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I guess I'm just having one of those days when I doubt all of this stuff. On these message boards, I've never talked to anyone that actually manifested anything huge. What proof do we have that this is real? What if we are just fools for believing any of it?


Everything was falling into place. I was so sure I was going to get that job. I found an IDEAL apartment near work. I didn't get it. Starting all over again...

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What other laws are there? :)

The proof is there if you look.  Start small if you must ( because you aren't gonna win the lottery as a test of LOA because you don't believe you will)  But if you do this with something small and insignificant that you don't care anything about at all it will work fast and easy.  So start with this.  Close your eyes and concentrate on a bright yellow chair for as long as you can hold the vision of it and see what happens in the next few days!  Or a button or a frog.  Try that. 


I have so much proof there is no way to believe it is NOT real.   Another thing you need to think about is that the Universe knows better than you what you want.  You have been asking and asking and asking and at this point expect it to happen a certain way.  Consider this.  YOU MAY NOT GET THAT JOB.  Instead someone with a nice apartment needs a house sitter and you get a fabulous apartment for free.  Or they pay you to do this. Or you unintentionally help someone who is a zillionaire and they pay for your apartment or college or a job you have never imagined just appears.  You have to believe and believe all the way through.  When you get to one point and things have not manifested yet and then you think, feel, believe it is not working you have gone back to square one and had to start over.  It's like driveing from Chicago to LA and getting to Denver and saying you aren't in LA and turning around and going back to Chicago before you start out again. 


Finish the trip.  Or take SHORTER trips!  Think like the Peter, Paul and Mary song Inch by Inch , Row by Row........


In the mean time find something you truly love and do it.  Do something that makes you laugh and makes your heart soar.  Something that has NOTHING to do with jobs or school or moving.  Appreciate and be grateful for everything that pleases you. Each blade of grass, each color of the sky, each puppy you see.    Enjoy and be happy where you are and the things you love will come to you. 

Great advice. Thank you. I think I need to meditate and get to a place od peace right where I am, have some fun...and while in that carefree and grateful mood, start visualizing. Then forget about it, go about my business, still carefree and grateful...after a while, visualize again, but without waiting for things to show up...just enjoying the vision and feelings. Take inspired action as it comes and let the universe guide me.
Definitely relax.  And visualizing with great wanting is sometimes a problem.  What you should be doing is more like daydreaming.  Wouldn't it be nice if?  Sometimes looking at my vision board I would get to looking at what I didn't have instead of what I wanted so I took part of it down.  You will KNOW by how you feel.  If it feels good and fun and peaceful it is good.  If it feels at all negative then it is the wrong thing to be thinking.  Just use your emotions and guide from there.  If it feels good do it.  If not.......just avoid it.  And definitely let the Universe take the action with and for you.  The Universe is much better than we are.  Sometimes good things are actually the outcome of something you think is bad.  So KNOW the bad is really good and it is putting you in the EXACT place you need to be to get what you want. 

Aloha Kate

I died once and chose to come back into this life. I was also seriously injured and have used LOA like concepts to get well. Both of these events were the result of focus and therefore vibration. I have also worked with others and seen cancer tumours heal in hours. My son's broken foot was healed in less than two days a couple of years ago.

What you have now is the result of LOA, it works in your life 24/7 and it is just a case of changing beliefs to create change in your physical experience. Sometimes it takes trial and error and patience.


I was unemployed, in a miserable relationship and almost suicidal over the world events that were occurring.  I got hit with "the secret" "What the bleep do we know" and "The Jackrabbit factory" all on the same day by 3 different people.  So I made a list.  I want to find an honest candidate to support in the 2008 elections.  I want a job telecommuting.  I want a job making a difference. 3 weeks later on the same day I was offered a volunteer position on the Gravel 2008 campaign and I got a job as a software tester making more an hour from home than I had ever made before.  It was all very serendipitous and I had not taken a single step with the intent of reaching either of those goals.  They came out of the blue.  The volunteer position turned into a paid position that stretched me to my fullest potential.  That was about 4 or 5 years ago.  I haven't tried to manifest anything quit so radically off the radar since then but I have manifested a happy life and that is much huger than anything else I put on a list.  I've been doing mostly inner work knowing that the outside world will reflect it back to me.  And it has, with abundance!  Be happy.  That is the true Secret.  The key to it all.  Be happy and you will attract more happiness.

i think i manifested osmething huge, my wonderful boyfriend and i broke up, we didnt speak for 2 months. Now we are better than ever and back together, that wasnt small.

It doesn work, as soon as we doubt it, i disappears.


I heard a story once:

A man plants a bulb with his daughter, he tells her the most beautiful flowers will grow when the plant blooms. After a few weeks the man notices the plant has not grown, he asks his daughter and she says:

"i have been digging it up each day to see if has grown but it hasnt".

if we let it happen, our manifestations will grow, if we keep digging them up to check on them, how are they supposed to grow?

'Attraction' is the map that gets each of us to all of our destinations; throughout our lives. These destinations could be places we don't want to be, places we're okay with but not thrilled about, or places we are thrilled about. I think you're looking for stories where people deliberately used attraction to get to a destination they were thrilled about it. They're interspersed here - you can find them if you look. (Many people post when they are confused or unsure about how to go about doing something because they need guidance. That might be why it looks like there's a lot of people who haven't manifested anything 'huge.') I have read stories on other discussion boards about significant lottery wins. And stories here and on other boards about someone's business taking off, or buying the home or car they really wanted, etc. I don't remember all the stories because they're significant and personal to the people posting about them and not as much to me, so the details don't stay in my mind. But I have read them. Also - there's a decent amount of stories where people manifested something they didn't think they could or something where difficulties stood in their way towards it. These may not be "huge" but they're significant because they weren't easily "in the cards" so to speak. 


This is my personal belief. If in the back of your mind you are using a situation of non-manifestation to prove that deliberate creation isn't possible, you have resistance and it is getting in your way. As far as deliberate creation is concerned, Trick #1 is "Believe it's possible". Trick #2 is "Figure out how to do it (as in what works for you.)" If you're using #2 to create #1, by default you're creating a certain level of resistance.

I asked myself what I was willing to give up for it and it was and still is the mental work, it was a long steady process and still is. I began experiencing the process of manifestations with the shifting of my emotions to positive and next I began experiencing it through my physical body through exercise and now I’m in the mist of exercising it towards my finances which seems to be the most resistant for me but "I am getting closer to where I want to be (affirmation)." In other words it has worked best for me in small steps with the starting point within and then working it's way towards the outside and then surroundings. I've never attempted something huge 1st but too me even the small things feel huge. I've also never attempted to control outcomes only the feeling the outcomes produced. The manifestation came with the strengthening of those positive feelings which in return manifested more and it feels wonderful when you do notice.

It is there and we must go to it as it will not come to us. Hope this helps a bit.


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