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I guess I'm just having one of those days when I doubt all of this stuff. On these message boards, I've never talked to anyone that actually manifested anything huge. What proof do we have that this is real? What if we are just fools for believing any of it?


Everything was falling into place. I was so sure I was going to get that job. I found an IDEAL apartment near work. I didn't get it. Starting all over again...

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I know, I've been preventing manifestations I truely want too. I get these weird random other things, but I've really been too upstream to allow those biggies. And given I want to get a new apartment in 3-4 weeks, and really want new friends in the area I want to move, well. .....I need to appreciate completely and just let go where I'm concentrating/feeling the lack still. The same goes for love.

Kate! Well, huge as in... what exactly? Money, jobs, curtains, birds, friends, houses, bugs, drink at a bar, computers, toothbrushes.... What is huge? And to whom?


When I started on this journey I was stressed to the point of making my body physically sick, was in a dead-end relationship that I wasn't willing to let go of, had little friends, and was looking at a prospect of being out of work for a long time after graduation.


Now I am free of stress, happily single until the right guy comes along (and am still friends with the ex, we get on much better now), have a fantastic full time job with great coworkers who are also friends of mine, have other very good friends outside of the office, am living in a beautiful apartment that has a great landlord, am comfortable financially and finally off my mom's money tail, and am more comfortable and happy with myself and my surroundings than I have been in years.


I'd say that's huge!


We all witness set backs, it only means that we need to dig a little deeper, get rid of our fears that something is too good for us. You are the creator of your life, no one else. All it takes is to understand that these set backs, these bad times, are here to teach us things that we want to learn. There are only two types of situations - good ones and ones that we learn from. The lesson and reason behind it may not be apparent just yet but you will understand it. My guess is that there is something astoundingly great waiting for you just around the corner. If you just keep going for a bit longer, keep yourself on a high vibration, you will reach it!


I think it was Abraham (correct me if I'm wrong) that said that it's when things collapse in your life that something amazingly "huge" is about to arrive :)


If you just make room for it and allow it to come!!


Love and peace,


Thank you for that. Quite inspirational. I just have so much fear that I won't find a good job by the end of the summer (really need to find a way to support myself so I can move to the city where my university is.) I know I have to let go of that before I let anything in. I was just so sure I was going to get that job...I thought my problems were over...but you know what, even though it seemed perfect on the surface, I often found myself thinking, "I have to be in so early, and then go to school, I'm never going to get any real rest." Or, "I will have to work every weekend, I will never have a day off to myself." So, perhaps it wasn't for me afterall and there is something better out there for me indeed...

Oh no, you mean that everything fell through? D:


I'm sorry to hear that, but you did have a taste of what loa is all about. Things coming together right in front of you, and just that ride of a lifetime. This is common for something to seemly fall apart right before your eyes, but that only means that better is coming!


I know you feel bad now but that doesn't mean that its all over. You still have every reason to get what you want! :) Don't let this deter you from your power!


As far as HUGE manifestations, I just got a rainbow today, really great music, and just a great day. Okay, MAYBE the angels where the ones to shift the clouds and weather patterns to make it happen, but the fact is that I asked for it and it came true. Plus angels are the behind the scenes guys anyway always helping us to that next step!


I also got my awesome new 1000 dollar computer with all the bells and whistles without spending a dime.


I also got my love of my life, my PS3 with everything I needed with it. I got it the day I quit my crappy job, that was a great day.


Those are my most expensive items but I gotten a lot of things besides that too. It doesn't really matter, things fell through for me too in some of my creations but something else ALWAYS came after it. Something better then I intended, that I couldn't simple run out and do myself. Its hard but you have to believe in yourself that you can attract anything that you want. That everything that doesn't' go your way is covered as well.


I attracted a boyfriend for while and he disappeared on me out the blue and a few months later his best friend started picking up the slack of what I liked most about having a boyfriend. Being spoiled and having that great connection with someone. Me and the ex's best friend were great friends first before I got into a relationship so it was natural for us to become closer anyway.


The point is that, you may not get what in the form or in the way you expected to, but you will still get it. The key is to be persistent and to not give it up right before it comes to you! :D


Hope this helps!



I'm starting to doubt everything too. I don't want to. I want to believe it with all my heart. I know I got some signs and some things may have been my own manifestation, but the big things, the ones I really want, seem to be taking a looot longer :(

It's so much work... I made a list, a vision board, scripting, meditation, gratitude... And I really believe it sometimes, I really do. And I try to be happy and cheerful and thankful and everything I'm supposed to be...and then nothing great comes. I know it takes patience. But I keep asking for signs from the Universe, just to know things are moving, and I get no answers...


I have an update...


Earlier today I ask the Universe to show me a rainbow, as a sign. I love rainbows...

The morning went on and still no rainbows.


Minutes after writing this reply, I felt the urge to go to the window. I went there and no rainbows in the sky. You can't imagine my disapointment... I felt like I was being called to the window and nothing... But then something caught my eye: in between the blinds, through the glass, in the exact same spot my eyes were (and nowhere else)...three rainbows appeared, as the light (no sun, by the way) reflected in the window.


My eyes just teared up... I am SO grateful for this sign...

Wow, that's awesome Rainbow!


I just asked for a rainbow yesterday and got it. I love how now everyone is telling and sharing their stories about rainbows now! :D

It's such a wonderful thing... :)
It is, rainbows are such a magical thing! :3

Echo, it sure did. Thank you so much.


Because you know what...it's always so easy to see it in other people. I see people that keep shooting themselves in the foot. They talk of their sorrow and misery, they feel it on every level of their being. They're bitter and jaded, they've "accepted" that life is hard. They keep expecting pain...and it keeps showing up in their lives. I just want to shake them sometimes, try to tell them that the reason pain keeps showing up is because THEY KEEP EXPECTING IT, they keep LOOKING for it. It's so obvious to everyone on the outside, and yet invisible to them.


Same can be said for the opposite. People that live in prosperity are often heard speaking that life is amazing, yeah?


I don't know why I was surprised I didn't get that job. If I'm honest with myself, most of my thoughts were centering around how inconvenient and tiring this job was going to be. I manifested failure because secretly....I wanted it. I wanted a different job....not this one. Not yet.

I've been looking for a job for a long time, and if I got it, it would be crazy to turn it down. And yet, if I accepted it, I would have felt like a caged bird. The truth is, the universe gave me exactly what I wanted...a chance to find something better. It wasn't time yet! But it's coming, soon. I can feel it.


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