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 I sleep odd hours.I have sleep apnea, I take medicine that makes me sleepy and I think I have adrenal fatigue. I try to use the loa to fix it except I cant be consistent with it. I'll give an example: Say I go to sleep at 4am and I wake up usually around 4pm to 8pm. I sleep 12 -16 hours. I spend so much times doing other things that time flies and it's midnight - like lying in bed in pain - and I feel as if my use of the loa at that time will bear fruit so to say. Because I'm not doing it "everyday".

Or does it not matter what time it is?

Sometimes I ask once then get nervous and ask again like a couple days later , which I read is a no no concerning the "ask once technique" . So then I believe what I'm asking for has been canceled. So I try to ask multiple times which I can do like 1 - 3 times a week. So I think it doesn't have enough momentum or power to work. Then I get frustrated.

Do you think I can do that with visualization and affirmations- doing it once a month or week?

Will it come about if I visualize once or twice a week or month?

Thank you guys for answering my questions! Much love and hugs! Mwa

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Visualizations, affirmations are just techniques that have no real power in themselves, they are just useful if they makes you feel good, because the Universe already knows what you want and it's already ready for you on a vibrational level, all you need to do is to ALLOW it and you do that by thinking better feeling thoughts until you enter your Vortex.

Here's a very short & great video by Unveiled Miracles that can give you some strength, "How to let the Universe fully supports you":


Magical blessings*****

So it wont hurt my manifestations if i did it (affirmations and visualizations) - one to three times a week or, month?

I want to do that along with having the universe support me and being in the vortex because, I find it fun to daydream!

Thanks for replying! Mwa!

Yes sure i you find it fun to daydream just do it, but pls know you can visualize just once a year and you'll get the same results cause the power is in your alignment, not in the techniques you use to achieve that.

Here's another amazing video by Abraham that can give you clarity, Im So Sad Because I Just Can't Figure It Out:


Big hug

I will definitely check that video out soon as the other one was awesome! Um does this work the sameway for meditations that are supposed to increase manifesting powers - like a meditation from Abraham Hicks - one to three times a week?

Thanks for replying Dorothy your a well spring of knowledge!

You're very welcome. Yes for the maniestations as well, everything is there just to make you feel good/better, Life is just here to make you feel good :D there's nothing to achieve, nothing to prove, just a Magnificent dream to dream :)) 

Thank you for answering that!

You're welcome!!

Being is Infinite .... Infinity ...... there is no other, no alternative to or from Being-Infinity. Without an other.... there is no non-anything ... only Everything Being Everything .  No time, space, matter or any such implication of a beginning of Being..... for simply ..... What Being would Being "be from" ? What Being come before Being .... and just how is any BEING non-BEING... BEING without BEING ?  By what BEING is a supposed non-BEING ..... BEING ?  How silly !  BEING BE BEING ! Being is Being is Being is Being is Being ..... Infinitum. Infinity-Being-Infinity..... Being-Infinite-Being.   Being Be what Being Be .... and the who .... and the where .... and the how ... and the when .... and the why ..... the the.  All Being Being All .... One-Self-Infinity .   The " I " That  " I " AM .... Infinity . 

Thanks Roses. Your a riddle to one on the path

 May you please tell me of a few of your manifesting successes?

Vitamin C and Selenium supplements are supposed to help with low adrenal issues.

Thank you!


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