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I attended the funeral of my girlfriends Aunt today who died after a lengthy battle with cancer and I started to wonder about death and I revisited some of the Abraham-Hicks explanations on the death process or 'transition to non-physical'.

What she says seems hopeful and optimistic, and I'd love to go into death not worrying about it, but I don't understand why she completely disregards and almost mocks the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

As far as I have learned, one of the most important things in being in tune with LOA is the love that we have for others and the love and appreciation that we have for everything around us, and all of those things we love and appreciate exist in this physical world.

It seems any time the topic of death comes up she talks about our physical world as if it's worthless and meaningless and we should all strive for this feeling of no limitations and absolute bliss, and that got me thinking....(please stay with me and don't think I'm trying to bash these ideas, I'm just trying to understand).

What is so great about living in absolute perfection? Alot of what I love about life is being able to overcome challenges and being able to truly appreciate things because of the fact that I know what it's like to not have them. Does that make sense? When it comes to losing a loved one, it seems comforting to think that they've been let free into this blissful non-physical perfection but alot of the things I love about my loved ones is the little imperfections, the minor insecurities, their human nature because that's all I really know, and I'm able to find bliss within all of that, because of these physical human beings on this physical world.

I understand that the pain in losing a loved one is due to your separation with them, but without that love and companionship this wonderful world seems like an awfully lonely place don't you think?

Please discuss.

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i can not love this Abraham video more, Endless Clues from Heaven:


Immagine correlata

I was just thinking today how I would like to ask Abe why humans generally manifest the existence of viruses we suffer we from like head colds? Maybe we want breaks from our jobs? I would rather take real vacations!

My husband is dying. I have been listening to Abraham Hicks with my son to help us as we grieve. I dont appreciate when Abe jokes about croaking. Its crass. There are some helpful points about transitioning.

To try and tell a 21 year old (or 26 and 28) that we will get throught this isnt very easy. There is such sadness for us all and sometimes i feel i am just not strong enough to lead my children through this. I have been trying hard to raise my vibe as Abe says and that of course changes my perspective and helps some. I can see the future but i dont want to be present on the way there. I just want to blow past this horrible time. And yet i know what that will mean so i desperately want to hold on to now.

FP I'm so sorry you and your kids have to go through this.  Losing a parent at any age is never easy.  I remember when my grandmother died (in her early eighties) my mother looked at me and said "I'm an orphan now".  

Our parents are an anchor to our identity and sense of self.  The sense of loss that follows that is profound, even if we have lived with the knowledge that it will come to happen.  To help your kids deal with that while dealing with your own sense of loss of your partner is not easy.  

One thing I know for you sure is, you ARE ABSOLUTELY STRONG ENOUGH to help you kids through this.  Your empathy and love is palpable, as is your strength and resilience.

But know you do not need to lead them, you only have to hold them.  There may be times when you need to encourage them forward, there may be times when you just need to be with them where they are, there may be times when you look to them for the encouragement to move forward and there may be times when they push you away only to look for you again.  Your job is not to lead but just to let them know you are there, they are loved and you will always close at hand whenever they need you.  

This is an article I find a really powerful article on how to be present for people as they grieve.  I come back to it often to remind myself of how to support people through grief. If it resonates with you maybe you can also share it with some of your support network so they know how to hold space for you, just as you do for your kids.  How to Hold Space

Be gentle with yourselves.  There will be times you will need to grieve, to sit with and reconcile with the sadness and difficulty of the situation. Accept it for what it is.  Death, loss and grief is a part of life an extension of loving and caring deeply.  Remember every emotion has a place, if we deny them it just gets worse.   You will get through this but it's also ok to acknowledge that there are days were it feels like you won't.  Give yourselves permission to be where ever you need to be in that moment.  

Please send me a message if you ever need a chat or even tell me if you need to hear something silly.  Whatever you need.

And in terms of Abe Hicks - I never really liked their old stuff on croaking.  I think Esther has become a lot more sensitive to it since she lost Jerry and so if you are finding comfort in their stuff, it may be better to focus on the more recent videos.

Interesting that I am only now finding these messages. I guess timing is everything. I agree completely about Esther and croaking. It was quite insensitive. Your words bring much comfort exactly when I needed them. I am going to read the article now too. Thank you my dear friend.

Since I last wrote we have moved into a new home that is handicapped accessible. We are truly blessed to stay in our neighborhood and to have a home filled with so much LOVE from the owners. The woman who lived here passed away in October. Her spirit is present and is pure LOVE.

Dear Flowerpatch im sorry for what you're going through and i want you to know that we're here for you. <3

Hope or a sudden shift, healing, miracles, you know that this is very possible (you know very well abraham's teachings after all) but if your husband wants to leave his body maybe you need to accept it. 

Death is never a funny thing because we have been conditioned So much that it is terrible, and i had that kind of experience with a beloved one, it was beyond horrible BUT then my life completely changed, i had no more fears and my life became full of magic cause i opened myself to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe and now i can tell you that i do not believe death is really a thing, you can connect even more with your deceased beloved ones. So now i truly understand Esther making jokes about it and some of her videos about this topic are really mind-blowing and give so much comfort and clarity. Here are 2 quotes that could give you some relief:

Risultati immagini per know then that the body is merely a garment

Thank you Dorothy! Your kind words are very comforting. The most difficult part of this is that my husband hasnt accepted what is happening. He is unable to walk now and his body is failing in other ways too sad to share and yet he is still asking if he can get better. My heart is broken. I believe that once he transitions he will be free. He will find joy. I pray each day for peace for him. I listen and I do as he asks and i try my best to help him be comfortable. I want to be here for him and honor him and help him keep his dignity through this process. I cannot and will not destroy his hope for recovery. I cannot take away his hope. I believe that he is on his ownjourney and the best i can do it be responsive to his needs. Am i making sense? sometimes i feel like words are scrambled in my head and arent coming out right.

Thank you both so much xxoo

Sending you big love & bug hugs dear Flowerpatch. You are doing everything you can for him and he also is doing his best. I still believe that we control our bodies, maybe he had so much negative negative momentum about his health? I think he can change his situation if he still wants to be in this physical body, does he know for example all the teachings of Abraham about this??

Abraham says that there's NOTHING that is INCURABLE, but if you believe that something is incurable then you can not cure it because you can not cure the incurable. They say that which you believe has everything to do with what you allow in your experience, so if you have been convinced that something is not curable – that it is 'fatal' – and then you are told that you have it, usually your belief will be that you will not survive and you will not. Or that you will suffer much or that your body will decline. I think that the power of the love between you and your husband and  an unshakable faith can create a miracle, and that is not a miracle, that's just...alignment, a coming back to natural well-being. I know it may not be easy but if you say that your husband hasnt accepted what is happening maybe it means he can change his reality.

Here's a quote that explains it:

Risultato immagini per incurable abraham hicks quote

I guess my reply didnt post properly. So to sum it up I can say that part of my journey is to recognize that others are on their own journey and i cannot save them. sigh.

Yes sure, i said that only because you wrote that your husband isnt accepting his situation and that he is still asking if he can get better. I think that sometimes people desperately want to get better but they don't know it's about focusing. And things get worse because too often the more they see their bodies failing the more they focus in a negative way.


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