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My last 2 days have been awesome.

What i'm trying to tell you is that the most you believe the faster the universe speaks to you and responds to your question.

I have seen it thousands of times that 2 weeks.

I ask something believe i'll get it and forget about it.

And then when i'll have to take my answer or my sign i have noticed something interesting.

I feel an electricity in my head and my head turns to see what it has to see.

It happens always.

If i don't feel that electricity i don't do nothing.




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For me i see that everyday i get my response faster.
5-6 days ago i asked about my future and i felt that electricity at the very same moment. At my right 3 seconds later i saw a man with a new york t-shirt.
It's a huge story.
Read also the ac dc thing
All these figuring out happened in only 16 hours.
You always make me smile ;o)
I love reading your post & you give me hope. I think a lot of us forget to look for the signs & expect it to just happen. Its great how you get that feeling of electricity, you have really come a long way.
I know you will go all the way with this ;D
I have asked from the universe for that electricity thing so i can know it's the sign i'm looking for.

Yes, the Universe speaks to us all the time using all sorts of ways.  A lot of them though are dismissed as 'just a coincidence' but there isn't really any such thing.  The next time you see or hear something which makes you sit up and take notice, ask yourself " What have I been thinking about lately?  What has been on my mind lately?  Is this referring to it?  What message is it telling me? "

For instance, I overheard a conversation about exam results in Sainsbury's, and one of the people said the very A-Level grades I got, and what my future degree classification would be.  That was the a Universe telling me the near-future I had created for myself, just before I say my final exams.

Years ago, I had been invited out on a lads' night out on a Saturday, and I was very nervous about it.  I was thinking that it could be quite a self-esteem test for me, and that I could be everyone else's Patsy for the second time in two weeks.  However, I had a dream in the week beforehand in which the Euro-dance song 'Saturday Night' by Whigfield was playing in the background.  I often dream in snippets of song lyrics, and the one which repeated over and over again was " its party time, oh it's party time, oh it's party time..... "  I took this to be a sign that Saturday night wouldn't be a self-esteem test, it would be party time, and it certainly was!  As I was getting ready, I had the radio on, and the song playing was 'He's The Greatest Dancer,' by Sister Sledge, and I took this to be a reference to how my night would pan out - and that's exactly what happened!

That was an example of the Universe using its signs to reassure me, but it can also use them for warning.  It may show you through a dream or something, how a certain situation will pan out if your current energies and thoughts stay the same (in that case, modify them). It can also use signs to warn you away from trouble.  For instance, a few years ago, I went out for a night walk and my neighbour passed in the car and told me to be careful.  I thought that was a sign, so I was on the look out for any possible trouble (muggers, drunks etc) which could come my way (not that much ever does in my local area). Part way through, I thought about going up a certain alley way, and then remembered her warning, so thought better of it.  A couple of weeks later, I read in the paper, that someone had been mugged in that alleyway that night, so I believe that was the Universe using my neighbour to take care of me. 

It it uses so many different ways to get messages to you: newspaper articles, advertising slogans, song lyrics, dreams, conversations you overhear, things people tell you, the experiences of others, plots in films or TV programmes etc, the list is endless.  If you are open to receiving, it send out a message to the Universe that you are willing to listen, and then it will send you messages and signs which get ever-clearer. 

The Universe can sometimes literally speak to you, and may do this through angels or dreams. A few years ago I was in bed, and was dreaming about the Sean Paul song ‘We Be Burning.’  I woke up feeling really hot, and then realised that a glitch had caused the central heating to come on, at a higher temperature than normal.  A few weeks ago, I was concerned about the effect of lockdown and possible job loss.  I fell asleep one night and had a jumbled dream. I can’t really remember much of it, apart from the words “ Granny’s helping you, Granny’s looking after you, “ which I took to mean that my grandmother (one of my spirit guided) was making sure that I stayed in work. This has proved to be the case too. 


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