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I attended the funeral of my girlfriends Aunt today who died after a lengthy battle with cancer and I started to wonder about death and I revisited some of the Abraham-Hicks explanations on the death process or 'transition to non-physical'.

What she says seems hopeful and optimistic, and I'd love to go into death not worrying about it, but I don't understand why she completely disregards and almost mocks the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

As far as I have learned, one of the most important things in being in tune with LOA is the love that we have for others and the love and appreciation that we have for everything around us, and all of those things we love and appreciate exist in this physical world.

It seems any time the topic of death comes up she talks about our physical world as if it's worthless and meaningless and we should all strive for this feeling of no limitations and absolute bliss, and that got me thinking....(please stay with me and don't think I'm trying to bash these ideas, I'm just trying to understand).

What is so great about living in absolute perfection? Alot of what I love about life is being able to overcome challenges and being able to truly appreciate things because of the fact that I know what it's like to not have them. Does that make sense? When it comes to losing a loved one, it seems comforting to think that they've been let free into this blissful non-physical perfection but alot of the things I love about my loved ones is the little imperfections, the minor insecurities, their human nature because that's all I really know, and I'm able to find bliss within all of that, because of these physical human beings on this physical world.

I understand that the pain in losing a loved one is due to your separation with them, but without that love and companionship this wonderful world seems like an awfully lonely place don't you think?

Please discuss.

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I think that's perfectly aligned with what Abraham says, and I agree 1000%.

I think the references from the non physical are just for perspective. From the standpoint of the non physical, it sounds like all of that is why we chose to come here, for the perfection is, for lack of better words, boring.

We came because we love the contrast, and I feel those references of humorously viewing death are to help us inch along towards the essence of the non physical, and so we don't feel so bad for those who passed, realizing part of our pain is missing the feeling we felt around them, which points towards us learning to live with less resistance.

Sorry to hear about your girlfriends aunt nonetheless.
I've heard Abe say that they talk about death the way they do because we have created so much unnecessary gunk around it that doesn't serve us. I must confess that while I can see how someone might interpret how they talk about death as 'disregarding and almost mocking the pain that comes with losing a loved one'... I certainly don't hear it that way myself.

Of course, they're simply trying to drive home the point that there is nothing to fear and that there is no real death...

But more than that, I've never heard Abraham speak as if the physical world is worthless and meaningless and we should all strive for this feeling of no limitations and absolute bliss...

in fact, was just listening to a CD of theirs on Tuesday where they were saying the exact opposite. Instead, extolling the virtues of the physical world and how it's only when we're OUT of the vortex that we are creating.

I agree with you about what you love about physical life... it makes perfect sense.

And the way I understand it Abe appreciates it too! ;-)


Hi Greg --

From my own POV, I can tell you -- losing a loved one to the "great beyond" is never "fun".

My youngest daughter passed away nearly two years ago, and I hadn't been aware of the LOA or Seth or Abraham or any of the other teachers for more than about eight months prior . . . so it was a tough time for me.

But I CAN tell you . . . as much as I love Seth and Bashar and all the others who explain the science of it . . . it was the EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE I got from Abe that helped me get through that more than anything else.

If I may, let me offer This Link as a further source of not only Abe but a variety of other instructors that you may find helpful.

Sorry for your loss Rascal! Maybe this great Abe video can help, i looove it!:


Abraham has really helped me put LIFE in perspective. Moreso than putting death in perspective.

I know its hard Greg, I do and losing a loved one never gets any easier but I don't get angry and fall into despair because the insight Abe shares helps me put my own feelings about this life in perspective and it adds so much value to the relationships I have with my dear loved ones who have transitioned.

I believe with all my heart they are alive and well, I can feel them and I know their love continues to live with me in this physical world and it reassures me that we don't have to fear death they way so many of us tend to do and I pay much more attention to the beautiful opportunity I had to share my life with these wonderful people which helps so much with the grieving process.

So many of us take death so very hard and we shouldn't, we should actually pay way more attention to how very fortunate we are to live this wonderful life with all these wonderful beings.

I understand my grief is mine and mine alone and today and after so many of my own experiences, I consider transitioning actually a celebration. Death doesn't have a hold on me the way it used to. I know I will cry when I have these experiences, but the pain is swift and the love we share blossoms.....

Thank you for sharing these thoughts and this video!

Hi Greg M,

I've lost loved ones too, and it is never an easy process to oversome sadness and loss. In time it just gets less painful. But I also know that the connection to loved ones does not end after death. So that's a comfort to me.

I have never heard Abraham de-value life, but I have heard them de-emphasize death.

Since you appreciate contrast already, you are in a perfect position to launch into creating all your preferences about life. Good Job on that!

We can never get life perfected anyway, because our human nature is always coming up with something new and different to want.

One of Abraham's famous sayings is, "You can't get it wrong and you can never get it DONE!" Meaning there is no end to creation EVER even after death.

You are understanding more than you know. It's not a problem. Experience teaches us as we go.
Hello all!

I think people who recognize the inevitability of death are making a mistake.
Because they do not know that human beings are born for to eternal life.
I read a book which very clearly and simply explains how you can live forever in the physical body.
If anyone is interested can follow this link:http://eternityplatform.org to find this book
"Ressurection And Eternal Life - Our Reality Now! ", and read it yourself.
This site is in Russian language, but the book is in English translation.
This book can be found in the section “book”.
There’s no death. And, if people die, it is only because they think, that they should die.
They must change their attitude to death. Death is a habit. And a habit can be changed.
Hello David!

I’m sorry you think so.
I’m not going to argue with you. But I’d like to say that our consciousness perceives as the reality, what exists in our minds.
Whatever you think and how you perceive life, is going to happen to you.
Without reading the book that I recommended to you, you are already denying life.
Life is creation, while death is destruction.
Maybe after you familiarize yourself with the book I proposed, your view of the world will change.

I saw you were writing about the cell on the forum “How to grow taller with the low of attraction?”. So you know that the cell has a mind. If the cell receives information from you, then it can execute any of your requests, why would not the cell live forever, if it has that information from you.
Life is eternal! But not all people are willing to accept it.
Anyone who thinks so and knows that may live forever in his physical body, and who doesn’t accept it will go nowhere.
Paradise and hell are in our consciousness. You’re going to have whatever you choose.
David, you might have read it, if not I recommended to read the book: “Biology of belief” author is Bruce Lipton.

Good Luck!
Hello David!

Of course not all books should be read in succession, but there are books that contain very useful information for all humanity.
That why it is a mistake to think that you can’t find anything necessary for your personal life in books.
I don’t insist that you read something that you do not want to read, it is your own business.
Besides the personal life there is the life of mankind, and the desired book at the right time is very useful. Because from the book you can learn how, and what to do to save all people from the global catastrophes.
But if you do not read such books how you can learn how and what to do to prevent a global catastrophe.
For example you probably read the book about cell. Otherwise, you would not
know about it. Or maybe you're clairvoyant? I do not think you're clairvoyant. A clairvoyant person can immediately determine what kind of book is offered to him.
But, you did not specify, you immediately refused. If you had determined you would have started reading the book. I’m not arguing that all knowledge a person gets are from his life experiences.
But the experience of life for all people is their personal, and it’s all different. Some people only think about themselves and others about everyone. Even one person can save the world from a catastrophe if knows how. So, there is no need to say that the book will not help. The book has the information on what to do to expand the consciousness of the truth.
The bulk of mankind is sleeping, a little mass has a common-sense of thinking and a very small percentage of people who work on themselves and want to save mankind from a global catastrophe.

Mankind is given information on how to save the world but not all people are willing to even know how. We must learn not to die but to live forever. Because we live in a completely different time and many who have left have returned to our reality to let everyone knows there’s no death. The Creator made man like himself; he created us for eternal life. The Creator is eternal and we should be forever. Is it so difficult to understand?

If the majority of the people on Earth will have the mentality that life is eternal only then will it be realized. Because everything that we have, we have created through the structure of our consciousness. What ever happens in our life is,
what most people have in their minds.
Many people do not even think about what the world is, what the fundamental laws of the world are, and what is life.
All this knowledge a person has in his soul, but people mostly live listening to their mind but not soul, unfortunately.
Human beings must learn to develop their capabilities inherited initially by the Creator in this physical world. And if a man can have such an opportunity then what's the point of dying and coming back again. A person develops right here on the physical plane. Where they go there's no development. It turns out that it is better not to go anywhere and those who left can return.
The proposed book gives information on the fundamental laws of the world and a lot of methods of how to control reality and all events through the structure of your consciousness.
If you'll live forever you will develop and learn how to change your physical body as you wish. In humans, the brain is developed by only 1%, although scientists say about 5%.
Imagine if a person’s brain is developed 100%.
In this case, people will be able to create through a structure of their mind everything they want.

I read your answer to the question:
What are your Powerful Intentions?
Your answer was:
To create my own Universe.

I enjoyed it very much.
But I wonder how you're going to do it?
If you know how to do it, then that's fine. But if you still do not know how, I can recommend to you a good exercise of concentration: “Everyday practice of Consciousness. “
Of course only if you want.
I wish your dreams come true!

Good Luck!
Not only that, Dave, but why would anyone even WANT to stay in the same body forever?

Change is what it's all about -- variety and diversity. Life is Life regardless what body you live in, or don't live in . . . the physical world is nothing but an illusion anyway. A place to come and play a role, nothing more.

And for myself, when it's time to get off the stage, I'll be happy to go. Everything in its own good time . . .


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