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Hey everyone, here's a questions I have on my mind,

how do you guys feel about crying? Is it counterproductive? sometimes i just feel like crying and letting out emotions. I sometimes feel better afterwards. or cry myself to sleep.

is this such a bad thing?

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Thanks for your comments everyone! i guess the trick is to cry, let it out, AND feel your way back to goodness, instead of dwelling there.
sometimes the urge to cry comes out of nowhere for me. and I battle with myself, should i let it out? or should i tell myself something to make myself feel better?
Either way, i wonder if that was a good decision.
Let it out. sing it out. then laugh....
Sometimes when you cry out of nowhere it is totally appropriate. My teacher called that "crying for the world wound". I will weep at stupid commercials that move me or kid's movies that touch my soul.

I think the problem is that many people believe crying is negative. I don't at all. While watching the incredibly silly movie "Beverly Hills Chihauhua" with my son, I found myself crying at the end of it. My 7 year old looks at me and he has tears in his eyes too. Crying is about willing to accept the feeling you are experiencing without judgement, whether it be sadness, grief or joy.

It was a good decision. Sometimes out bodies just need to release old emotion that may never have a memory or cognitive scene to relate to it.
OMG, i'm the biggest cry baby on earth,lol!

I really, really think that sadness, pain, hurt,... have to come out. It is totally insane and unhealthy to keep your emotions inside. Every time i have a good cry, i feel so light and free.

when you feel your emotions your alive!
Crying is cleansing. Sometimes we need to let out the emotions so they can flow outwards and out. Nothing like a good cry to release and move our emotions back into a positive state of mind. I think not crying when we are feeling like it is a bad thing. Our emotions aren't bad they help us to see what needs to be worked on. I believe life is all about balance...excepting and loving all of our emotions helps us get into a more positive state or mine.

WOW, you have rec'd some great feedback here. One thing that I thought about even before reading your post and the replies was about laughing while crying. Have you ever had this experience? WOW, that is one of the best. It is a serious stress reliever. So find something that can push you over the edge so far that it causes you to cry. That is also a great way to keep you in line with feeling good and releasing negative emotions at the same time.
This is an awesome thread, Cynthia. I have some questions for you guys too though, if you don't mind. :)

Doesn't crying send out negative vibes?

I admit, I've been a big cry baby these past few days. I've had breakdowns more times than I'm willing to admit. And I feel awful about that. I would have cried more if I didn't try to control myself each minute. But sometimes, when it gets too much for me, I just can't help but let the feelings out. And while I'm crying, I berate myself for being so weak and for giving in.

But.. after a few minutes of crying my eyes out and cursing myself, I realize I do feel a lot better. I feel freer. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I realize that I can smile again. That I should not give up, even though I keep promising myself while crying that I should. That this is the end. That it's not/never gonna happen for me. That the universe is so cruel. (Yes, I feel so darn awful when I get to the point where I blame everyone else.)

But despite the good feelings that I get after I've calmed down, I start feeling awful again because I remember how evil I am. And I am trying to learn how to forgive myself and be better and kinder to myself. But my worry creeps up that by saying and thinking all those things before, will I attract more of those evil and awful things?

What do you guys think? I believe that crying is therapeutic, but will it damage your chances to receive what you asked for sooner?

The thing with that is: I feel like if I negate my wishes from coming true when I cry, then doesn't that mean I should NEVER cry? :-/


I believe it causes allowing due to the idea of surrender being the state when one is crying.


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