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Dear Ones
Angels have always fascinated me. I’ve never felt that I should worship them, I’ve always believed that they were sent to help me as “servants” not as gods. For as long as I can remember I’ve never had a problem asking for what I want from MY angels. As far as human angles go—why not? This Universe is so vast and there are so many things I can’t even begin to explain or understand I just accept that it is what it is. There are miracles waiting for all of us, all we have to do is ask, believe and receive them. In my heart of hearts I also believe that there are angels who are standing right beside us waiting to bring us our miracles but they’ve been bound and gagged by our own negative confessions and stubborn logic. How sad to have such a loving companion helplessly unable to do anything just because of our own limiting thoughts and words. I send my angels off into the Universe to bring back my deepest desires for my highest good. And you know what? It works! Thank you angels—keep up the good work. Finally, I’m convinced that the more we have them do for us now the more fulfilling life is and we provide our children and their children and the generations to come with more miracles and abundance. If a “human’ angle has to drop into our lives to keep us straight then I’m all for it—life is limitless!
Do you have any good angel stories? Please share.

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Dear ariesx
How true--angels are all around us. How sad that sometimes people don't allow our angels to do their job(s). That's got to be one of the worst parts about leaving this life and then seeing what COULD have been.
Thank you for your thoughs.

Angels never leave us, and are always around.  It's just that when we are being negative, we block them out by fear.  It's not that they won't do anything for us, it's that they can't because we are either focusing on the things we fear (and not giving them our permission to intervene) or giving out so much negativity that our auras become too heavy for them to operate in.


Dear Bernard
I also believe that there are angels all around us and that they are here to serve and protect us. How Heavenly!

I dare say that there will be a number of Angel stories in our world over the next few weeks, what with everything that's going on. One thing to remember is that the Higher Power isn't worried about what's happening, even if we are.  It seeks to reassure us, provide for us, guide us, help us, supply us and do anything else we need, and one way it can do this is through the presence of angels.

Only this morning, I had an email from a faith healer I follow (Diana Cooper) urging us all to connect with archangels Michael and Raphael, and intrigued, I looked up what they do. There was also another link about the signs they give us when they are around and we can tune into them when we know what they are. Things like the classic ones of feathers and hearing lovely voices, or the more specific ones like flashes of light, messages in car number plates and so on.

These two in particular are very powerful, confident and commanding Angels, and their presence is a great encouragement. 

I also have a number of Angel stories of my own. For example, years ago I was mugged one night in the park and beaten unconscious by six thugs. My actual memories of that incident are a bit vague, but I do remember two young couples coming over to me, keeping me awake, and dictating my home land line to them.  I think they were the ones who also called out the ambulance. I'm not exactly sure what they did, but it could be that their presence stopped the thugs doing a whole lot more. 

A year later, I was quite lost in Paris.  I had just arrived, and though I know the city well, I was in an unfamiliar area with a heavy suitcase. I was tired, flustered and going round in circles.  However, a local man helped me out, leant me his phone card so I could call the hostel I was staying in, and took the time to show me the way there. 

Nine years ago, it was announced that my workplace was shutting down and that we would all be out of work in 5 months time. At the time, this was a new situation to me and was very worrying, but signs began to come thick and fast that I would be absolutely fine and that the story would have a happy ending.  

One night, I had a dream that I should go to Brighton, so I went the following day.  I took a wrong turning in one of its squares, but in doing so, met a group of Christians giving out blessings to people.  I had a chat with them, and they were all kind, positive and really encouraging.  One of them even said that I would have nothing to worry about, and that things would fall into place like the parting of the Red Sea (in other words, supernaturally).  In this moment, I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me, and knew that I wasn't alone and that I was being helped and looked after. I have since found out that this is a sign of Archangel Michael (and the name of one of the Christians actually was Michael). I cheered up instantly, and it made my afternoon coffee taste even better.  Later on, I was in a New Age shop and shuffled a deck of oracle cards. The one which I drew out was Archangel Michael, saying that everything would turn out beautifully. 

Angels are around us all of the time (pure spirited, kind, loving, wise, calm, positive people) and the chances are that you know a few in your everyday lives. 

There has been a lot of Angel activity in my life over the past few weeks, and I have received the classic signs of it: feathers, rainbows, coins on the ground, robins and triple digit Angel numbers.  In fact, every time I have had something to worry about in this time, I have asked God/Angels/spirit guides etc, to take care of it, and they have. 

For example, lockdown was declared in the UK, but my company was allowed to stay open as we sell food. As a result, we would all be classed as key workers.  The main concern though, was that I work in a department which doesn't sell food (homeware) so what would happen to all of those staff?  We couldn't all work in the food hall. 

As things transpired, I had a somewhat worrying weekend in which there were rumours of job cuts at work, but found myself being offered redeployment to another store.  That I believe, was the first instance of angel activity, and made me think that if my job was being cut, then why would I be asked to do this?  I worked there for a week, in which Angel numbers abounded, and then at the end of the week, I was told that I would be placed on furloughs.  I didn't want this, so I asked the Angels to take care of things, and they did. 

I was was offered another redeployment to a store in an affluent area of London, all expenses paid.  I took it, and have really enjoyed working there.  Friendly people, relaxed atmosphere, nice customers, and so on. It has proven to be a great Angel solution, but after the first week, another worry arose: the company weren't going to pay our travel expenses, which meant that getting there would be problematic.  I asked the Angels to take care of things again, and they did. The company relented, and said that they would pay our travel expenses, and that we could have a 15% bonus for working in redeployment. 

Tiday, I have been told again that I am going to be placed on furloughs, because the company is cutting back on hours and expenses.  I have asked the Angels again to take care of things, and have seen some encouraging signs in the external world today.  So watch this space!

How do you ask the Angels? Do you just ask out loud ? I have asked before about noise nuisance but im still having problems. Maybe its because the people concerned have free will and can still cause problems.

Yes, if you want to ask out loud then go for it.  Say that your neighbours’ noise is doing your crust, and ask the angels to take care of it. Yes, they have their free will, but you also have yours’ and that includes you having peace and quiet. The angels will take care of it for the good of all. 

I have been thinking today, about some of my own angel experiences and stories of angel intervention. For the benefit of this post, I will call them angel interventions and help, but in truth, they are all forms of Higher Power. Celestial beings with the power to help and change thing for us. Angels are messengers and helpers sent by God/Universe/Allah etc, and work rather like production runners would work for a film director.

* First up, my classic story. Having been out of work for 22 months, I needed a new job as I was in a bit of a situation. I asked the angels to help, and they provided an enjoyable job in a department store, and got me a long weekend in Barcelona into the bargain. Problem solved in one fell swoop.

* Whilst in this job, part of it was to get customers to apply for a certain credit card, and this wasn't too easy (the people shopping in my department weren't generally of the profile who would do this). I was struggling for applications, and the store manager was getting at me, so I asked the angels to get me an application. The following day, they provided a very friendly couple who actively wanted to apply for one, and we had a laugh doing so. Problem solved easily.

* At the same time, a new manager took over in my department and she was being a b!tch; pushy, rude, stressy and obnoxious. It created a bad atmosphere, and I felt like I was walking on eggshells each day. I didn't want to be working in this kind of atmosphere, but felt stuck as she was the store manager's teacher's pet. I asked the angels to take care of things, and they sent the only senior manager who could actually get through to her. She chilled right out. Two weeks later she changed departments, and six months later she left entirely. Problem solved.

* 18 months on, and I was struggling for card applications again, and this time coming on the end of criticism and negative comparisons from managers. I needed an application to shut them all up, and asked the angels to help. On two occasions when I needed them, they sent customers who actively wanted to apply for cards.

* Soon after, the company went into administration and then out of business entirely. I needed a new job, but after 2 months of searching, I hadn't found one and time was running out. I asked the angels to take care of me, and affirmed this. The following day a note appeared in the staff room about a rival department store coming in to tout for business. They had just created 50 new vacancies and needed experienced staff to fill them. I met with their HR managers, was invited for an interview, passed it with flying colours, and landed a better job in a much more secure company, with a pay rise, really good hours, and no change to my easy journey to work. Problem solved within a few days.

* Once in this job, the new line manager was being a sod: cold, unfriendly, pushy and making me work crap hours, as well as making some negative comparisons with other new starters. Things appeared stuck because we didn't have enough staff in the department and there wasn't the money for any more. I didn't want this (and once again felt like I was walking on egg shells each day) so asked the angels to take care of it all. After two days of affirming, I began seeing signs such as a complicated mathematical equation worked out on a car bonnet. Over the next couple of days, the line manager chilled out, and began being friendlier, and praising me more. Then another new starter was recruited when there hadn't been the money. I got out of working a particular Sunday, and a new staffing coordinator was brought into the department. Him and me got on well, and he said that I wouldn't have to do any more Sundays. Problem solved.

* My initial contract was up after 7 months, and had been extended for 1 more. What I really wanted was to be made permanent as this would give me peace of mind and stability, but the store was overspent and some cutbacks to hours had to be made. For a while, there was no overtime (and no extra wages) and it didn't look as if the company could afford to make me permanent. Nonetheless, I asked the angels to take care of it all. First up, one of my colleagues went sick for a month, so I was given some of his hours as overtime. Then my contract was made permanent and the good hours I was working didn't change. Problem solved perfectly.

* Two years later, I changed departments and wasn't too happy. The main reason was the rude and huffy staffing coordinator, who was making me do all sorts of crappy shifts and generally creating a bad atmosphere. I asked angels to take care of it all, and things shifted within a few days. My line manager corrected things so I could have my birthday off, and if I worked on a night move, I could get out of doing a late finish on a Saturday. This gave me 4 days off over a Bank Holiday weekend when the weather was fantastic, and on the night move I got to chat up all the nice visual merchandisers. The staffing coordinator resigned the following week. Problem solved and I had my cake and ate it.

* I have described my redeployment experience in my above reply. Now I am asking the angels to take care of furloughs leave and get me back to work. I feel that they are on to this now as they are sending me signs. I also asked them to get my brother back to work as he has been on furloughs leave for 2 months, and this morning, he was called back to work starting on Monday.

Angels and other higher powers are always there to help us, and will do so when we ask them. They will jump at the chance to intervene in our lives, so if you have a problem, don't fret about it, ask away.


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