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One thing that we really don't need is more rules, but sometimes we might need help remembering some facts that don't always come to mind. So we are starting a list, that can be added to by anyone who chooses, as our love expands thoughout the universe.


1. Our basic belief is, WE ARE ALL ONE.
2. We use love to create our future, and experience who we really are.
3. Our love is Absolute
4. The ripples from our combined love, ripples thought out the universe and attracts others, that want to join our collective, that is actually endless.

5. Unconditional love, requires no fame!

6. Using love, there is no wrong.

7. If we forgot, who we are, then isn't it a fact, that we forgot, how to love unconditionally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RON

Fact 8
You can not break down, unconditional love, to any other understanding, thought, reason, or understanding, it is only one thing, unconditional love, Now just experience it, be it, live it, because, that is all there is. RON

Please if you have more unconditional facts add them, or any comments. RON

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There is only one and we are it.
Yes, Karen, Now what you have to do is, experience it. Thank you RON
Yep, it's all about a remembering, moment by moment. I love the Abraham-Hicks teaching of reaching for the better-feeling thought. That practice always improves my experience and encourages me to remember, remember, remember what this is all about.
Dear Karen,
You are awesome loving person, and I am glad to know you. I have something for you to try, but only if you really want too. The next time that you are in an experience, where the experience is focused on you, such as a game that you might be winning. Now you see all the other individuals from your perspective, and your mind will record that, and take that into how you are going to play the game, but take a breif moment and try and look at the other individuals from their perspective, just as if you were them, losing the game, and try and think how they feel, about how the game is going. What that exercise is about is teaching yourself how to see, from your spiritual eye using, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Most of us, here on earth, remember how to LOVE someone, but what we have forgotten is how to Unconditional love someone. So if I didn't' mess up the interpretation, this is an exercise in how to do that. If you don't understand, I will try and explain it again, but I am not sure if I can find this topic again. lol Finding my way around this club, is a little confusing. RON
I'm happy to have met you too, Ron.

As far as your game, my first response (after smiling at your sincere effort to explain it) is that it would be impossible for me to guess what someone else's perspective in any given situation might be. All I can ever know is how I would feel if I literally were in his or her shoes.

If you and I were playing a game and I was winning, I could probably come to a pretty accurate guess as to how I would feel if I were losing; however, I could never know for sure how you were feeling as the person losing the game in that moment.

Although I'm all for unconditional love, the effort to try and know how you would feel would keep me focused on something outside of myself and would take me further away from my own "practice," which is to stay focused on how I feel and then always move to the better-feeling thought.

And to take it in another direction, let's say I could know how you would feel as the loser--let's say I could be empathic in that way. Why would I want to place myself in that "loser" vibration, thereby losing the feeling of being the winner, which is a very fun feeling?

Spending time attempting to know how another would feel, and spending time consciously placing myself in a vibration that feels less good than where I am, seems to me both a futile and an ineffective effort. I know this goes against the grain of all the many teachings about being concerned about another's feelings--often teachings that preach that concern for ourselves should take a back seat to concern for another.

I offer a twist on your game. The next time you're in a situation where the focus is on you by way of "losing," tweak your thoughts toward joy for the other person; try to feel how it would feel to be the winner; use the experience of losing as a jumping-off point toward a better-feeling thought.

Karen G

Yes, unconditional love is a beautiful thing. But what that means to me is leaving people alone to attract into their lives whatever it is their vibration attracts, letting them feel their own contrast (losing is not necessarily a bad thing), and letting them identify their own preferences which, in turn, will adjust their own vibration.
Karen, Yes, you are correct, but I can tell that I didn't explain myself very good. What I was trying to say, is that the game is not the focal point, it's the different perspective. Wither or not anyone wins the game, is not what I meant. If you can just start to think that you might be able to put yourself in another person perspective, that is one of the major things, that you will need, when we go into the Accession. In this 3 density world, that we are in right now, we are all working on or from our ego, but in the 5th density, we will be working from a Collective perspective. The ego will not be, who you really are. Your objective will be, use Unconditional love in all your decisions about your life, as a collective. In turn a collective will not advance spiritually until everyone is ready to advance together, so the ego will not work. That is where, you will have to learn to think from different perspectives and this is going to take practice. RON
Hi Ron,

I think I understood you and attempted to respond with my own thoughts about perspective, using the win/lose game as a frame of reference.

No matter what the future holds, and we all have our own ideas about that, to love someone unconditionally is to let them be who they are. Now.

I don't feel that I have to understand another's perspective in this earthly time/space plane to let them be who they are. I just have to keep my focus on myself and off of them and stay out of their way.

You say the ego is not who we will be. Well, the ego is not who we are now, but it allows us a "position" from which to experience life and make decisions about the vibration we hold in every moment, which in turn creates the life we will have in the next moment and the next and the next.

My interest is in feeling appreciation now for the now and always moving toward the better-feeling thought. Other worlds, other dimensions, ascensions and those sorts of things are not my current focus.

With care,
Karen G
I understand karen, and thank you for saying what you said. I am not trying to get you to change any of your belief about this life, I was just giving you my input. I respect your position and beliefs, on this subject. Please forgive me if I said the wrong thing. RON
No such thing as saying the wrong thing! I loved our communication and respect your views wholeheartedly!

With care,
Karen G

More on unconditional loveeeee awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Just observe your dog! They will teach you everything!


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