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How do you learn to listen to it more? Instinctively for every decision I have ever made I always think about the pros and cons giving myself at least two possible outcomes but I was wondering how can you develop your intution better so you know what choice is best for you?  Or also when you might have a feeling but not quite sure what it is, how can you develop a way to listen to your own intitution or recognize when you should act on your feelings?

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Great advice,

The thing is I always second guess this feeling. Before I started coming to this sight I was a little bit more of a negative person and when I had a bad feeling I would just chalk it up to the way I look at things. So, I would turn to other people to talk things through. It seemed to work 50/50. Half of the time when I went ahead even though I had the bad feeling, things would be great and amazing and I wondered why I was even apprehensive in the first place. The other half things would be like I feared and I wished that I had listened to that feeling.

Now on the other hand, the last few months I have made a complete transformation and am more of a positive seeker than a negative one. I finally realized that pessimism wasn't for me and that is a great feeling. Now last week, one day I had a super excited feeling all day and wasn't quite sure what it was and later that day I got a job offer!!
That is a very good point, even when we do make a decision that appears to be bad we seem to always learn something from that experience that will make us stronger or improve us. I said a post below about not listen to my gut about a job and loosing a friend during that time but I feel that that event had to happen in order for me to grow as an indvidual again. So, although the hurt from the situation was bad I really learned a lot and I think I have become a better person with a much more positive outlook!!

Lots of love,
I've read a few books on intuition and they recommended meditation, which makes sense. I need to work on this too, although I often notice my intuition, I often talk myself out of trusting it. I noticed this recently when I talked myself out of my intuitive feelings and did the "sensible" thing instead, I felt this feeling of dischord in my stomache and sure enough it turned out to be the wrong choice.
Always, always, ALWAYS trust your "little voice" -- it NEVER LIES! Everytime I've ignored my own, I've come to grief of some kind, and wished I would have listened.

The hard part is learning to RECOGNIZE that voice in the first place, so you know what it is you're listening to -- it's not the same for everyone, but generally you'll know it when you "feel" it tugging at you, or when you consider an action and feel a strong resistance to taking that action -- that's your higher self saying, "No! No! Go THIS way! THIS way!"
Thanks for the reply Pat,

I have made some mistakes in the past by ignoring this voice and I don't want to ever go down that road again. So, I am a little lost at how to Recognize it at times.
Every mistake I ever made with regards to relationships was when i didn't trust my "little voice". The problem is that if you are shy or nervous there is a much louder negative voice!
Thanks Suryacat for the reply,

That is my problem I have in the past been very good at talking myself out of listening to my intutive feelings. Now sometimes though I have found that I had nothing to worry about and things were great rather than doomed like I had anticipated. But sometimes I am right. So, I am trying to figure out when it is right and when it isn't?

Unfortnately, last fall I was making plans to visit a friend but just as a was about to finalize the plans I received a job offer for a very short term employment. My gut told me not to change my plans because it was more important for me to visit this friend than to have such a short term job. I voiced these concerns to my friend but he talked me into changing my plans and taking the job. Well it was the worst decision of my life, while there my life seemed to fall apart and this 'said' friend exited my life at the same time very suddenly and now we are no longer in contact. I believe that if I had of listened to my gut that I would still have a great relationship with this person but other people have said to this train of thought that "you don't know that things wouldn't have ended up this way". So now was it truly my gut instinct or did I bring on the horrible chain of events because I just believed that things were wrong?
I pay closer attention to the way I feel rather than reason. My pros and cons are more determined today by how happy something makes me feel.

We are all born with intuitive abilities, we just get so caught up in things outside ourselves that our intuitive natures goes kinda dormant and then we wonder why we can figure things out for ourselves anymore....

Be still, be quiet and turn inside.....

Thanks Awesome that's great advice. I guess I just have been ignoring that feeling for so long that I feel like I have lost the ability to listen to it sometimes but I really do want to. Do have any advice on figuring out when the way you feel is legit or just maybe being a little nervous.

You always have great advice
Test your intution with little things so you learn to hear that voice inside of you. For example, when you are standing in front of a bank of elevators, ask which one is going to open and listen for that voice inside of you. Try it with the little things so when the big things come about, you'll know you're voice.
You can also test it by asking yourself things that you know to be true and look for that "true feeling/gut feeling" inside of you. Often it's in your solar plexus area, hence trust your gut.
Thanks wolfcat I will give these things a try. I have dabble at simple tasks like this before and have not had much like with choosing the right one, I have never seemed to gotten it right is there anyway to make this better?

Speaking for the solar plexis area, the reason I originally posted this discussion was that all day I had a weird feeling in this area of my solar plexis and I'm trying to determine what is causing that sensation. My feeling is that someone is thinking about me but I don't know if this is only wishful thinking. Now last week from that area I had an excited feeling and on the same day I got a job offer.
Honestly, you just have to practice. One hit will lead to more, you just have to practice and trust. And, as Tolemac suggested, be aware of your surroundings.
When you meet someone, try to get an idea of their energy. Just see what you get. For example, I met this odd woman who everyone was a bit afraid of and all I got from her were bunnies and rainbows. I've never been afraid of her and we developed a great friendship.
There are also some fabulous books and websites. Remember, intuition is natural. We are all born with it. We just forget about it from time to time. Set your intention that you are going to release your natural intuition and live by your intuition.


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