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I have been thinking for a while that I need to write a list of all the things I want to achieve in life so that I can focus on manifesting all I need for the best life I could think of. Now that I have sat down to think about it I'm really not sure. We can all think of the main big things... perfect partner, dream car, gorgeous house, lots of holidays, great looks and body, good health etc, but to define all the personal details and be more specific what questions do you ask yourself ?

How can you visualise your life ahead when you're not entirely sure how you want it to be. It's all about getting to know yourself and what makes you completely happy within.

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Thanks for your replies guys... I'm sure I read something about this in the 'Ask and it is Given' book. I'll give it another go.
Agreed Ecstasy - I will leave more things up to the universe to make my decisions for the best way forward. What's the best way to do this though ? I sometimes think that if I sit down and kind of talk out loud that it's not enough.. do you think it's best to write it down, or focus on these things more in meditations or write down affirmations ?
Shaun.. I'm right with you on the manifesting my perfect partner, but now I think I've been focussing in it for so long that I need to turn my mind to other things in my life. Let the universe do what has to be done and bring my partner to me.. I'll still be focussing on it but I want to look at the whole picture. One thing I want to manifest is to have more time to myself to do all these things !!
I've always believed that the Source knows everything.

We wish for something, let it go, and we carry on with our lives, everyday our visions change and our dreams evolve.
In the big picture, the Source knows exactly what we want (given any point of time) and it will only grand us the better results.

A few years ago, I applied for MBA programs in States, and I got rejections. It was hard for me to deal with the outcome since ALL of my applicaitons were turned down. I was upset and frustrated, since I knew I got great potentail.
Anyways, I applied for MBA program again for 2009 entry and guess what? I got an offer from Lancaster, which is much better than the schools I applied for years ago. Lancaster is ranked the 27th in the MBA field (globally) and its tuition is much cheaper than the ones I applied before.

The Source knows it better than anyone of us.
In the meantime, we only need to stay peaceful, true to our heart, and be kind to others.
Be grateful to anything in life, for it offers various opportunities for becoming the person we want to be.

Focus on the ones you do know.  List them, prioritise them, and then manifest them in order of importance. As you manifest one or two, they will then allow other desires to manifest, and they will also give rise to further desires in you.  Further desires which will fill in the blanks so to speak.  The Universe is all intelligent and knowing and knows what you will like, so it gives you certain big desires at the right time, and when you get them, it means that THEN is the right time. Manifesting them and also the improved feeling point in your emotions, will then give rise to and aid manifestation of, other goals. 

Life will show you what you prefer...just start getting excited for it!

Here's a really helpful post - the caption too - if what you truly want is not manifesting yet:


Make sure you tap into your heart when you try to plan your manifestations.

I have heard this advice over a thousand times but I never really understood its application.

You can utilize the information from your past or imagine something totally new or a combination of both. And then see what feels desirable to you. You will actually feel a sense of joy filling up in your heart space when you focus on the desire of your inner being. To me it feels very similar to the ‘high’ you experience after a cardio workout or a yoga session or a cup of coffee. Chase that feeling always. 


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