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How do I manifest a perfect eyesight using the LOA? Also, I have a mole on my face which I would like to get rid off. Although the option of surgery is available, I'd like to do it the LOA way. I would love your suggestions!!

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Thank you Shembu. Your answers always feels good.
That's kind of you to say Andrée. Thank you.
I have a major resistance when it comes to perfect sightedness. My problem is when I get off my glasses and try to see clearly, I feel more and more uncomfortable. So shunning glasses to get rid of my weakness doesn't seem like an option and when I wear them, I feel bad vibes.. What should I do?
@Shembu: I don't want to undergo surgery because it feels unnatural to me.....

Then that is great Zanobia, because if you really do feel that way, then it must mean that you feel that the idea of your eyes restoring themselves IS natural.


Then nothing more is to be done, but just expect it.


If, however, you don't feel this way, then you are saying you want the result in a specific way, which, as I said before, requires you to release your resistance about it happening naturally; and part of the reason for your resistance might be that you are not allowing yourself to find value in the things that are giving you the sight you have now; it is ok to find joy in the things that are working for you right now, while you reach for a solution that feels better to you. You don't have to justify what you want, by making yourself feel uncomfortable about your current situation.


The glasses are allowing you to enjoy what you want in the meantime. You don't have to force yourself to see without them while you are still working on your expectation. In the meantime, what about getting a nicer pair of glasses or contact lenses? Don't you think they are good temporary options?



@Shembu: I do own a pair of contacts, I usually wear them. Shembu, what you are saying makes sense. I must enjoy the things which simulate perfect eyesight for me. But the thing is THE SECRET says that to attract something, start behaving as if its true already. So i wouldnt need glasses if I'd have a perfect eyesight. Hence, the confusion. Could you please elaborate on this?

P.S. My lens tore today :)

If you really do feel that it is true, you would need no prompting to behave as if it is true. Trying to convince yourself about something you are not believing just yet will only irritate you and make you feel like you are doing something wrong or not doing very well at it.


I agree with you, this is quite a confusing point and can understandably lead to a bit of frustration. If you start off by becoming familiar with what it would feel like to you to have perfect eyesight, then you would be inspired to what the best way would be for you to be in order for what you want to flow your way.


It is a feeling game and when it is made about what to "do" it becomes confusing because the universe is not responding to that at all; it is responding to your feeling and thus your vibration. Which is why it does not matter what you do or how you do it; and why what might work for one person does not necessarily work for everyone; only you, by following your instincts, your emotional guidance, can choose what feels right to you.


You are in the driver's seat and your ability to attract what you want is about your desire and the expectation that what is wanted will actually happen.


Which is also why I originally mentioned the path of least resistance. It does not say the path of "NO" resistance; it is the path that feels easiest to you; while you might be feeling discomfort about all the ways in which you could improve your sight, you are only going to have access to those that feel easier to you, until you find a way to make the other methods feel easier.


Only you know which one feels easier for now. Taking the method you have the most resistance about and trying to make that work is going about it the hard way.


Your body knows what you desire and the cells of your body are asking for the wellbeing that you are seeking too; they want to be a match to your vision; but when you are in a state of resistance, you are blocking the flow of energy that is on its way to them.


If I were in your shoes, I would start exploring the idea of finding time during the day, or ideally before going to bed, in which I would quiet myself and, using deep and slow breaths, relax my body; I would tell myself that in my state of relaxation, the cells of my body receive the wellbeing they seek; I would appreciate the parts of my body that are working well and bringing value to me as I go about doing what I do everyday; I would also tell myself that I will use this time to allow the cells of my eyes to receive the energy of wellbeing that they are summoning and would relax deeply into my body, eventually going to sleep. I will endeavour to allow my body to rediscover its wellbeing and will intend to let it take the time it needs. I will do this everyday and not wake up in the morning trying to see if it has worked; I will start to allow my body to do what comes naturally.


I've done this before when I have felt that I want to experience greater physical wellbeing and it has been of great value to me as I did it every night for an extended period of time. Try it only if it appeals to you and accept that there is no fixed time that I can give you about how long you should do it for or how long it will take for you to see results. That is not the point. It is about allowing whatever wellbeing you have access to, to come in, which you should be doing in your own way anyway, as you find ways to feel good and do things that please you.

@Shembhu: Your reply struck a chord! I think it makes sense to just visualise that I am achieving my goal! Now-a-days I don't feel like wearing my specs in the eve after work and so I don't wear them. I just keep telling myself daily that what I want is possible and that my eyesight is getting better and better everyday. I am going to try your method because the pre and post sleep states are the one's where we have lowest resistance! Thanx a million for replying.
You're very welcome Zanobia... I wish you all the best on your way to improved physical wellbeing :-))))
Surgery can be one of the possibilities attracted by the Law of Attraction. That's what many people new to this don't understand at first. :-)
Yes MP, this is true and I did point this out before; but of course, all desire is appropriate and one can be as specific as they are prepared to allow... :-))))
Absolutely. It is all about we're able to believe. :-)


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