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act like it has already happened- can You share with me what kind of actions You do?

As for me it is quite hard part of LOA activities, can You share with me examples what You have done or do to manifest sth before it has happened? Thx a lot magic dust! 

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Hi J.O.

This "act like it has already happened" bit is a little tricky, because what seems to be left out or forgotten or not understood is that acting like it has already happened is a RESULT of your thoughts supporting what you want, it is not something you do to get results.

When the thoughts are in place, you will naturally act and behave from a place of knowing, you won't have to force yourself to do it. It is understandable that people overlook the importance of getting the thoughts lined up first, because it can feel not active enough - so what, I just sit and think? About what? How does that make me more prosperous or give me my house or feed my kids? Or get me the job or car?

I'll give you a personal example. Many years ago, I decided I wanted to change my relationship with money. I was so fed up of feeling financial lack. And I was frustrated. I felt that on paper, I was a perfect fit to prosperity and success: Official IQ tests had claimed/shown that I was in the world's top 2%, I was widely read, could pick up pretty much anything I put my mind to very quickly and I could read energy. So what was wrong?

Nothing was of course; it was all perfect. My experience was just reflecting my balance of thought back to me. I thought like most people - I didn't enjoy paying tax, I felt money was a limited commodity that we all had to compete over; I was always looking for ways of getting things for free; I associated financial success with doing things that you didn't particularly want to do; in other words, you can't have fun and earn money, unless you are doing something illegal or making a fool of yourself somewhere, somehow. Needless to say, now that I am laying everything out like this, it seems obvious now that my thoughts did not support my desire, but it did not feel that way at the time. And I knew all about LOA back then.


One day, I decided "that's it!!!!". I decided to become more vigilant about how I thought about money. For a period of a few months, I would meditate every day; I would meditate for 15 minutes every morning and relax my body and my mind, then I would think about my ideal financial experience. I imagined what it would be like to have a fun relationship with money. I saw myself at the ATM feeling really good as I observed my bank balance and withdrew cash. I saw myself buying groceries and enjoying paying for them as I felt appreciation at the till. 

And after a while, something happened.

I found myself becoming a bit more sensitive to my thoughts on the subject. I CAUGHT myself one day, as I was preparing to go to the supermarket, thinking about how much I had to spend and how tricky it was going to be to use it to get all I wanted. And I stopped. I took my jacket and my shoes off, sat down and decided I won't go to the store until I felt differently about this. It did help that I had time to do this of course and that I wasn't in desperate need to get what I wanted from the store. But that is what I did. I sat down and closed my eyes and tried to relax. I had meditated enough now to know that I didn't have to try to release the thought, just the feeling of tension in my body. I sat breathing deeply for a while and soon enough, the knot in my stomach released and I relaxed. Straight away, the thought shifted. I thought instead, "well done. you are addressing the way you think and feel on this subject. That alone is enough to feel good about". I thought about how much great diversity there are in supermarkets and felt appreciation for that. I appreciated my thoughtfulness, my willingness. And I got up and decided to call and chat to a friend instead. Later that day, I went to the supermarket and found one of the items I wanted on sale. It wasn't the biggest deal in the world, but I took it as an excuse to feel more appreciation. I walked out of the shop with my purchases, high as a kite.

A few days later, feeling full of beans, I went to the store. I decided I would only buy something if it felt good to buy it. By then, I was on a roll. I was getting good at teaching myself to feel better about money and spending. As I walked in, there was a huge display of books on sale. Buy one get the other free. I saw a book that I had wanted to read for years amongst them, so I bought it with one other book. It felt good. I put the book by my bed and proceeded not to read it. A couple of weeks later, my phone rang and it was a company wondering whether I would be interested in working with them on a project they were doing. I give you one guess what it was about. Indeed. It was to be based on the very book beside my bed. Well, of course I read it cover to cover. The rest was history. It was one of the most amazing projects I've worked on and led to many more projects and a lot more fun spending lol.

I have condensed things down a bit. It reads as a paragraph, but this took place over months - from the day I started deliberately addressing my thoughts. It took time, dedication and practice to literally RE-WIRE my mind to think differently. How things have changed since then! I deal with a lot more money now, but still find myself having to re-wire a bit. The amount might be 25,000 instead of 25, but the principles are still the same. Plant the thoughts and the seeds will grow.

The universe has perfect balance and synchronicity. And when you are free of resistance and open, your rhythm will fall in line with the universe's and you will start to inspire experiences that will seem like coincidences but are just you tapping into the synchronicity and perfect balance that exists. What's wonderful is that it is all available for you to have fun with. If you so choose.

I wish you wellbeing.


Thank you for sharing this. Exactly. I started playing I Can Afford That game and it works wonderfully. Now I will add your advice too. Sometimes it might come in different way, than we expect though. I was really thankful for our car, and appreciated the comfort very often, and now my car has a serious problem. Well, nothing is serious, life is a game, but you know, what I mean. But it looks like I will be getting a better car now, because of it, so it still was a blessing. And I got to exercise so much more now, because I walk a lot. :)

  I also, when we see people being wealthy (or healthy, or having anything we want to have), if we feel jealous, then we are still not close. If we feel their blessing, and enjoy it, then we are close. So I appreciate, whenever I get a chance, people buying delicious healthy food, energetically running, laughing, walking sweet dogs. Basically I love their joy. And when I see them not being happy, I think "they will find their way", "they have wonderful inner guidance".

Yes I am learning to be more positive when I see others doing well, having a great day, seeing couples hold hands etc


Wow! God Bless you for this wonderful post Shembu- so beautifully explained - like always :).

I hope you are doing well and that you return to PI soon - you are missed!!:)

Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words!!!

I'm always around, even when it seems I'm not!

Hope all is well with you and you're enjoying even bigger manifesting sprees!

Warm Regards,


Nice post :)

It's all about momentum and finding little things like that to keep the momentum... if that's the word. You probably get what I mean.

You're in my group, so you already know what I'm going to say.... :P.  I don't view time as being linear at all. For me all moments in time exist simultaneously and whatever you are not experiencing in the present moment (be it past or future) exists as a quantum wave of potential within the zero point field. "Acting as though you already have it", is therefore a matter of "superimposing" the new condition over the old.

Quantum experiments are showing retrocausality (events preceding their cause). Our minds are capable of influencing time on a macro scale :D, so when you decide to take the "shortcut through the woods", it throws everything related to cause and effect out the window.  Simply put: You are an eternal being (like Shembu says). Therefore the "you" that "already has it" already exists! Likewise the "thing" you want ALREADY exists. All you have to do is "pull it out of the zero point field"

Good posts.  I don't have any major successes yet, but sometimes I wear a cheap (fake) wedding ring set I got from Walmart.  I wear it on my left ring finger when Im alone or running errands sometimes to imagine that the ring represents someone to whom Im engaged or married.

Today I have decided that I will buy shoes that I want to wear on my wedding day and also  some gold things that I want to wear :D

But what to do to manifest kids ?

And managerial position?

Great relationship with my man?

If buying things help you get your thinking in place you could buy baby clothes for your kids, write cheques for your managerial salary and buy a gift for your beloved.

Ultimately you still have to get to the feeling place of what you want. Personally, I'd save my money and just practice the feeling place of what I want, because that is what I will have to do anyway; and my thoughts can go much further. But whatever works for you works.
I attracted my husband .For many years I spoke to my friend as if I got a boyfriend with all the qualities I needed. I spoke to her in such way that she beleive all my stories. When I explain her about my boyfriend I felt good. I felt I'm in reality. I felt everything about him. Finally one day he came to me in real.


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