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How do I manifest a perfect eyesight using the LOA? Also, I have a mole on my face which I would like to get rid off. Although the option of surgery is available, I'd like to do it the LOA way. I would love your suggestions!!

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I believe it's called following cosmic law ;)
Actually I do whatever I want and the universe will provide. I had a pretty good fall on a skateboard 2 weeks ago. It raised my AC joint on my left shoulder about 6 inches, it HURT when I moved it any. I was in the 2nd dimension when I fell just because of the previous week got me down. At the time I wasn't managing my increased anger very well because on 3/23 my brain had a melt down. I let ALL my negative energy get to me and the whole day was absolutely INSANE. 5 am my mom's truck DOES NOT WORK, 7 am ex girlfriend texts me with some negative energy. I messed up because I told myself I'm gonna have a bad day and holy moly when you're in the mode where you're manifesting anything (goosebumps coming on lol) the bad will make you think you're being possessed by a demon. It is absolutely crucial you become completely nuts in the head and believe 100% with major positive feelings lol. Be completely serious about it sprinkled with fun. I have manifested a ton of stuff already with more on the way. Thank you for the abundance you provide me with on a daily basis I am forever grateful.

I love you all and happy attractions :)

I am also in the process of healing my eyesight, I have myopia since I was 17 and I have double vision as a result of a disease I got 6 years ago.  I have been SO frustrated trying and trying to heal it, but am finally getting results both with the myopia and the double vision by working on my general beliefs about healing. I am now more or less at the point where I no longer feel the need for doctors or medicine and prefer to rely totally on my own inate healing ability.


but the long delay in healing was definitely not being able to let go of old programming, 1) that myopia is for life and it gets worse and worse and requires stronger and stronger glasses and 2) that as we get older our bodies deteriorate and 3) that Opticians and doctors know best ...and a whole myriad of other strongly held beliefs.


I also during all this soul searching, didnt want to have surgery, mostly because of the expense ...but a funny thing happened, I applied online for a competition for laser surgery and was called in for interview and I thought this is an amazing manifestation ...but I went through all their tests and then they said that my myopia could technically be corrected but I would have to wear glasses to read ...so it was one or the other, glasses for distance or glasses for near work.  I laughed thinking that is the Universe responding to my desire not to have surgery ...and then following further tests they also said I was not suitable for surgery as I once had Shingles in my eye and they dont preform surgery on anyone with the herpes, shingles, chickenpox viruses in their histories .....SO I laughed myself all the way home.  Now I KNOW I have to rely on myself as a healer of self.


But I am working on changing all my old programming about limitation.  I heard Bruce Lipton saying that our programming about health starts when we are 0 to 6 when our parents override the inate healer in us, with programming that says, that when we are sick we have to consult a doctor or expert and from then on we are unable to heal ourselves.  I say positive affirmations to myself every night and morning and often use hypnosis tapes to reinforce that my body can easily and naturally heal itself.  And I use a wonderful healing hypnosis session that is available FREE online that helps to take out many many limiting beliefs we have about medical issues and health issues


Here it is Quantum Healing Experience   http://www.quantumk.co.uk/


just click on the "healing experience' ...it is a very powerful and healing session especially if repeated regularly and is about 20 mins long.


But it is great to hear of other people and their experiences and so nice that so many people are attempting to take back their powers of healing !


Love and light Gen


Ps for Myopic people there are glasses with pinholes in it that makes it possible for us to see and read clearly at a distance, because the eye focuses through the tiny holes in an amazing way and it give you confidence that you CAN see without prescription glasses. Using them regularly strengthens the tiny accomodation muscles in the eyes .... I use them for watching TV and am beginning to see an improvement.

I was greatly helped by a Russian friend who told me that in the former Soviet Union doctors did not believe that myopia was for life and actually treated it with special exercises.

She also gave me a book with such exercises. I tried a few of them once or twice and it was fun, but then my eyesight began to improve on the mere thought that somewhere in the world doctors do not take myopia for granted. I just tossed my glasses to the bin and that was it.


Yes, one's beliefs about healing make all the difference.

Thanx for your replies Gen and Helen.. Hey Gen where can I get these glasses?

Look at what the eyesight problems are REFLECTING BACK TO YOU.  For instance, short-sightedness points to a fear of the future, and the metaphysical need to forgive the past and the event(s) which caused you to mistrust life.  Long-sightedness can point to fear of the present, and a belief that some magical day in the future will be better.  The answer to this is to start practicing gratitude for what you have right now, and the life you have right now, and appreciate the present so that what you appreciate multiplies and the present improves.  Things like dry eye and conjunctivitis point to anger at what you are seeing and experiencing in the present.  Ask yourself, which metaphysical pattern has attracted these at a deeper level?  As with any affliction, there is a metaphysical root to it.


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