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Need help...............harmonal imbalance..........what do i do ???????....seems nothing working out...kindly give suggestions

Hello pals


i really wanna know which healing technique works for harmonal imbalance kinda situation which is troubling me from long time..........n me really pissed of ........i tried healing , affirmation , medicines , meditation.but it just come back again and again . .....really dont knw what should i do?


if some one can help me some affective healing techniques which will wrok then please it will be really great and i will be really glad to have solution.....if sumone can tell about past life healing technique.....pleaseeeeeeeeee tell...............since this problem is coming again and again i feel its some past life issue attach


really want some help


god bless you

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Read YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by Louise Hay :)




I LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXOX Flowerpatch

thanks flower patch............i read it long tym back and do follow it as well............but still the problem comes up again and again even when i completely forget it


Illnesses are manifestations of negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts are thoughts that do not make you feel good.  When you focus on a negative thought, it triggers a disagreeable feeling within the body and if you continue to focus on a negative thought, the disagreeable feeling will only become worse.  So, you must reinstate the natural harmony of the body by focusing on thoughts that make you feel good rather than bad.  If you ever catch yourself focusing on thoughts that do not make you feel good, switch your focus to thoughts that do make you feel good as quickly as possible.  The more attention you give to thoughts that do not make you feel good, the more often you are going to have thoughts that do not make you feel good.  When you do not feel good, you are attracting more of the same too.  Once you start giving more of your attention to thoughts that do make you feel good, blissful happy thoughts, the natural harmony of your body will be reintroduced and if you continue to give your attention to thoughts that reinstate the harmony of your body, good feeling thoughts, your health will continue to improve.  http://lawofattractionguides.blogspot.com/2010/11/negative-emotion-...


Michael Parker




you took the words right outta my mouth flowerpatch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
thanks michael...for this wonderfull message.yeah i do keep myself positive

Hi Shainaa,


sabse pehle...chintaa chhod do..tension leneka nai..:)


Before sleeping just go into a deep state of stillness and silence (the body position should be as comfortable as possible, you can also take the aid of some nice meditation music that you can listen to using earphones if you want) ...be in this stillness for at least 10 mins...


In such a state the mind goes into a state called as the delta state (but it requires regular practice)...

the delta state is a magical state of mind where healing is accelerated....normally delta state is attained when the we are in deep sound sleep...

To know more you can read the following article...



There is an amazing short film I saw about 2 months back. It was based on the research done by Dr Bruce Lipton, who prooves that our genes and our DNA can be altered if we change our perceptions towards the environment in which we all live. 

You can watch those Videos here, in you spare time....



Now, if genes and the DNA can be changed using the mind, then the activities of hormones can be influenced too...:)


Wishing you Happiness Health & Peace forever...:)

thanks sameer

great advice gonna look in to it and yes right its all mind game.

Hi Shainaa,

The advice already given is of great quality. :O)

If you wish to have further control over your hormones, however, I suggest you look into some of the deeper practices of Qi Gung or Taoist energy exercise/meditation. Mantak Chia is the foremost authority who is readilly available. His books will show you what needs to be done, though meeting with someone will simplify the work.

The idea is circulating the vital energies throughout your body.

These are sexual energies and some viatality is typically lost (for women) during menstrualtion (and during ejaculation for men), but can be martialed through circulation of energy in various ways (including some that occur during sexual encounter).

Some of these exercises will seem odd, but they result in amazing control. One woman I am very close to halted her menstruation for a year or so and increased her strength tremendously, as a result. If I understand correctly, her priorities changed and she began to menstruate again--I'm not sure what her situation is now. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to be more specific, anyhow.

These exercises DO take a good amount of attention, however.

So, if it's merely relief you seek, rather than a deeper understanding and interplay with these vital energies, go easy on yourself, Shainaa. That's perfectly understandable. Consider meeting with some kind of energy medicine practitioner, however--perhaps Qi Gung. Perhaps Reiki. Someone who will guide your energy flow for you, so you can get some relief.

Sunshine & Blessings,

thanks giovani

can u tell me more about qi-gunj

i googled it but dint get what to do in it.

Hi Shainaa,

Well, it's spelled varioius ways, as it's originally a Chinese word. So try Qi Gong, as well, and as one word.

I suggest you look into Mantak Chia's books--especially on the feminine mysteries, if you want a deep education. Otherwise, simply connect with someone in energy work--Reiki may be easiest for you. It sounds as though you need guidance, now, rather than assistance. Someone to help you learn what it is you want to know, rather than someone to help you act on what you know.

The truth is, you know much more than you suspect. But first you must discover this knowledge. It's not necessarily where you think.

Look up a local Reiki practitioner you feel drawn to. That would be my best advice, right now, Shainaa. And take it slow and be light about this (if that's possible). Trust is very important, here. You need to feel safe and free to be yourself.

Sunshine & Blessings,

thanks giovani.....i wil certainly read the book written by mantak chia's if you have the link please give it to me.....and yeah i will certainly approach some reiki practitioner too.......but does reiki works for this?

 I would have to second the Louise Hay You can Heal your Life.  Even if it comes back that just means you haven't cleared that pattern of thought!


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