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Hi folks this is freebird and i posted a question about how to frame this positively last weekbut as i am brand new to this I guess i need a little more education on computers! Anyhow I'm down to the wire so I'll forge ahead.
For the last two and a half years my landlord from hell has pursued endless invented court cases. Tommorrow is another big trial for which i am unprepared as me and my three littlies have been ill. i am pursuing an adjournment. Meanwhile i really would like to enlist some powerful intention support on manifesting a wholly better life for us, as like many people whom the secret comes to have attracted it to them in their time of need, and believe me there are mucho things i don't want to write here. I am not sure how to express my needs here in a positive way as my list of what do i want and thankful list cover much wider issues. i will be working til late on legal matters today and do not have broadband, but I would love to enlist your powerful wishes for us. We have, as a tiny family, no rellys so we really need a big new family. Thankyou to all those sisters and brothers in this community!

Hi folks i got the adjounment i needed, for two months now i need to start manifesting a new reality. Thhanks for your amazing support. is there a 'how to use this site' section somewhere, as i'm new to this. So amazing to reach out across the world for support.! On a local level any other west australians on this site? I'd love to manifest the seminars etc here in Perth. Cheers to all. Ps i've evn started researching broadband deals todAY AS I HAVE BEEN RELUCTANT TO USE THE INTERNET WITH (OH THAT'S My toddler hitting buttons as I type) the slow dial up. Alternatively I'll manifest local "secret" friend sthat know about this stuff (computers as well!). Cheers to all you wonderful people.

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I wish that you will get all the guidance you need and I wish that you will get everything you want!
My prayers are with you as you focus your energy on love, happiness and gratefulness <3

I understand being in a negative environment - I have experienced that myself. Just know that good is all around you, and the life you want already exists. You just need to be specific about what you desire, and DO NOT GIVE ANY ENERGY OR THOUGHTS TO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. I recently read about doing Segment Intentions. That is, before the segment of time that's coming up (ie, going to bed, doing your morning routine, on the way to the courthouse), you clearly set your intentions for that particular segment of time. So, you might set an clear intention of finding a solution to your rental struggles while doing your legal work, etc. Then, you might set another very clear intention while getting ready for bed that you will fall asleep easily and quickly, feeling positive and confident about your current situation, knowing you will wake up rested, refreshed, clear-minded, and positive about the upcoming day. Then, on your way to court, you could set a very clear intention about a positive outcome (whatever those specifics might be). Remember, its not only important to focus on positive thoughts/emotions regarding something specific that you desire, but to be in a generally positive and thankful mindset. So, find anything you're grateful for (health, working computer, warm bed, etc). Really focus on just how good that stuff is. This will get you into the right 'vibration', which is where the real 'power' comes in to draw the things you want to you.

I intend tonight that you will have a positive resolution with your court case tomorrow. I expect that your mind will be stress-free, and you'll be able to see an afirmative outcome in your current situation. I see you at peace as you head to the courthouse, knowing that the universe (you) will bring about a situation which will give you even more to be grateful for. I see you receiving the abundace that is your birthright, and your family enjoying a more comfortable, secure and peaceful lifestyle. I feel the energy of all the other PI members setting their positive intentions for you.

Viel Glück!

Blessings of love, light, strenght, abundance and prosperity to you and your little ones...

God bless!

Your toddler hitting the keys as you typed made me smile today! For that little warm inspiration i'm asking the Universe to send you as many positive blessings throughout your journey as needed on a consistent basis.


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