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Hello everyone,

Around a week and a half, my boyfriend came back. It was really beautiful, we were both really happy. He told me that we'd go on a little "trial week" and if by the end of it, everything was okay, we could get back together.

Nearing the end of the week, he said he'll give it another week just to be sure. That scared me quite a bit, and I got a bit out of hand and couldn't control my thoughts very well. Two days ago, I asked him if he's sure that I did nothing wrong and he's certain he wants to be here, and he reacted by getting irritated with me and saying that he "Could've just let the concerned side of him take over" and told me that I was acting like another week to "prove how much you've apparently changed" was the worst thing to happen to me.

I didn't argue back, I only apologized and said that it's not what I meant, trying to be amicable.

At first, as he told me, he was only partly upset. But then when he realized "it took me less than 10 days to upset him," he got even more mad. He yelled at me and cussed me out, then at around 3 AM I woke and he left a message saying:

"I'll probably be back in a week or two, when I've calmed down.
You've set me off and shattered my faith for us."

Right now, I'm trying to stay positive and visualise his return. The positive signs so far are that he kept me in all his contacts, he just isn't talking to me, and also that he said that he will be back when he calms down. I'm trying to focus only on that. 

I know what I did wrong. I came into it with good intentions and positivity, and suddenly when I hit a bump, I stumbled and struggled to get back up properly, walking the line between negative and positive thinking, sending mixed signals to the universe.

Right now, I'm doing all I can to make it clear what I want. I'm staying positive, and I can see the universe giving me good signs. This time, things will be just fine.


The night of him sending this message, I had a peculiar dream about me standing in my bedroom when it suddenly started to snow, indoors. I was completely stunned, but pleasantly so. I was in total awe and I felt quite happy.

The last time I dreamt of snow was only a few days before my boyfriend returned. If anyone could lend a hand or just spare a few words, I'd greatly appreciate it.

With kind regards, love and positivity,


PS: I would like to apologize to three people who sent me friend requests. I didn't see them at first, but I've accepted them now and if any of you need to chat, I'll try to reply, it may just take some time <3

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Hi Theresa. I wish you all the very best and hope you find out what you really want and get it all. I just have one question for you. And i don't need an answer, just something I'd like you and every single person on this forum or otherwise to think about. 

Do you really honestly want to be with someone who wants to "try you on for a week or two" and thinks completely from their side only ("it look only 10 days for you to upset ME)? Don't you deserve someone who's completely sure about you and is willing to risk it with you even if you 'upset' them once in a while? Are you really ready to walk on a wire like that worrying about upsetting them and being 'amicable' for the rest of your life?

As i said i don't need an answer. Just want to think about it and whatever the answer may be, it's YOUR choice and yours only to make. As for me, I believe you're worth more. I believe we're all worth being loved even if we're not so lovable at times. This goes both way ofcourse.

I hope you get everything you deserve. Blessings and love.  


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