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Having this time off from working has helped me a bit, but now, I'm really getting nervous in terms of severance/health insurance running out. Some of the listings I see are shocking - a master's plus a number of experience for a part-time job with no benefits????? That stuns me. Anyways, I have a particular position I want - unfortunately, it has not been listed or materialized. There are times I am convinced that I AM in this job, it's mine, I shouldn't worry. Then, the outside world comes in: my dad is on me about job searching, people asking all the time how the search is going and why don't I have a job yet, when am I going to go on unemployment, and it scares me. Scares me that my job isn't here yet. I try to think of it as a package being delivered to me for a birthday or Christmas, but I still get anxious. I have a good dose of anxiety and depression on top of this for other reasons. I did some practicing and generally asked for a red balloon. And yes, I did get it - unfortunately, through ads for "IT" and I HATE horror movies, especially that one LOL. I take time during the day to clear my mind, but sometimes, it fills right back up. How have you totally focused on your intention, made it happen, shut out and dropped the resistance?

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Hi Leeanne, whenever we get stuck in a habit of worry/anxiety/fear,  especially if it is something that is currently active in our vibration because there is a time restraint, it's very important to continue to practice releasing that emotion/feeling. 

the best thing to ask oneself is:  "do these thoughts of fear and worry help the situation at all?"  

The answer to that question 99 times out of 100 is a big FAT NO!  we have to stand strong in our KNOWINGNESS of what we deserve and our KNOWINGNESS that the Universe delivers to us exactly the things that we desire from the heart.  do your best to just HOLD the feeling of peace..it sounds like there are times during the day that you DO feel aligned with your desired outcome.  the important thing to do is to milk those moments as best you can and to deflect those moments and CLEAR those moments of fear and doubt EACH time they come.  And they will come, over and over again but as you practice releasing them OVER AND OVER again, you will become so good at releasing those fears and doubts that after a while, as soon as they come, you are neurologically wired to release them immediately due to new habits.  Here is a video I made describing the exact process I use to 

1.  acknowledge that whatever doubt or fear we have is useless so that we may offload it

2. make an intention to let it go

3. let it go

4. think of something you're grateful for instead OR focus on feeling the feelings of having what you desire 

this process has helped me immensely in healing my body, manifesting abundance etc.  i literally work 10 hours a month and make a six figure income.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you have : )

love and light,



I’ll have to watch that video a bit later- phone battery life...... Right now, I’m at about 65/35 in terms of belief. I heavily struggle with letting it go - my head says if you don’t think about it, you won’t get it. And that’s scary. 

Leeanne said: "I heavily struggle with letting it go - my head says if you don’t think about it, you won’t get it. And that’s scary."

On one hand, you believe that you create your own reality, which is why you're consciously interested in LOA. Because you can imagine an awesome reality. On the other hand, you can't stop ruminating over a reality that you believe will totally suck (no health insurance, no job). You're scared about what is manifesting right now (nothing) and what you'll be manifesting in the future (more nothing, which might lead to less of what you now have). You're scared because you recognize your own power but also recognize that you're not using it in the direction you'd like to. 

If you don't face the fear, your future will always be a future to fear...you might finally get your dream job, but you'll still just be anxious about losing it, or that something else will go wrong, etc. 

So embrace your scary 'beliefs'. No time like the present. Remember, if there is truth, if it exists, then anything that is not true is just an illusion, and therefore not something to fear. Truth needs absolutely no propping up, it has no opposite, so any 'belief' is just an illusion to begin with. So face the scary beliefs! 

Your scary belief in this case: "If I don't think about it, I won't get it. That means if I do think about it, I will get it. But I can't stop thinking about crap that I don't want to happen. So that means that this crap I keep thinking about is probably going to happen."

Sit with your belief and feel the truthfulness of it...for you. Also feel yourself fight it's truthfulness. Watch conflicting thoughts compete with each other for dominance.  Feel the belief. Is your mind panicking? Are you feeling crazy and resistant and defensive? Do you feel grief? Give all the feelings all the attention you can, but like a curious bystander watching a bunch of insane people run amok. 

You already have the belief. You already believe it. The cognitive dissonance is because you won't accept that you believe it. You won't align with your belief. If you were aligned with the horrible belief, it wouldn't feel horrible or scary at all. If you were aligned with your positive LOA belief, it would just feel good and you wouldn't have anxiety. The fact that you feel horrible is your clue that you are ready to level up and not believe something anymore. But you cannot stop believing it until you truly understand what you're believing. Like you can't have a clean closet until you open it up and start clearing the mess away. 

When you face yourself (your beliefs) fully, the anxiety and fear goes away. Then your reality begins to change. Once you are done with anxiety and fear, it's much easier to move within the higher vibrational realms. There's nothing outside of you that's scary. It's only scary on the inside, and luckily, that's where all your power is. 

and that is just it isn't it?  somehow, we all believe that in some way, shape or form - fear helps us.  it's as if we believe that if we are scared enough about something, a magical solution will pop into our reality when in fact when we are IN fear, that fear IS the reality we experience in the present moment.  if you understand the law of attraction well enough, you will understand how things are created through imagining them first.  so then, if we are in fear, we are focusing on what we DON'T want and are beginning to attract that into our reality.

for example - right now, i have a pain in my neck.  that's my current "reality", not to say that the reality is not very real right now but i have a choice to just accept the pain right now and find something else to focus on, such as something that brings me gratitude..or focus on my breath, OR i can choose to entertain fear thoughts of what's happening in my neck and why my neck is hurting.  none of those ruminations of why my neck is hurting actually do any good - i can guess all i want but what is it REALLY doing to address the situation.  perhaps, i can go to a doctor and get an xray, mri, whatever OR i can choose to do yoga to alleviate the pain OR i can choose to meditate and breathe deeply so i can relax my muscles and naturally heal the condition over time (which is what i've done for countless conditions in my body of dis-ease) OR i can choose to go get a massage -  all of which are much more useful than just entertaining fear thoughts.  when you realize that fear is completely useless and not only clouds your judgement and fills your head with so much useless thoughts that a proper solutiong from Divine Source cannot enter AND that the things you fear, you actually manifest...NOW you have all the reason in the world to drop that fear.  i can't explain it all in writing here but this is a portion of the video i made, which is about 12 minutes long - a bit too long for me to write all out but you get the general idea.  

Exactly Jason!

i think that when we have so much resistance in manifesting something like a job we may have some worthiness issues..that's why you probably just need to feel a bit more confident. here are some words for you by a really magical coach:






Anyways, I have a particular position I want - unfortunately, it has not been listed or materialized. 

Do not wait for it to be listed; apply for it anyway. In the cover letter, state that you are interested in this particular job, and would very much like the opportunity for an interview, should a new vacancy arise. Do this for all companies or organizations you might potentially be interested in working for. When you write the letter, state your purpose in straightforward terms, with no apologies or equivocal language.

Most importantly: do it without the expectation that anything will come of it right away. You are planting a seed, which may take time to germinate. When gardeners put seeds in the ground, they don't lie in bed at night fretting over whether they will sprout, or keep turning over the soil to check on their progress. They let the process unfold naturally, as they go about doing other things. Manifestation is the same. 

The purpose of sending your CV and a cover letter for a job that appears not to exist is twofold: it informs prospective employers of your interest, which creates a channel through which the job you want can more easily manifest; and it makes a firm vibrational statement that you intend to have this job. 

To take direct action toward getting what you want, or inform influential others of your desire, is a powerful statement of intent. There is an unfortunate tendency around here to deny the importance of physical action in manifestation, which I consider rubbish. We live in a physical world, and play within its rules and limitations. While miracles do happen, in mundane affairs it is generally best to help them along, to clear a way for them to occur, when you have a means to do so.

Also, to take action feels risky and uncomfortable, that means there is an unaddressed fear that is holding you back. To recognize that fear, act in spite of it, and come out the other side of it unscathed, or perhaps even with something you want, is very empowering, and raises your vibration. Passively sitting and waiting, hoping a risk-free means of it materializing will fall from the sky, and worrying about whether it will come, is very disempowering, and will keep you in a low vibratory state.      

I agree with you on this, however physical action must come from a place of alignment. When we’re aligned, the amount of action we need to take is drastically reduced. For example, I have a six figure income but I work around 10 hours a month. 95% of my business comes in when I meditate on it. For me, the action of alignment IS most of what I do. As a musician, I can spend an entire day in the studio,while not aligned, and bang my head trying to figure out ideas and end up scrapping everything I came up with the next day because it came from mind whereas I will be walking at the beach, completely in the present moment and all of a sudden, an entire song comes to me or I am meditating and a whole song idea comes to me and I spend 2-3 hours in the studio and I absolutely love it. This is the difference between action taken from alignment and out of alignment. In order to get into alignment, ALL gear must be offloaded which is my point in my previous post. Namaste, love and light

I do agree- I do, however, feel submitting my resume for unlisted jobs is a major risk. Many places make it very clear that is not acceptable and will not look at resumes submitted in this way. So I really feel it would be counterproductive 

“Clearing the way” for me, is ALWAYS clearing my mind of any obstacles first. Then the path is shown to me one way or another.
Whatever action you take, do your best to get into alignment with your desired outcome if it FIRST. Otherwise, it is a crap shoot!
If you don’t feel good about your action, either don’t do it at all or get into alignment about it first. Whatever action you take must feel good in order for the universe to back you up.


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