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Does God exist?
This is not a debatable point, for it is like the waves talking to each other does Ocean exist?
If the existence exists, if the consciousness exists, if the ecstatic joy exists, then know that the sum total of it all is what God is. It is a human fallacy to try to define God.Let the questioner not waste time which is the most priceless gift, in trying to find a good definition of God, but dwell deep in meditation and seek not the answer, but the intuitive feel of That.One who has the eye, can see God in the leaves, in the clouds, in the stars, nay even in each and every particle of sand on the beach.

The saints and sages who realized God became childlike and served humanity with unconditional love to share their intense love for all that is.

Lots of love and blessings to all of you, and to all that is,

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We are God's self exploring self. Our awareness is God's awareness and we lose track of that when we believe we are separate from the source.
I know God is within me & everywhere ......:D
I am awe-inspired KNOWING his arms are always around me!
I think that we really get hung up on the word (and the images that are wrapped around the word) "God." What Wilbur was trying to do in this video is to break loose from the concepts of God in order to experience what the Divine Essential Reality really is, no matter what name we call it.

here is part of the statement of belief that I developed for the ministry that I am embarking on, as it speaks to the question raised here.

--The One is God, Allah, G-d, Tao, Brahma, Universe, Love, Light, Life, Source, Joy, Truth, Divine Intelligence and Power.
--The One is beyond any name that we could give.
--The One is beyond any religious institution used to approach It and beyond any dogma used to understand it. Even so, our feeble attempts bless those who commit to the study of the observable One, as we come to know that:
--The One is the Highest Good that we can ever know and is beyond even that.
--The One is All There Is.
--The One is beyond Real, it is Reality Itself.
--The One not only exists but is Existence Itself.
--The One not only gives Life, but IS Life.
--The One not only loves, but IS Love Itself.
--The One not only is aware, but is the Sum Total of all Awareness.
--The One is not only powerful, but is the Sum Total of all Power.
--The One, being eternal, exists beyond space and time.
--The One is not only present somewhere above the clouds, but is fully present everywhere at all times.
--Therefore, we all live within the One and the One lives within us all. The One exists within each breath, within each heartbeat, within each thought, if we but choose to see it and acknowledge it.
What a wonderful ministry it will be! Have had the pleasure of reading many of your thoughts Seamus and can only be happy for all the lives you will touch on your journey.....Thank you!

Let's fully understand what the Law really says: Consciousness creates. Not just God, or just the artist or the musician, but Consciousness (with a cap C). It's not an "either/or" thing, but everything creates from the level of its own consciousness.

Since we are conscious and we are in a lineage of consciousness from the One Consciousness, then yes, at some point in our evolution, our consciousness begain to use the same Law to begin our own creations. As we continue to evolve in consciousness (by seeing what we have created) we will continue to evolve what we create. As our consciousness becomes clearer, we'll no longer create from disharmony (which makes poverty, disease and war) and we'll start creating from peace, beauty, love and goodness, within us, all using the same Law as always.
God is everything there is, always has been, and always will be!
Hugs :))
Great one! Lovely words! And beautiful post Baba


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