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is this sentences the right way for happy/positive affirmations-"Can't Wait"

I want to run as to make sure of the sentences/affirmations. I know the law of attraction rules as if you don't want something, you are attracting to something you don't want. For example, my ex won't talk to me, it will attract that my ex won't talk to me. 

But I wonder for the sentence " I can't wait" it comes in excited way--"I can't wait to see my parents, I can't wait to go on vacation, I can't wait to have a slim body, I can't wait for good things to happen. I can't wait to marry the man of my dream, etc, etc 

can't wait---I know the word "can't, don't, attracts negatively, but what about "can't wait as in can't wait for good things to happen, etc,--does "can't wait" sends negative message to universe or positive message to the universe?

"can't wait" is more of an expression of eager in excited way. I want to use that as affirmations. Your thoughts on this? 

What about "could not wait" simiar as can't wait--for some reason, when I say these, it sounds more excited for me to say those as in happy way. 


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To me "can't wait" sounds like you're imagining it happening in the future.  You don't want to push your desire off into the future because then it will never happen.  Why not say something like "I get to see my parents", "I get to go on a vacation", "I'm getting slimmer".  And imagine and feel what it feels like to have those things as you say your affirmations. 

Thank you for your feedback. It's very helpful. I just want to make sure to do the right affirmations but in more of excited way. I can start like I am getting skinny. I am very excited to be skinny soon--something like that. just ideas 


Well your post above reminded me of an affirmation.  It sounds a bit contrary but say this:


I don’t want to be skinny” 10 times and see how you feel.  Seriously try it out and see how you feel.  I’ll explain moreso why it works below.


“want” is a word that reflects energy.  Prior to the dictionaries being rewritten in 1927, the word “want” meant “to lack”.  So when we say “I want xyz” we are often (without realising) energetically saying “I lack xyz”.  So the universe hears “I lack” and then is powerless to go against us in delivering what we think we desire.  So with that knowledge know, you should look at when you use the word “want” – is it actually delivering the results you desire.  For most people they recognise it isn’t.  So with the affirmation above “I don’t want” means “I do not lack of” and so, logically it seems to be contradictory to what we want at first glance, but when you look at the energy underneath we are saying “I do not lack of be skinny”.  So the universe hears “I am skinny” and “I do not lack of” and thus that focus works to produce some amazing results.  Same is true with money “I don’t want more money” means “I don’t lack of more money” and so the universe hears that and responds.   Now it takes time and practice in using that, but did you notice when you said the “I don’t want to be skinny” you felt strangely good – even though at first glance it seems contradictory. 

if the sentence "I want to be skinny, etc" seems to be wrong, but when you say, I don't want to be skinny, the universe responses? why it was't mentioned before in the LOA etc.. My understanding is that "don't want" means lack what you want. 

I don't want new car, I don't want new home----will it response that I will get a new car, I will get new home?

Is it how it work?

Thanks so much for your response

Well if you think logically, the sentence “I want to be skinny” energetically means “I lack of being skinny” you can see you are getting exactly what you ask for.  Its not so much the words but the energy underneath them that works moreso.  And these are words we all use a lot without realising their actual meaning.  Its not to say you can’t use the word “want” and not get what you desire, because you can and will if you are putting the emotions and energy into it.  However for most of us, when we use the word “want” we don’t use the energy required to create them, so it’s a simple basis to use and pay attention to.

Now you say “why it wasn’t mentioned before in the LOA”.  The thing is that it is addressed but not understood.  So they don’t put it in plain English like I am doing. 

Did you try the “I don’t want to be skinny” and notice how you felt after saying it – almost everyone I show this test to – feels good afterwards.  You can even do it with money, “ I don’t want more money” and it feels good to say it and you feel a kind of shift afterwards.  Now it doesn’t always fit, for some people who are in desperate need of money – trying to convince them to say it, their minds interrupt the process, but if you look at the emotions underneath you can usually feel its subtle but distinct. 

Its one of those things you have to try and see what results it provides for you before you can understand the logic behind it, but its also offering no resistance to what you desire showing up both in words and energy wise, so its making you in alignment with that which you desire.  

Thank you!!! I'll give a try.

Right now I need to focus on getting better first as I have been dealing with mental issues--which came out of nowhere and wanting to get to my old self. Will post on this.  Hopefully universe help me with this then I'll get back to myself then I'll do the affirmations you mentioned above. 

God bless! Thank you 

Hi Chloe

Sure and don't worry.  I think this information always shows up when we need it and this is an exciting adventure for you.  Note, you don't want to get back to "your old" self as even though at the moment this was a time you felt better, it may not be the wisest or best order for you as you now have knowledge and appreciation that you didn't previously have.  I have posted on the other thread for you with some suggestions.

"I am very excited to be skinny soon" also sounds like you're imagining it in the future because you're using the word "soon" as in not now. 

If you say "I don't want to be skinny" it's going to be harder to impress that onto the subconscious mind because it knows you don't believe that to be true. 

How about wording it like this:  "It feels wonderful to be skinny", or "it feels wonderful to be thin".  This is something the subconscious will agree with because you're not saying that you're skinny, you're just saying that it feels good to be skinny.  And as you say it over and over it will help you to feel it as if it were so.  It will help you focus upon feeling thin and wonderful. 

If you say "I don't want to be skinny" it's going to be harder to impress that onto the subconscious mind because it knows you don't believe that to be true. 

It actually isn't so, and in fact it is working with the subconscious on the energetic as well as level of language and energy meaning of the words as previously described.  The subconscious doesn't need to be impressed, it takes in everything more than our conscious mind, however the conscious mind likes to think its director whereas often its the subconscious that is so.  If you look at the original meaning and energy behind the words of "I don't want to be skinny" you can see that it actually means "I don't lack of being skinny" and whats moreso is that if you say it and feel good that is a result in and of itself that is a guide to why and how it works, although ultimately physical results are proof so my original advice was to the OP to simply try it out and see how they feel. 

We can discuss the intellectual viewpoint for an eternity, but the real results will speak for themselves and to try to logicalise it will not help the OP. 


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