Lovely plain latte in Insomnia Cafe afterwards
Drawing up a plan for last part of my poem-story
The denouement of this is now in sight for me
Dove shower gel is on offer in Superdrug
Reading The Aleph as I had lunch at home
Long evening walk in sun affirming forgiveness
Chance meeting with Bald Rodney part way
Once again, there is a slight autumnal nip
Like last night, some shocks in Champions League
The amusement of Ray's bet going up the spout
Updating my Spotify playlists with cool songs
Articles about gratitude on mindreality.com

Thursday 19th September

Once again, more splendid autumnal sunshine
Watching classic rugby matches on YouTube
I also found some more lovely Barcelona pictures
Expressing gratitude for all sorts of things in life
At work, excursion to the basement to get rails
Friendly customer chatting about complimentary medicine
I upsold some lingerie for the first time
Engaging the charming Ceyda for the first time
(Brief chat about her dream catcher earrings)
Sale for £213.55p, the biggest in quite a while
Another glorious sunset around Studioland later
Van with TIME TO MOVE, MOVE WITH US on the side
Message from the Universe encouraging asking for guidance
It was then followed up by 999 in a car number plate
I have got a taxi booked to Luton Airport next week

Friday 20th September

Sluggish start, but the day was to improve
YouTube song from Def Leppard
The Rugby World Cup has kicked off in Japan
6 weeks of entertainment start now
YouTube footage of France v Argentina (2007)
More splendid autumn sunshine and blue skies
Not as chilly riding in as the past few days
Crazy Kirsty and me shared a fond embrace
I appreciate actually having a backlog of delivery
(Otherwise it would have been a very boring shift)
Felt better and more energetic after morning break
Chat with Kirsty about various in-store goings on
Chat with Zeinab about my new role at work
Upsold two duck egg settee throws
Made a start on tidying the wayward photo frames
We collected a fair bit of money for Macmillan Cancer Care
Japan beat Russia 30-10 in the Rugby World Cup
It looks like homeware will be staying upstairs until New Year
Layout changes over next month will create all sorts of goings on
Temporary staff are being hired to help out with this
Anupa wished me well for my holiday at the end of the day
Watching excerpts of Margin Call and a Few Good Men
Nice and much needed snooze on settee after lunch
Stroll around the country park in the evening sunshine
I have got numerous holiday things printed up
Southampton v Bournemouth was a pretty exciting game
I am anticipating a fairly relaxed day tomorrow
One more shift and then its annual leave for me


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