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Still stunned. Had completely given up. Thought he had moved on with another woman. He asked to talk last week.. Tears etc. Unfortunately I wasn't specific enough with the universe. I got everything I actually wanted, tears, serious intention from him. Then a couple days later I find out he's still drinking (he lost me, kids, hse over this). 

I had assumed he was still sober and with AA. 

More tweaking and hoponnno for his addiction. 


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its awesome when the outside starts reflecting all our inner work! 

Why not focus on someone new?

Because I still love him and we have children together. I hate the shared care arrangement. It's so hard at the holidays. This is not how things were meant to be.

Mona , I am sure you know your stuff well. I’d like to suggest you tweak the way you speak and therefore how you feel about it. I cannot really read your feelings so I am just guessing here . Sorry if I am wrong.

As a deliberate creator, I think we must know things are never meant to be a certain way. 

Instead say, “I am the only person creating my reality, I created all the circumstances so far including my relationship,marriage, kids and these issues. It’s alright, I accept it. What next? What would make me happier? I prefer it to be a little different and choose it to be that way because it brings me a lot of joy . “

Having children together must not be a reason to love someone but loving the idea of being in love with the father of your children so you all live together happily is great. Holidays would be a great time to celebrate this togetherness. 

Does this version feel different to you? There is a lot of ease and power and fun and love and abundance in this version. 

I have used LOA in several situations where I was too afraid of the outcome and wanted a safer outcome instead. I had several successes , I manifested great apartments and opportunities and friends in a very short time. But I stayed in this place of fear and desperate action . I wanted to force things to work, I feared loneliness , I feared disappointment , I feared being a failure in the eyes of the society. Slight fear is fine just that it shouldn’t be the force ruling your life. In my case I had to reconnect with my ‘why’s’ , the biggest why being that I was doing this to reach for greater happiness. I had to reconnect with my faith in the abundance of this universe . 

Idk about you but my mother almost always slips into negative thinking whenever it concerns her children. I guess it’s our primitive instincts kicking in. If I don’t answer the phone for a long time she starts imagining all kinds of unwanted situations. When I tell her that her worries could rather harm me than help me she says - you won’t know until you become a mother! I don’t blame her, she isnt an LOA person. 


How did you attract him back? What specific steps did you use?
Eh.. Few different things. I did hoponnno couple times a day (15mins each time),to forgive myself for my part in our relationship issues. Had a mind movie for us being together again. I have a weird way of visualisation.. I actually pretend to call my mom or a friend and tell her what's happened... Before it comes to pass. This always works for me. I don't get hung up on details. Takes a few trial runs before I believe it myself.. Then I can work up my emotions. I'm currently doing the same but for his addiction issues.. And a self love.

Hi, for attracting him back.. Well I wasn't actively trying to. I was just forgiving myself for my part in our marriage failure. I just did the 'I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you'. I did it a 2-3 times a day. Just until I felt a shift. It reminds me of EFT. Now for the addiction part I'm just doing the same thing. On doing that clearing I had a horrible realisation that I hated alcoholics and was furious with them all. Duh! The day after that clearing I sat with a homeless lady who I knew was a meth addict, bought her a coffee and just asked could I spend some time with her. I just felt compassion. I just wanted to connect to her... Past her addiction. I'm going to keep clearing. Sometimes it feels like sweeping under an eternal Autumn tree but sure what else can I do but grow?


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