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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I am alive, another person died of lyme , so I am grateful I am still alive I am grateful that I got to go temple, amazing, I coudlnt walk very well, but managed to push through

I saw a beggar,  I see them before of course here, but I had to turn away, I have so much to be grateful for, I just wept

I am grateful for this day

I am grateful for my love for business, as I want to do something with this,  when I am in bookstores for years I always go to this section, even though I don't understand it all that much

I like it

I was having fun making vision boards,  cutting out pics out of magazines and listening to good music

I am grateful I ate today, I had money to get food today

I have so much, I am so grateful for everything I have

today is the best day of my life so far 

I have a lot of time to myself today just like last nught. I mafe a new flavor if cook bars and I like them.
Sunday 15th October

Day off #1 and a lazy day spent around the flat
Nice lie in until 10am which did me good
YouTube songs from Tina Arena and the Alice Band
Positive newspaper articles about my team's win yesterday
Reading through nostalgic entries on the appreciation thread
A fairly prolific session on Yahoo Answers
Answering Q's on 20 different topics helped stretch my intellect
My Mum is absolutely fine today and is liking the sunshine
We have had warm autumn sun and humidity all day long
Chat with Hannah CSAT on Facebook messenger about my nephew
Reading interesting chapters of 'There's a Golden Sky'
Long evening walk in said autumn sunshine getting fresh air
Numerous thoughts about forgiveness and releasing past
Fitbit facts: 7729 steps. 3.89 miles. 2222 calories. 71 minutes
That is a very healthy and salubrious afternoon's work
I appreciate the colourful sunset we had during this time
As last Sunday, it was a pleasant, calm and serene experience
Continuing with my festive scripting piece in the evening
I have fun stuff planned for tomorrow and the weather is good
Monday 16th October

Day off #2 and a slightly odd one at that
Nice lie in once again until around 9.25am
YouTube songs from Liberty X and The Feeling
Continued reading old entries on the appreciation thread
Also did some light-hearted geography quizzes
Medium cadence cycling to St. Albans to get fitness up
It started off as a bright, warm and breezy morning
Nice latte coffee in Starbucks and continued with my scripting
Browsing the books in Waterstones and finding one about the England football team
It is well-written, informative and opinionated
The afternoon weather took a surreal turn thanks to Hurricane Ophelia
The skies darkened over and went a beige/orange tinge
I appreciate my decision to come home then before anything weird developed
The whole atmosphere was very unusual and bizarre
(This was due to the hurricane sucking up dust from the Sahara)
I appreciate out-of-the-ordinary things which make life memorable
Got home safely despite the winds picking up quite a bit
A train was waiting for me to jump onto and head home
The strange look of the sun which had gone blood red
Later on the skies cleared and the sun shone a memorable 'copper' light
My baby nephew is feeling better today having been poorly yesterday
Nice evening stroll in the breeze thinking about DIVINE GUIDANCE
The van which passed at the time saying DOORS NOW OPENING on the side
The hurricane passing over Ireland looks like it is dying down now
In the evening, I got cracking on my Malaga travel blog
One more day off tomorrow with some good things planned
I got my apartment application. And medical insurance papers too.I am almost ready to take the drivers test in my newly returmef to home state. This week is big for me. I am also thinking about starting a business.

I  am taking the drivers lics test today for my state of origin so I can live here for about 12 months? Or maybe 20 months? My housing application is going in today for the apartment I really wish to get very soon to help me stay in MN for a while easily too.

Tuesday 17th October

Day off #3 and a pretty enjoyable one at that
The stormy weather of yesterday has calmed down
YouTube songs from Toploader and Chicane
Further interesting footage of classic rugby games
I managed to get some printing done at the library
I now have the plan printed up for a novella
When the printer didn't give me change, it was all sorted
Lovely strawberry latte coffee at the Rhubarb Cafe
I appreciate this fine, independent community cafe
I love all of the quirky decorative touches in there
Cycled home the long way around Grove Mill
The steep hills around there gave me exercise
Very nice lunch of tuna sandwich and salad vegetables
Continuing to read my interesting book about the national team
My Mum and Aunty had a safe journey to Bishop Auckland
It was a calm, fairly sunny and pleasant afternoon
The evening walk around the local area gave me fresh air
Gillette Soccer Special on Sky Sports in the evening
It was a fine night for English clubs in the Champions League
Man City beat Napoli and Liverpool chalked up a record win
Tottenham got a splendid draw away to Real Madrid
There were also lots of goals around in the football league
I had a fairly pleasant chat with a Fulham fan on Football Nostalgia
The bottle of Brew Dog IPA I drank whilst watching the football
I got a bit of housework done around the flat as well
Continued with my 'scratch map' of countries I have been to
I have the feeling that it's going to be a good day tomorrow
I applied for the wsit list for the low income apartment I want today. I felt pretty good all day.
Wednesday 18th October

Working my normal hours today, nice short shift
Heavy morning rain stayed away so I could ride in
Very nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting
Continued with my scripting piece about Christmas
I have felt quite serene and cheerful all day today
Work wasn't too busy and hectic, the balance was good
Customers were all pretty good-hearted and friendly
My colleagues were in generally similar mood to me
Chat with Ben about fish and chip shops and restaurants
I appreciate the couple who were bickering between themselves
It was all quite good natured and amused me for a while
Helped several colleagues with practical tasks and felt useful
Chat with Hema in the afternoon about Christmas markets
The amusement of Ashwin wittering on about drinking tea
Finished at a good early time and got home safely in fog
Shopping in Tesco in the early evening and I am now stocked up
My Mum and Aunty are fine up in Bishop Auckland
A further win for an English club in the Champions League
Watching the film 'London Heist' on pay per view later on
A fairly absorbing film about robbery and revenge in the underworld
Thursday 19th October

Another pleasantly short shift which passed quickly
YouTube songs from Break Machine and Salt n' Pepa
Anticipating potential roadworks on the journey in
Joshua praised me for being kindly and team spirited
Quiet start to the day but things soon livened up
Sale for £204 (customer buying a Yorkshire tweed coat)
Two successful iPad sales in the middle of the morning
Brief chat with Anupa in which I suggested things
She listened attentively and I feel that she appreciates my input
Apparently, the store is getting a whole load of new iPads
Sorted out a lady who was enquiring about vests
She too appreciated my help and input as I sorted things
After my tea break, two fine moments of up selling
The first, a customer buying a coat for life in the chilly Pyrrenees
The second, a rather talkative nutter buying a jumper
Frivolous Fatou getting chatted up by said talkative nutter
Brief chat with Dina P who I bumped into on the High Street
I managed to get home before some hefty showers passed over
Nice healthy lunch of cheese sandwich and salad vegetables
My Mum and Aunty are now back safely from Bishop Auckland
Reading more of my reading book about the England team
Bought some things in Tesco and got plenty of £1 coins in change
I appreciate that these always come in handy in life
The jacket potato and chilli I had for dinner was very tasty
Continued with my Malaga travel blog in the evening
It's taking shape now and will be very good once finished
Adding some more pictures to my album '2015 in pictures'
I am now able to delete some and free up memory on my iPhone
I am anticipating another good and easy going day tomorrow
I got to have a nice chat with my cousin in person again for about an hour.
I got a new job today after 5 months. BEST DAY I've had:D and I just became a member on this site and talked to some great people
I spoke to a really dear friend after so long and that was truly a blessing
And my wife cooked me this lovely dinner!


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