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I just started reading this book 2 days ago and found it very inspiring. Anyway, while I was reading it, a thought popped up in my mind - can the secret be used to change your sexual orientation? Apparently, if you really really want to have or be something, you can. If you imagine and believe in it strongly enough, you will one day receive it.

The reason I asked the question is I see so many gay people in the world out there, (and in fact my really close friends who are gay), who struggle so badly to turn straight. If from now on, they try to visualize every day the fact that they would meet the perfect soulmate from the opposite gender and that one day they will have a happy, normal love life...would they get it? if they really wish to turn straight, can the desire be strong enough to change who they want to "BE"?

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The reason why gay people struggle to turn straight is because they're not actually supposed to.  There's resistance there because they would be having to be someone they're not, and it doesn't feel right for them. At the same time, gay people who attract abuse do so, because they are also putting out discordant energy of some kind. They feel bad about being who they are (usually through what society thinks) and this attracts people who then 'help' them feel bad.  The best thing, if you're gay, is to accept it in your mind, and declare that to the world.  Affirm that you're gay and proud of it, and once that belief is registered in your mind, you will attract people are situations who accept you as you are, and in which you feel good about yourself. 

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I highly suspect thàt their inn be8ng made that choiçe for them before their birth and it is mentioned to be a lifelong orientation. And also for the lessons/experience s it would bring in a human incarnation.
I have debated whether to add this reply or not but ulp here goes! Cos there's a part that's REALLY personal and I feel a bit weird about!

I have been wondering whether I've done that because about 2 years ago? I think I used to wish I was bi because I have wondered if it would be easier to have a girlfriend than a boyfriend. And now here I am with a crush on a galpal and wondering whether I actually AM bisexual. But maybe it's nothing. Maybe I'm straighter than a ruler and this is a passing nothing.

But I also I wonder if IF I am, maybe I have always had that little bi part but I just didn't know?

Cos I don't really sexualities are something that can be changed but also it's more I don't think it's about changing sexualities NOPE. I think it's about
learning to love yourself WHATEVER your sexuality, WHATEVER your sexuality. It doesn't MATTER what it is just love YOU ALL of you including this.

It feels weird to wonder what IF I AM bi, even if it's only say 5%? After my whole life thinking i'm straight? But you know what? I probably AM straight but if I AM bi, so what? I love myself anyway! If I AM straight I love myself anyway! I know I'm not gay, but if I was, I'd love myself anyway!

Manifesting people being kinder like that gay man on the Secret, how he used the Law of Attraction to change people's reactions to him! Is a good place to focus!

Accepting OTHER people's sexualities, their sexual orientation ALL of that.
Is it with consenting adults? They hey they have my blessing! I was raised to believe that gay people are evil and all that. But then I got to KNOW some gay people and it changed EVERYTHING for me. Of course I wish I'd ALWAYS known that what I was told were lies but at least I got to find out & meet some wonderful people. Not evil people! Awesome ones! Fortunately I found this out in my early 20s, I wish I'd always known but I'm glad I found out the truth.

As long as nobody is being harmed then I think it doesn't matter if people are gay, straight, bi, WHATEVER they are.

It's important in terms of it's one of the lovely parts of who they are, sure, but apart from that it aint no thing but a chicken wing.

I guess imagine your gay friends having a lovely life.
I know a bit how you feel.
I used to have a group of gay male friends and one of them - he was actually my BEST friend for two years - said to me "I didn't CHOOSE to be gay. I'd change it if I could."

But I didn't think oh I want you to be straight, NO! I wanted him to be HAPPY. WHATEVER his orientation.

On one hand I think maybe sexuality CAN be fluid but I DON'T think we should try to force anyone to change their sexuality, sexual orientation.

Just love them.
Just the way they are.

Their straight, gay, bi, whatever,
trans, cis etc beautiful human self.
Just love them.
And imagine lovingly for them.

Athena, As a Mom of a trans woman, I am grateful for your thoughtful, loving reply. I wish the world were filled with mostly Athenas!! Miss you!


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